Saturday 18th April 2020

My goodness what a shock after days of brilliant sunshine and warm days, it is raining!

But nature needs some moisture, they were only saying the other day in the news, that the ground is so parched and dry. Well here it is: rain and it will be well and truly soaked after this little rain depression has passed by. And make the most of it because tomorrow will be sunny and warm again.

Actually, I thought this is so wonderfully refreshing and outside it smells exactly like that. As if the heavens have opened to clear the debris, the dust, the pollen and anything hanging in the air which needs flushing away. Back into the earth. Mother Earth was thirsty.

I just love these subtle messages because each and every one is telling us something, even though a lot of people will miss it entirely.

I actually went out earlier today, only in the car and not into the shops and I was really surprised how lax people have become. We are supposed to be hanging in there and keeping the social distancing going to ensure that this dreaded virus does not spread any more, and I watched as people went into some shops together, which is not allowed. People pass far too close by one another and one thing I saw which nearly made me feel sick was a woman coming out of the supermarket with a trolley, bags of shopping in. Nothing wrong with that of course, unless you then put your hand into your mouth and then take hold of the trolley again. The majority in the beginning were regularly disinfected by someone, but now it’s voluntary. My goodness, lesson one in how to spread a virus: well exactly like that! Sigh! The next person takes the trolley and bingo, a virus spreads just like that.

But this blog was not meant to be about Corona, viruses, victims, illness and death. But about the idea that as always Mother Nature comes to the rescue. The rain will cleanse the air, give us all a fresh breath of Spring. Which is after all the loveliest time of year I always think. Because it symbolizes new life, after the winter period. Everything begins to bloom again and grow.

So, what are you all doing today? Under present circumstances. Maybe it rained to keep us more at home and stop us craving to be out and about? I am not sure. 

I just know that if you allow yourself to go down into the spiral of despair and thinking negative thoughts, then that is where you will end up. And get horribly stuck and have great difficulty getting out of such a feeling.

On the other hand, you can think well, what can I do now that is different?  Yes! What? That is a big question because at the moment maybe we cannot all do what we want to do. So how can you make a compromise. When you think we all spend the majority of our lives complaining about how much lack of time we have to do things. And now we all have all the time in the world! Crazy isn’t it? 

Personally, I think we are being given this time for a special reason. Maybe to work a little bit on ourselves. Let’s face it we ALL live in the fast lane, rushing from one thing to another, juggling about 100 balls in the air at the same time and then suddenly … we have been told to break and slow down and stop. Life has changed considerably for all of us, over a very short period of time. And no one asked for it, it just happened. And no one anywhere was different.

So now as we spend, maybe for some, frustrating times in an (as they call it here in Holland), an ‘intelligent lockdown’, but others see this as a great opportunity. It is food for thought isn’t it?

And just like the fact that the weather can suddenly change, maybe we all can too. Maybe we are being asked to think about what is really important in our lives. Status? A good profession? A big house? A flash car? Lots of social media followers? Endless list of materialistic things…

But what is really important and the one thing in the world that money cannot buy? The answer is: GOOD HEALTH. Something I think maybe a lot of take for granted. 

Maybe it is time to stop literally complaining about everything because worldwide everyone is in the same boat. We are being forced into something (lockdown, social distancing etc etc) and that is final. It then gives us time to reflect when you push all your negative thoughts to one side and go within. By this I mean, going within into your source, your core, your soul.

Paying more attention to signs and symbols instead of constantly carping on about what you cannot do, turn the energy around and think about what you CAN. Believe me this approach changes everything and even though you may be thinking : ‘yeah, sure, right!’ It works if you want it to. It is like thinking about what the thing is you want most in the world, and this can be anything, your dream. How do you make it happen? How indeed? That is a big question!

Well for starters when you think about this fact, is this the biggest thing? My biggest dream? The thing that will make me happier than anything else. Then just give this thought positive energy and tell yourself that if you put your mind to something, it is possible. Now be sensible, just saying words like: ‘I want to win the lottery!’ is much too vague for the universe to pick up the signals. You have to personalize it. Be clear and speak your truth. This is not about having a fast flash car, or a wonderful exotic holiday, this is about your deepest desire and dream. So, on the one hand, dare to dream big and on the other, be sensible. Be realistic.

And if necessary get help from others. A lot of people think that only they can realize their dream alone, but often when you team up with someone else and dare to ask for help, from the most unexpected places, then the puzzle finally gets finished, because you have found all the pieces.

So, spend the next few days, weeks, months, having a good think about things. You actually have the time right now … and maybe it would be better to spend this time in a more productive way?

Today, as predicted is a glorious sunny day with brilliant blue skies, so have a great Sunday everyone.

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Well, we have just enjoyed a supermoon in the star sign Libra. The moon was the closest to Earth as it will be this year. Lots of amazing photos on social media. An interesting thought is that Libra is the sign of balance. The scales.

Also being an ‘air sign’ Libra is often referred to as the ‘winds of change’. And we sure need this in these strange times.

Air signs are all about action, ideas and motion. As I said, ‘winds of change’. So, imagine when a strong gust of wind hits you, you cannot help but move. Air brings literally a ‘breath of fresh air’ when things are stale. Like a cleansing breeze something you just cannot catch, and you never know where you might end up, when the air brings you somewhere else. It will always be an adventure. Always.

And isn’t that what life in general is about. An adventure. We only actually know what is happening at an exact moment. We know what happened yesterday because that has passed by, but what will tomorrow bring? What will happen in a few hours from now?

I am sitting typing this blog, just before I leave for my weekly session at the physiotherapist, so in that light, I know what I will be doing from 12.30 until 13.30 today, but as I am not there just yet, I can only confirm what is happening in the moment of now.

A lot of people watch astrological happenings, but I was a bit surprised that something quite spectacular passed by earlier this week, when the star Venus was right in the middle of the Pleiades. Or as they are more commonly known: The Seven Sisters. This is a constellation of 7 stars. Venus is the first star we can see in the morning and evening skies. Always one of the brightest stars too. Easy visible, without a telescope.

Venus is in actual fact the second planet from the sun and gets its name from the Roman goddess of love and beauty. The second brightest object in the night sky after the moon. It can cast a shadow but is not often visible in the daylight to the naked eye. Venus lies within the Earth’s orbit so close to the Sun and can be easily seen in the dawn eastern skies and the dusk western skies. It orbits the sun every 224.7 days. A Rotation period of 243 days. Venus is actually a hostile planet, no moons, a distinction only shared with Mercury in our solar system.

Would you be surprised to know that Venus is often called the sister planet of the Earth because of their similar size, mass and proximity to the sun? I did not know that! And Venus is hot. The hottest planet in the solar system. Don’t get confused, the sun is actually a star!

Venus is, as you can probably guess by now, the brightest object (star wise) in the sky. And humans have enjoyed it for many centuries. Made sacred by many cultures and inspiration for writers, poets, artists and lovers.

No human has actually been on Venus, but there have been explorations there. Visited by the spacecraft Mariner 2 in 1962 (that long ago?) and again by Venera in 1970. There are thick cloud formations in Venus’s skies, so we did not have clear images of her surface until the Magellan orbiter in 1991. Any further plans have been hindered by the hostile conditions there.

But there is something quite romantic about Venus and I think it is because we all have heard about it being both the ‘morning and evening star’.

Well something interesting happened as Venus went off to visit the Seven Sisters and could be clearly seen in the constellation. 7 sisters and Venus making the number 8. I have spoken before on the meaning of the 8, the never-ending infinity sign. And this sign means energy.

Another name for the Pleiades is the Messier 45 and it is a cluster of so-called hot B type stars located in the earth sign of Taurus. A star cluster close to Earth and one that can also be seen easily with the naked eye at night.

Dominated by hot blue luminous stars that have formed within the last 100 million years! 

Computer simulations suggest that the Pleiades were probably formed from a compact figuration that resembled the Orion nebula. Astronomers estimate that the cluster will survive for another 250 million years and then will disappear due to gravitation interaction with our galactic neighbors. So, who of you out there thinks we are all alone? Not true, we have no information about who else is out there in the universe. But believe me there are other galaxies and other beings. The universe and the galaxy are so vast we have no idea whatsoever about its size.

I saw a magnificent photo of Venus with the Pleiades taken in Italy by an Italian photographer, so this is a copy right photo and all credit should go to him for such an amazing image.


But I wonder why nobody has talked about this on social media. To me, in these strange times, it does seem significant that Venus should be in the Pleiades cluster and make a number 8. Why? Not sure. Could we see this as some sort of sign in the times we are living in right now. I have not been able to find any information if this is a regular occurrence or not, so any astronomers or astrologists out there, do you know?

The thing I like about this comes back to the symbol of the number 8. Because this is a symbol with no beginning or end, it just flows continuously.  Could we see this as a special sign, of maybe hope, in these times.

One thing I have noticed too with the clearer skies (because of the lack of planes etc.) is the incredibly cloud formations that happen every now and again. I saw this one on the way to the DIY center this week and it looked almost like a spiral. I asked people: ‘what can you see?’ and someone wrote, the flame of freedom? 

I know its Easter, a time when we think about birth and renewal and for many of us at the moment, this will just be another day in ‘lockdown’. Wherever you are in the world. But this does not stop us thinking about the significance of things, just because we are more confined than usual.

Try to notice small signs and signals that we are being given. They come in many forms, shapes, sizes and from all directions. It can be something really simple like repeating numbers on your clock. Take this as a sign (if you can), that ‘upstairs’ are trying to give us hope and help. Reminding you that there are much more important things in life in general than competitiveness or materialistic possessions.


Maybe we should all breathe, meditate (I do this each and every single day) and simply enjoy nature. Even though we are somewhat restricted in our movement, we can still see the moon at night, or the stars in the sky. Hear the birds singing, which seems much louder than usual. See how nature is awakening, new leaves, blossom on the trees. As I said, symbolic to Easter too. Birth and Renewal.

Wishing you all a Happy Easter. Keep safe and well and remember the best choice is love over fear! Help fellow human beings if you can and take joy from that. Just enjoy the simple things in life for once.

Pear tree blossom in my garden: Photo Jill Kramer

Images: Special thanks to Erica Weeda and Stefano Maraggi for their photos (copyright)

Other images are from my own private collection (copyright)


Hallo dear readers how is everyone doing out there?

Hope that you are all keeping safe and well and sticking to the guideline’s issues by the Government and experts about what you can and cannot do in these trying times.

I don’t want to write yet another blog about Corona as it is the only topic of the day (which is understandable) but maybe it is time to mention other things.

I noticed actually that my own ‘fuse’ was getting shorter. Irritation with others about why they do not do what they are advised to do. And I think, even though I spent the majority of last year at home, that the sudden feeling engulfed me that I want to go out and about. Enjoy the beautiful spring nature, where new leaves are appearing on trees. Blossoms are in full color and glory. The first new lambs are darting about in the fields and the famous spring daffodils and tulips, blowing in the wind. 

I was reminded of a very famous poem written by William Wordsworth many years ago:

I wandered lonely as a cloud

That floats on high o’er vales and hills

When all at once I saw a crowd

A host, of golden daffodils

Beside the lake, beneath the tree

Fluttering and dancing in the breeze

Continuous as the stars that shine

And twinkle on the Milky Way

They stretched in never-ending line

Along the margin of the bay

Ten thousand saw I at a glance

Tossing their heads in sprightly dance

It’s lovely isn’t it? And maybe time to try and think about other things than the continual flow of depressing news.

In some of the social media groups to which I belong, I saw a lovely initiative begin in the USA of people decorating their windows with colored paper hearts. The most amazing creations have appeared. There are so many posts now, it’s impossible to keep up and like them all. But each and every one is charming and how much fun children and adults have had being creative and decorating their homes.

And there is certainly a lot of initiative and creative ideas for people who are at home. People are playing cards again, doing puzzles, coloring in patterns, knitting. embroidery and crochet. The list of ideas is endless. One thing I do think is important is to try and keep some sort of routine going. With children at home from closed schools and adults working from home it is very easy to get into ‘bad habits’. There have been endless discussions and suggestions and I notice myself that we are getting up later than usual, but for me, this means that my day has been shortened considerably and I get very little done.

I started a sort of ‘baking trend’ with my daughter. She is stuck at home working and looking after her one year old which is a very busy task. But she was baking biscuits and such like. I did the same and we had a sort of exchange at the makeshift ‘gym in the garage’ where her husband trains daily, together with my son. Pieces of cake, biscuits, quiches all get shared and even though we are only in contact on video social media, it’s fun.

The whole point is with all these creative ideas is that it takes your mind off the news and the doom and gloom scenarios. It is bad enough but every now and again it is a good idea and therapeutic too, to do something completely different. Baking or whatever, anything you can think of, just means you are doing something else. I tend to only watch the news selectively and not have it on all day. And once I have heard it, then watch other things. Binging on Netflix and such like as you reach a certain point where the normal programs are so boring and full of adverts anyway.

I also think a lot about the huge respect we all must have for those working on regardless. People in many walks of life who continue on giving care and attention to others. Enormous gratitude to all of them in all sorts of work. From doctors, nurses, delivery men, people in shops, online shopping, policemen, firemen, people who collect our garbage and to each and every person who has come up with an excellent idea to help in these trying times. Local flower growers who sell their produce at the gate, tulips, plants for the garden. A sort of drive in garden center. In fact, for all those who despite the dangers, carry on regardless. We should all think about this and remember it well.

I heard an interesting line of thought last night in a webinar in which I was one of the several thousand participants. The host talked about keeping positive and said to look at children for inspiration. They are so pure he said, they play on regardless, happy in their own little world, where the connection between body and soul is so much stronger. I thought about my own little granddaughter who is now 13 months, oblivious to what is happening in the news, just happy to be at home with her toys. She has three old mobile phones and whilst her Mum is working at home, she is happy to just pretend to call people too, chattering on in her own little language into the phone. She has made herself a sort of chill-corner with all the cushions on the floor and sits there talking to all her teddies and other stuffed toys. It is a joy to see, albeit it on video call only. Maybe we should all follow her a little bit and re-find our own inner child. Make your own little ‘chill corner’.

Here in The Netherlands, people placed teddy bears in the windows, for children to go out into the fresh air, having a break from being indoors, on a sort of treasure hunt to find all the bears. There were 70 I was told in my village alone. Another great idea. Especially for younger children.

And so, you see, when you get creative and think about other things, there is a lot we all can do to keep ourselves amused in these trying and difficult times. I personally find that when I am doing something else, I am not thinking about the news at all. That must be therapeutic in itself, just the break, even if only for a half an hour or so.

Another thing I think we are all noticing is how people are helping one another so much more. People are becoming more supportive and showing more empathy for their fellow man or woman.

Finally, we have a lovely date coming up soon, April 4th, 2020 when this will be a 444 day. In numerology the number 444 means ‘manifesting mastery’ A sure sign, they say, when your dreams, ideas and visions manifest into reality.

On that note, let’s all get manifesting!

Keep safe, sensible and well.

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Sorry have to have a rant about how people are behaving during this Corona crisis. Please someone out there enlighten me what is so difficult to understand: the advice to keep any contact to a minimum and stay at home. And why do you all think we are being told this?

Now here in The Netherlands, the Government are taking daily decisions based on the advice they are getting from experts. Virologists, doctors, professors to name but a few, and each and every day so far, the rules have been adjusted. Despite the pleas to stop this ridiculous hamstering, it still continues. However, people over the age of 70 have their own shopping hour (7-8 am, which to be honest seems a bit early for the elderly). Online shopping is easy and now free from all postage or delivery costs, so to me that seems the obvious choice if you really need something say from a shop like Boots, do it online and get it delivered to the door. Simple. We all have smartphones, Ipads (or other tablets) and computers. WiFi and internet is still working. So shop online.

Schools, Universities, shops, nail studios, hairdressers, gyms etc., all closed down until further notice. So be inventive, do exercises at home. A simple elastic gym band means you can do lots in your own environment, and I saw that people are offering free subscriptions for training programs. Be inventive and stay safe.

These are times that many of us have never experienced in our lives, I know I can say that, despite the fact that war, famine and lack of clean fresh water, continues all the time somewhere in the world. But, and please take this to heart readers, when advice is given to try and cut down unnecessary situations to avoid the spread of the Corona virus, then JUST DO IT.

A lot of people to my mind are not taking this seriously and to be honest it makes me really cross, how stupid people can be. Yes, it was lovely cold spring weather, but this was not an open invitation for people to flock to the coast or visit the Blossom Park in Amsterdam. The actual border with neighboring country Belgium is closed. And I sincerely hope that they do the same with Germany. Spain and France also in total lockdown. It just has to happen to stop people being so blasé about the spread of a deadly virus.

Despite everything, I was flabbergasted to find out that some Germans travelled here this weekend to spend time in their holiday home! WHAT???? The local mayor had issued a statement to ask people not to do this. For people with boats in local harbors, to stay away and definitely not spend the night on their boats. But still they came and then they are surprised when the people who live here, react so crossly. I just wonder what planet some people are living on. The news is updating hourly and yesterday there was a national NL Alert to every Dutch citizen –  to STAY AT HOME. Keep at distance. Do not stand in queues at a snack shop. And I could go on and on. By not paying attention and still doing this increases the opportunity for the virus to spread and brings people in high risk groups into even more danger. I mean how dreadful is that? It is more than dreadful it is thoughtless and selfish! We must all have more respect for one another to overcome this.

And that means paying attention to what experts say. Most people are working from home when they can, but think about those who are working, say in hospitals, the police and fire services and those who have a so called vital job, for all of us, not for themselves and then I say, respect for them too. Do not put people who are so badly needed at even more risk just because you think you have some sort of personal immunity. You don’t and neither do you have a special certificate that says you will not be affected. No one is safe and we are all at risk and that is why there is so much information and the reason we are all being asked to stay at home. It is not that difficult really. Health is the one thing that money cannot buy and if we have to adapt ourselves for our own safely, then those who don’t are mad in my opinion.

We are all being asked now to re-evaluate our priorities and to give more respect to one another. Maybe we will all look back at some time in the future and think, yes, this was exactly what mankind in general needed. A wake-up call to what is important and what is not.

Come on everyone, let’s get sensible and think. Not only for ourselves but for others too. Be kind to one another. Follow the advice and by uniting with one another, a wave of positivity flows across the globe. It just has to be and is it too much to ask of anyone to make a small sacrifice now, for the sake of others. I don’t think so.

Stay at Home, please, everyone. Don’t flock to areas and put others at risk. Sit in your garden (or on your balcony) and enjoy the spring at home. 

Last night one of the best programs on Dutch TV was devoted to this subject and their slogan was good.

1.5 meters distance = less deaths

It is as simple as that. Respect!

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Hamsters, squirrels and other creatures that go into hibernation ensure that they have stockpiled their nests with food to help them over the winter period. Other creatures overeat (like bears) to ensure that they can survive with extra body fat (by eating copious amounts of salmon for example). This is nature and how things are done. Going with the natural flow of their winter sleep and the colder weather.

But now we have Human Hamsters who despite everything have gone completely mad and are stockpiling beyond all comprehension. It is a very much ‘me first’ way of thinking with little compassion for other people. And they stockpile the strangest things. Corona is a virus which affects the lungs and respiratory tract, so please someone explain to me why you then stockpile huge amounts of toilet paper? I had to smile at something on social media, that someone wrote, with a great sense of humor that: ‘If I sneeze near anyone, everyone around me poops their pants’ ! 

But come on everyone. Where is your empathy for others? We are just all behaving like a herd of sheep. You know follow the leader and do not think for yourself at all. I mean how dumb is that.

And it is so easy to allow the spreading worldwide panic to make us all fearful. Of course, the things I read in newspapers and see on the television affect me. I then start to worry about the older generation who is not so mobile, often at home alone and how are they supposed to beat their way through the overcrowded supermarkets for their small amount of shopping. They probably only use a small amount of toilet paper on a weekly basis, but the shelves are empty. 

My son told me that our local supermarkets were so incredibly busy. You could hardly park your car anywhere and people were in the shops, far too many as the limit was 100 people maximum in one place at a time (Governmental rules) and my husband stood behind a person yesterday who had 20 loaves of bread in his trolley. People are pushing trollies about that are overflowing, stocking up on pasta, rice, tinned foods, toilet paper of course, hand soap (now this is sensible to may be have a little bit more in house), but the rest is completely ridiculous.

Supermarkets have issued page full statements in the national press that there is plenty of supply in the warehouses and that shops will be stocked again as soon as humanly possible and yet the ridiculous overbuying continues. People are just not listening and only thinking of the ‘me first’ attitude.

I have to think now (as I type) about the Albert Heijn chain of supermarkets here in the Netherlands, who often have campaigns like you all know: buy 2 get one free! And we all do it. The thought of getting something for nothing is something no one can resist. This is actually called here: ‘hamsteren’ which refers of course to the beginning of my blog.

It seriously worries me that people are behaving in this way. There is no thought whatsoever for people who are working and maybe want to do their shopping later, finding the shelves plundered, empty and nothing available. These are people, like our Prime Minster said this week in a press conference, who work in hospitals and care homes. That is why shops are open longer hours these days. So that people who work in shifts can still go to the shops. People doing important jobs, like police, firemen, doctors and nurses, process operators, people in the food industry and so on, ensuring that companies keep going to keep stocks up.

What I really found scandalous was that some shops had put up prices by several hundred percent. 3 bottles of hand soap for Euro 41, something which normally costs Euro 2-3 a bottle.  How much crazier can it get! But hey, there is always someone who looks for the opportunity to make money at another’s expense. And then I think about the more vulnerable groups of people, people with handicaps, chronic illnesses and the elderly who are confined to their homes.

Even online shopping has been affected. The enormous demand means that there are delays and again people are stockpiling. Isn’t it time to install a limit to the amount people can order? 

To my mind the most important advice is be sensible and do not blindly follow the herd. Think for yourself and make up your own mind. Think about what is important and what not. Of course, if you feel ill and have symptoms, stay at home, do things that you never have time to do. This is a common human courtesy not to infect others. Follow your own intuition. And follow the rules that governments and experts have advised. 

Is it really important at the moment to go out for dinner, when in actual fact now a lot of restaurants and cafes are closed? One really good initiative I saw was that restaurants were still cooking and offering a free delivery service. At least some people are thinking.

Yesterday I just happened to be working on a blog translation for a good friend of mine. It was another totally different look at the panic about the Corona Virus. You can find this on his website on this link if you are interested to read. Whilst working on this some strange things happened around me. I won’t go into too much details as there are many sceptics who will comment, but I just know that when this happens, there is a special message coming through. It has happened to me before when I was working on other things for him.

In English and Dutch

Summarizing: I can only say, let’s stop reacting in such an irresponsible and stupid way. Be sensible and also think about other people. This is not a virus to test our ego’s it is, to my mind, a learning moment to actually think about others. Cupboards full of toilet paper, pasta, rice and tinned goods will in no way protect you from catching the virus. But by taking note of rules and decisions made by experts will. If everyone listens to the advice and actually does it, it might be possible in the next three weeks to stop this pandemic going even further. There are a lot of vulnerable people out there. It is just tough luck if sport events are cancelled, tough luck if you cannot do things you might like to do, this is all about thinking of others and respect.

Remember you are not a human hamster. You are not in winter hibernation. Tomorrow there will be more stocks in the shops. There is no point fighting with one another who is going to get more rolls of toilet paper into their trolley. There is no point overfilling your cupboards or larders. You do not need 10 packets of painkillers, one or two is enough. Leave the rest on the shelves so that other people can buy it too. For those of you who need yet another confirmation. Corona is a virus which is spread by coughs and sneezes and through minute droplets of moisture in the air. It is a virus similar to influenza which is a normal thing. It may be a new strain, but we are literally feeding it, by being so ridiculous. Stop right now!

Have we all gone mad? Is this the side effect of the Corona virus?

I hope when you have read my blog, and perhaps Janosh’s too, that you are encouraged to stop and think.

We are neither hamsters nor sheep.

Think for yourself and respect too for others. This is empathy and compassion.



Do you like me, feel that you cannot hear another word on the news about the dreaded Corona Virus? Not that I am in any way suggesting that this is not something we have to take seriously, but sometimes news reporting is so totally over the top! Like for instance the hoarding of simple household items, like Toilet Paper. Please will someone enlighten me why we should be hoarding this? It might be better to ensure that you have a normal number of painkillers (like Aspirin or Paracetamol) to perhaps, if you suddenly get a high temperature, be able to bring this under control.

There have been many influenza panics over the years (Swine Flu, SARS to name but two) and of course every single year people get flu. A common virus which is spread through the air by sneezing or coughing on droplets of moisture. 

All of a sudden something that the majority of people do many times a day, washing their hands, has become a major issue. Normal people do that all the time don’t they?

Also shaking hands is now banned on a worldwide scale and it was nice to see the Dutch royals yesterday on a State Visit in Indonesia using the Namaste hand sign to say hello. We should do this more often don’t you agree? Thank goodness air kissing (besides someone’s cheek) is a ‘no no’ too, now no one is going to miss that are they?

I just happened to have to go for my heart check up at the Catharina Hospital in Eindhoven when the news broke that morning (5th March) that one of the nursing staff had been affected by a patient and was now at home in quarantine. Weeks before my visit I had received an email that the hospital was taking all the precautions they could in preparation for an outbreak in Holland. In the meantime, the entire county seems to be on lockdown. Many people have become infected.

The entire hospital was fitted out with hand sanitizers but sitting in the waiting room as far away from others to be as polite as possible, I noticed about 5 people coughing nonstop into their hands. For goodness sake, how many more times do they have to inform us not to do that and keep hands clean. I was flabbergasted when one of the doctors came out and greeted his patients with a handshake, including those who had been coughing into their hands. Are we then surprised that the virus is passed on and rages on like a forest fire? Are people so stupid. Yes, I am afraid they are!

My own cardiologist said, it’s all about common sense and hygiene and it is good to wash your hands regularly and if you feel feverish or unwell, then stay at home. In these times, everyone can work from home, well people who work in offices can for sure, and others should stay at home. No one is indispensable. No one!

One story that I found really disturbing was a family who had all the symptoms and had dreadful problems trying to arrange for a proper Corona test. Everyone knew once the outbreak had happened in Italy, it was only a question of time before it spread all over Europe, which is now the case.

But aren’t we all going a bit over the top about things? Isn’t it really just like my cardiologist said: common sense?

If you think you have the symptoms then call the special telephone numbers, don’t go sitting in your GP’s waiting room infecting all the other waiting patients and coughing and spluttering the virus germs into the air.

I had to smile yesterday when the evening news suggested that you need to keep a circle of around 2 meters between you and others when you are in open public places. The reporter had made a sort of hula-hoop around himself and guess what, 2 meters away from other people is a lot. It is virtually impossible to move around the shops but if you feel uneasy going out to shop, use the online service and get it delivered to your door. That is easy!

We all know without any doubt that making and creating so much panic and fear is all about power. Power to make people afraid, even in their own families. Of course, there are numerous examples about people who are so totally ridiculous, like the 900 students from Groningen in Holland who went on a ski holiday in the affected areas in Italy. How damned inconsiderate is that? Especially when an official code red had been announced not to visit Italy unless you absolutely have to. A lot of flights between European countries and Italy have been cancelled, but hey the 900 students could not miss their vacation could they now?

I notice that the news only tells you the negative things. They don’t mention the number of people in China who were infected and are now better do they? 

Here in Holland there is a major panic about the planned Eurovision Song Festival and even worse the Dutch Grand Prix in May. I mean, just imagine if these events have to be cancelled because of possible epidemic virus infections? It sort of puts things into perspective doesn’t it. We would rather spend time worrying about that.

One thing which I do think is despicable is that many companies have put up prices a lot for things like mouth masks, or sanitizing gel, you can hardly buy it anywhere. And laboratories are running out of test sticks. Why on earth isn’t something thinking ahead and ensuring that sufficient stocks are there. It is now weeks since the first confirmed Corona victims in China.

Our daily papers were full of course, about the economic effects too. The AEX stock exchange in Amsterdam took heavy economic losses yesterday and already the pension funds are warning of financial problems. Isn’t this just the usual excuse? You know it rains in some vague place in the world and the price of potatoes goes up overnight. As I said any excuse.

However, my heart goes out to all of the people who have been affected. To families who have lost loved ones. To those who are feeling really ill and the only advice is stay indoors, keep warm and drink as much as possible? Ensure high temperatures are kept under control by analgesics and just like the common cold, which is a virus too, stay at home until you are completely better. There is nothing so urgent that cannot wait, in any walk of life. 

Just use your common sense. Shame there are so many influencers in the world who seem to have lost theirs.

Saw this funny cartoon on social media today, which I want to share…. And we all know Bob’s always knows, best doesn’t he?

Just another avenue of thought is that the word Corona means a ring of light around the sun. It is actually an aura or plasma (hot ionized gas) that surrounds the sun and other stars. The Sun’s Corona extends millions of kilometers into outer space and can be best seen during a solar eclipse. The corona around the sun is actually hotter than the sun itself, by a factor would you believe of 150 to 450 times. Average temperature people say is 5800 kelvin. The Corona is also 10 (-12) times as dense as the photosphere and produces about one-millionth as much visible light. The word Corona means a glowing circle of light around an object. Coming from the Latin word for crown or garland.

Just saying!

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Have you ever asked yourself this question? I expect you have and often too, what did I come here to do? This and many other similar questions are those we ask ourselves in these fast-moving times. Sometimes when we feel we may have lost our way, or what direction to take now, then we all start to wonder.

I want to share a story with you, not written by me, but by my Godmother Vicky Wall.

The other day in a conversation with someone (and yes, Chris Hemsworth, this story is particularly for you!) the subject of soul families came up. Often you make a connection with someone and feel immediately comfortable with them, so much so that you wonder how it’s possible that you have so much in common. Have the same ideas about this and that. Often there are other quite significant similarities, like birth signs, so that is why I thought it is time to bring this story out into the open once more. It is part of a book I published several years ago: Your True Colours.

How many of you remember the famous words from Walt Disney’s Toy Story when Buzz Lightyear says: To infinite and Beyond!!!! Infinite already means, the infinite endlessness, but beyond that too? 

As humans on planet Earth, we all know that this little tiny blue dot is merely a pinprick in the vastness of the universe. We may wonder are there other galaxies, other planets, other life forms? What is the beyond? Something so vast it is almost above our human brain comprehension. But at the same time, it is very naive to literally think we are the only ones here on this planet which is merely part of the Milky Way Galaxy. Just one single galaxy in all that vastness.

What I want to share with you is Vicky’s explanation of how we incarnate on this planet. Taken from the perspective that within each and every living thing there is a soul. An inner core. The real you deep inside. You may like to think of this as your inner voice, or sixth sense. To me the soul is the divine spark of creation itself and our connection to the same oneness from where we all came in the first place.

When you are a soul being, you are also in tune with other souls. That is the way it is, we cannot prove it, and no one ever has so far, but just take it as a fact. Soul beings are very in tune with other soul beings. That is why you make lifelong friends; you may like to think that they too belong in your group. How many of you reading this have felt that? That instantaneous click when you first met. 

If you want to know how you arrived here, then please read on. This is not an easy subject and you may have to read it several times, before you fully comprehend the wonder in Vicky’s story. She was an amazing woman during her lifetime here and still is in the life form she now has. She is still able to communicate easily with me and many others. Sound a bit too far-fetched, I can only assure you it is not. She was with me from the moment of my birth and still is and I know she will be waiting for me on the exact date I have always known, when I leave this planet in the form that I am now.

Take a seat, get a cup of tea or coffee and settle down and begin to read about how you and I and everyone arrives on this planet and why:


‘The real true aura is about the size of a walnut situated two fingers wide from the navel and two fingers depth inside. This is the actual point of incarnation. The true aura is formed by the fertilization of the first cell (egg and sperm) and this is the actual moment of incarnation itself.

The fusion of egg and sperm creates an intense explosion of energy and enables the connection of the DNA lineage of both the feminine (mother) and the masculine (father), which occurs at this moment.

During past experiences in what Buddha called the ‘sea of souls’ (or the ‘Bardo’) we watched and observed this energy explosion and as soul beings were attracted to not only the colour, but also the energy and the light. This feeling actually represents our Karma.

The colour, which attracts is the Yellow Pentagram* on a pale Blue background and this paves the way of the so-called ‘Incarnation star’ (true aura).

As soul beings we agreed to take this action and made the choice for parents a long time ago.

“In the beginning there was the Word and from the Word there was Light”

In the beginning we were three in one. Consciousness actually existed from the stars – soul star, incarnation star and earthstar, all surrounded by an intense and immense field of colour.

Our consciousness saw this picture as described above*, nothing else and it represents the totality of reality in that moment of experience. What brought the desire to become a human being?

This mandala five-pointed image flashes in front of our consciousness at the actual moment of conception and attracts us. Then as we pass through the mandala into a crystalline field of light in the centre (the clear ray or the 13th ray). The colour of the soul star rotates around this star and represents the incoming consciousness and so at that exact moment we know our soul colour ray. Was it always the same colour? Yes, it was it is what we were, are and will be until we have completed the entire journey and experience on that particular ray of light.

A second colour flashes in and forms the ray of our personality. So, the centre is a brilliant bright colour (often white because white actually represents all the 12 colours of the spectrum). Beyond that is our soul colour. Then the combination of the DNA between our parents and our own personal colour form the personality ray and sits just beyond our soul colour.

Actual consciousness is a brilliant ray of light, which we experience at the time of conception. The RNA/DNA double helix matrix is interwoven with the light, almost comparable to a photon explosion. As the two forces come together, the spirals merge like a field of light around the cell – an infinite point of light.

Consciousness enters around that and then our personal soul colour and layer-by-layer the colours are formed. All this forms and makes our true aura. It is a memory that travels with us throughout each and every incarnation experience at a cellular level. For always.

Simultaneously and synchronously as this is happening, another two stars approach close to this light explosion. These stars feed and nurture the Incarnation Star itself. The Soul Star is just about our head, the ‘8th chakra’. This is in actual fact a chakra outside the physical body and not as we now understand as the 8th chakra in the body, which I think, is around the area, behind the heart, higher heart.

A deep magenta colour was the shadow before the light, before the beginning. Deep magenta is a void, emptiness, comparable to the infinite blackness.

Shadow is merely lack of light. The reason that the soul star is not part of the incarnation star is because at the moment of incarnation we are not a fully formed being (human). This is the reason why the Earth Star is separate from the Incarnation Star. In other words, we have already had many incarnations on other planets, other solar or star systems, all of which have a unique energy, which is part of the destiny why we come to a particular place or planet.

So, as we enter through the double helix our true colours are represented in the first cell. The release of the egg cell in the Fallopian tube of the mother has a colour, which is individual to us. As the result of the actual birth, the combination of this explosion and light consciousness our own individuality and colour is created. The first ray around that brilliant speck of light after the explosion is the Soul Colour. The soul ray of the incoming being.

The nut shaped true aura represents the energy field of the incarnation star. The centre is the actual true point of the aura itself. Within the Incarnation Star is a hologram. The centre point of the star is the largest point of potential. The hologram is inactive until the actual moment that the energy from the ‘8th chakra’ comes down through the soul star and the incarnation star is activated. Then the hologram opens to reveal a six-pointed star.

The soul star opens a particular page in the Akashic Chronicles, the page of life upon which we enter.

The information from the Soul star circulates in a downward movement to the Incarnation star. The hologram in the centre begins to grow bigger and the shape increases forming what we know to be the auric field around the physical body.

It is the actual moment of the explosion or conception that our consciousness knows who we are. The Earth star and the Soul star expand, similar to the multiplication of the cells themselves, into the human being we actually become. The Earth star is our destiny on this planet in this particular incarnation. It is pre-programmed and pre-logged. Until the moment that we become fully conscious – the pre-programming means the journey we are going to undertake on this planet, which is what we agreed to do beforehand. We know the places we would like to visit, as these were destinations logged into our Earth star pre incarnation.

Also, it’s important to consider Earth as a Being who has her own destiny too. Earth is evolving and is linked to our own evolution. Perhaps this is in fact an act of re-payment to the times we have actually evolved, many large leaps in human consciousness. Earth is also a light ‘being’ or ‘form’ with a field of energy all around her. At her centre is also a light source, an energy field that surrounds the light itself. This is often referred to as the Earth’s grid or matrix, which includes the actual building blocks or platonic solids.

The first steps in our incarnation on this Earth are to unfold and develop our destiny on this Earth. A parallel which is not only related to physical growth, but also and most important, personal consciousness work. The first step is to ground. We cannot begin to ‘take off until we land’. The whole relationship with the Earth star is fundamental to all humans on this planet irrespective of skin colour, race or creed.

Walking this planet as a living being needs honor, recognition and respect. Connecting with the Earth star is the actual first step we take to work on ourselves and fulfill the agreement we made before arrival.

It is very important to think about the actual size of this tiny planet, in relation to the vastness of space. Just comparing size wise, earth is much smaller than say for example the Jupiter moons. It is tiny. Just a speck of dust in a vast infinite void. Think about that and the fact that we have been drawn here and why.

Earth’s desire and destiny is to become a star, eventually to evolve to become a little sun. When we connect with our Earth star and fulfill the destiny we have agreed on, we can also help Earth’s evolution. The greater our connection, the easier it is to fulfill our own destiny and become grounded. We realize that we are actually in the right place at the right time and we are synchronicity. The greater the amount of healing which takes place on our timeline, in other words our past experiences, the more we are able to fulfill our destiny in relation to the planet we have chosen to come to. If all is activated and in harmony, we have something called ‘reciprocal maintenance’.

The soul star is our personal page in the Akashic Chronicles. There is a place in India people say where the Chronicles are written on the so-called Bhodi leaves, but in actual fact the chronicles are just a vast library. The soul star (from our point of view or the way we perceive it) is a star or hologram or our karmic blueprint, which contains all the information on all Beings.

Our personal page is the actual detail of all the agreements we have made with our guides, teachers, masters etc. before we arrived. We desire to fulfill the actual task on that page and have responded with ‘Yes, I will do that’ whatever the task is.

We agree to accept our responsibility of choice here on earth. We have accepted that we physically have to arrive before we can begin. So, the connection with the Earth star attunes with our Soul star and we are able to begin the work we agreed to do. We can then understand the so-called message on the page in the chronicles.

The actual process of grounding, getting the energy in our feet, into the soil itself is a process when we recognize the beauty of the earth and the quality and diversity. This is the principle of ‘as above – so below’ that energy passes in upwards and downwards movements. Equality and rhythm in movement. The more grounded we are the easier it is to pass the information in this movement and more energy can flow and filter down from the Soul star. A little to the right-hand side of the chest area is another chakra called the Anada Kanada. This is the second step in our connection to the Soul star. The colour energy begins to filter down and activates this area (or chakra), which then makes its journey further down the body. This is the higher heart chakra.

Carl Gustav Jung called this the ‘process of individualization’. A process of creation. The movement from the subconscious/unconscious towards the more conscious and the collective. This is natural process that takes place the more grounded we become. Synchronicity occurs as part of the process of individuation.

This is also called the process of moving from the personal to the transpersonal. Beginning with a strong memory of the Conception Mandala (the yellow star on the blue background), which moves towards the six-pointed star. The activation of the Soul star then opens the energy within the heart, the heart chakra and the higher heart chakra. This is a turquoise colour related issue. The new emerald colour is lime green together with a pale coral/peach pink.

The three base chakras (root, sacral and solar plexus) are all about survival issues. Dependency and co-dependency and our issues, which relate to fear and power. If you like you could imagine that earth and humanity are at the same stage of evolution, and we have the possibility to open the energy of the heart like a mirror in the grid system of the Earth. The form is an icosa-dodecahedron, which is a three dimensional platonic solid which takes on the two-dimensional form or a six-sided shape. This is a mirror image of the Earth grid system.

To summarize: We have an individual and personal destiny in relation to our planet of choice Earth. The soul or stellar destiny, which is not only related to Earth, is also connected to us as a Being. From the beginning of Time until the end of Time and who knows where that is because all are infinite and every endless.

The only way of getting to the energy through the Incarnation star is through a process of individuation. We can enter the heart and experience oneness. However, the beauty of the experience of connection the Heart to the Incarnation star will not last. It is merely a coming and going. A little ‘high’. We can almost compare this with a sexual orgasm. With each and every incarnation process we gently begin to unfold the heart, opening a window and discovering who am I, why am I here and what am I here to do and achieve. This is the connection to the force of reconciling. A third force, upwards and downwards in movement. Sexual energy is the most powerful energy in the second and sacral chakra.

Our entire destiny also relates to the conscious opening of all the facets by all beings (all life forms), which is the basis of evolution itself. When we create more balance, more oneness within the natural grid of energy, the greater the harmony and balance of the entire planet Earth.

It is an individual process when joined in force becomes greatness. Bring real change and growth. Brings energy and evolution. Gives you the answers why you are here and how big the miracles you can create are. It literally brings light back to the dark.

Relating the story to colour: I spoke of an awakening force, which helps us understand the relationship between the colours red and green (the complementary colours of one another). As the Earth star energy is awakened, so the intention follows, which turns the red energy of Earth to pink. The pink energy (love) arises and moves upwards and warms the Incarnation star. The hologram in the centre begins to expand; the pink energy flows to the heart and opens all the facets making the energy grid of us as Beings but also the mirror energy grid of Earth.’

                     Vicky Wall 20th August 1918 – 4th January 1991


Well they have gone and done it! The United Kingdom has left the European Economic Union, flags, banners and singing ‘Auld Lang Syne’ and all….

And now it’s all about a deal or no deal on conditions. And however, long that will take to sort out no one knows! If ever?

Saw all these people parading about in front of the Houses of Parliament, dressed in Union Jacks celebrating. Fair enough, but is there a lot to celebrate? Is there really?

With Johnson not wanting to co-operate in any way whatsoever about any form of deal, it’s a Hard Brexit then?

I was absolutely flabbergasted when I saw the News on TV later about a family of Brits living here in The Netherlands. Their two sons were born here, but all four members of the family, all having UK passports and wondering what the consequences might be? 

What damned planet have they been living on I wonder, that this question comes up now? There has been so much in the news and the local authorities here (IND = Immigration Office) have been sending out letters for a long time, saying more or less that they did not know what the consequences would be, hard or soft, Brexit or no Brexit.

This was something I sorted out personally last year 2019. In April to be exact. I became a Dutch citizen, as I live here too. It is called a Naturalization Ceremony and many of you will remember a blog I wrote about this. I was on TV too, was surprised how many people actually saw it. But it was fun, and the most important thing was that no matter what happened with Brexit, I could live on here with my family in The Netherlands.

Sure, it cost something to do it all. But was it worth it? Definitely. Why? Well, because of the constant growing stream of immigrants, any fool can say that The Netherlands is pretty full up now and we are reaching our quota. At the time I actually had visions of being sent back to the UK or having to take part in the courses to learn the ways and language of the Dutch. Ludicrous, but that still happens, perhaps I would have been giving the course myself, as I speak and write the language fluently!!

But come on other British nationals living here. What have you been doing for the past few months? Any idiot could have worked out that with Boris Johnson at the helm and re-elected as well, that a narcissist like him would go all the way to get Brexit a done deal, at any cost. And why were you sitting on your laurels and not thinking about the consequences? Just hoping the whole drama would blow away like a gust of wind?

But now is panic time. What if you cannot stay? Well time to do something about it then and get naturalized. And where have you been all this time and not getting on with it?

But enough about the British nationals in Europe. There are other Europeans in England too, so what is the consequence for them as well?

One thing for sure is that Brexit will mean loss of jobs and more problems in the UK. A lot of firms have already moved their headquarters to Europe. Or places even further away like Dyson (not only having had a governmental grant to set up their business to start with) but they have gone to Singapore! Cheeky!

There will be job loss too in the sectors where a lot of export happens in Europe. Like garden produce for example. Same applies to the import of tomatoes, cucumbers and paprikas from The Netherlands to the UK. And fresh flowers too. Now all of this will be caught up in much more control between borders and no free trade agreement. What about fishing rights too, fishermen who will no longer be allowed to fish freely in the zone?

Celebrating leaving the EEC after 47 years !!!

I often ask myself how well have people thought about the consequences. I never ever felt that the idea of a ‘united states’ of Europe would ever work even though it is handy when it comes to currency and all having the same Euro. The easy borders and of course the trade between countries who are members. I will never understand the differences for example in health care insurance between The Netherlands (one of the most expensive) of nearly Euro 160 per person per month with an own risk of Euro 385 per year compared to Belgium our neighboring country for goodness sake! of Euro 15 per person per month, no own risk.  As far as I know. And excellent health care in Belgium to boot.

No wonder everyone is so fed up with the EEC story. The prices of petrol, gas and diesel are so different between The Netherlands, Germany and Belgium, often up to 0,30 cts per liter. In Belgium slightly more. No wonder people who live close to borders think its advantageous to tank up elsewhere which in the end affects the pump holders here in The Netherlands.

Yes, I think it is time for a shake up in the EEC. Less huge salaries and expenses for members. One parliament in one country and not constantly going from Brussels to Strasbourg, creating even more fictive expenses. There is some good in the EEC idea, but a lot of things that should be brought into line, including the differences in taxes for starters.

But Rule Britannia, Britannia rules the waves, Britains’ never ever will be slaves.

They are out now! But at what cost long term?

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TODAY’S DATE IS: 02.02.2020

Well, just have a look at the date today and there is more to come this month. There will be:

20.02.2020 and 22.02.2020. So, a lot of ‘two’s’ coming up this month.

It sort of fits in with everything. After January rushed by and are you like me, feeling that January was a trial run in 2020 and that the real year is beginning this month. I have read that others think this too. 

A duplication of the number two can be interpreted into so-called messages from the universe.  The meaning of 222 is not only a spiritual number but it is also associated to hidden love and power. If you keep seeing the number, like today, then just know that it’s a message from spirit to guide you. They are trying to tell you something important and basically you need to sit up and pay attention.

But how do you know what you should pay attention to? If it’s something in your life that concerns love then it is telling you to keep faith. Take care of your personal relationships, even if you think other things are telling you the opposite. Something in which you have invested a lot of time, energy, tears, laughter and everything else that relates to love and any relationships. This isn’t really about your partner, its more about relationships in general.

222 also represents ‘happiness’. Are you, like me, happy when you can share things with others? Humans are naturally curious too, so we like to tell everyone about the things that make us happy.

222 is about balance, encouraging you to be harmonious and peaceful in all areas. 

222 is also about synchronicity (and I think this is the important part of this blog) it gets our attention. The purpose about messages like these are … it comes from the soul, or deep within, your inner voice, your gut feeling. It teaches, guides and shows you the right path.

Funnily enough I choose a card today and its: Authenticity. That is what the energy is all about right now. No more frills and fancies and pretending to be something you are not. It is about daring to step out into the spotlight and show yourself for who you are. It is not easy, because we make ourselves very vulnerable for rejection and comments.

The session I did this morning on my Calm App, which I do at the beginning of every day. Just 10 minutes to center myself before the hectic pace of the day begins, was all about sharing our lives. And I have said many times to many people that we share far too much. Instead of enjoying a sunset for example, we are too busy taking a photo and sharing it on social media. Maybe it is time (and I think this a lot) to just enjoy the moment for ourselves. The sunset is happening all over the world and really anyone can see them most of the time. So why spoil that beautiful moment in nature sharing it with others. Why not just enjoy it yourself?

Another great example of this is when people go to concerts. They are not actually watching the concert and enjoying it because they are too busy filming it on their mobile phone. Well, I ask myself, what is the point of going? Wouldn’t you prefer to just either sit back or stand up and feel the energy, listen to the sounds and be part of the whole experience? I know I would. 

But I will not be a hypocrite and say that I don’t post on social media either, because I do, but more about telling people about new blogs (those who are not already subscribed my RSS feed) and I am consciously trying to share very little personal things. Certainly, when it comes to personal photos and by the way I am totally useless at taking a good selfie haha!

This is what February is about to my mind. Cutting back the crap, taking more time to be yourself. Of course, this concerns choices as well (and I have written on this subject too). So, ask yourself what do you prefer in life, to spend your time being a ‘poser’ or a ‘pleaser’? Constantly sharing to get likes (of for want of another word) confirmation that you are popular. Do you honestly think when you look back at the imprint you have made, that you will be pleased with what you see? Of course, some will be, but those are the people who are more concerned with being authentic and their true self, instead of acting out a role in life.

You may agree, you may not? This is just my personal opinion. 

Just take a moment and center your attention on this geometric image made by a good friend of mine Janosh. Just feel it, it takes nothing more than focusing for a few moments on the image of: AUTHENTICITY.

My advice today being a 2222 day is, slow down, take a moment for yourself. Analyze what you are actually doing in life. Where are you standing right now? Where do you want to go? Are you achieving your dreams? If not, why not? And so it goes on and on.

The most important is that you take the time to see, listen, or notice any signs being sent your way. There is a reason for this. Whether you believe it or not!

And I forgot to say, at 2.22 pm today, we will have even more two’s 

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What is a friendship? What does the word say to you? We all have friends of course but at different levels of course.

Let’s look at the definition first of all (Oxford English Dictionary):

Friendship: (noun)

The emotions or conduct of friends, the state of being friends

Old ties of love and friendship

An ideal group for finding support and friendship

A relationship between friends

A state of mutual trust and support

In all of the explanations above, the one that resonates with me the most is the: state of mutual trust and support.

Because isn’t that what friends are for?

Personally, I have a huge group of people that I am in contact with: family, neighbors, friends, colleagues, casual acquaintances and so the list goes on.

Recently I got in touch with a group of people who I was at primary school with. Now this is seriously going back a long way. Quite by chance the boy I sat next to at primary school just happened to see some of my work on internet. He sent a message and within several days, we had almost found the whole class again. We have a chat group in Google Hangouts and it’s busy! It was such a lot of fun to make contact with these people again because they were your school friends during a very formative part of your life.  The funny thing he said to me early on in the conversation was the thing he remembered about me most was ‘story time’ which we had every day at school just before the lunch break.

That was the moment just before we went off to eat, school lunches in those days, when someone would tell a story and he said: ‘it was always you!’

Yes, he is right, I always had something to say and still do all these years later.

When the whole group is complete with the exception of one person, the chat went totally berserk because everyone had something to say then! It was ‘catch up time’ telling everyone what you had done in your life since the age of 11. And boy, that is a lot.

I cherish this group of people a lot, why? Because they are part of my life and part of my growing up into adulthood.

Unfortunately, we moved to a new house at the end of my time at primary school and I went off to another area and a completely different Grammar School than all of my friends. And lost contact.

But we are back together on social media, which is fun.

During my life there have always been friends who come and go. I think I should really use the word ‘acquaintances’ because in actual fact my true friends are those, I think I could count on my fingers.  They are the ones who stick with you and give you mutual trust and support. Always have and always will.

During the course of my life and yours’s too, ‘friends’ come and go for sure. Moving means that you go into another surrounding, you lose contact with neighbors. People you chatted to or waved to a lot when you lived there then become a distant memory. Some people may never even get to know all their neighbors, but I would describe myself as a sociable person who can talk a lot. Those of you who know me personally will be laughing and nodding your heads at this !!

When your children go to school you suddenly have a new circle of people who are involved in your life for several years from Monday to Friday. But would you describe them all as friends? True friends?

And then sometimes things occur with friends that you did not see coming at all. You actually thought they were friends but when ‘push comes to shove’ and you need their mutual trust and support, they are not there for you at all. You don’t know why because in your mind nothing has changed in the friendship. Maybe they have changed, got other interests, don’t feel connected with you anymore or even worse they just ignore you. So, what do you do?

Hold your head up high and think, well were they true friends in the first place?  Or spend a long time wondering what went wrong? You may never know the answer, apart from one thing. A true friend would not treat you this way. Yes, we all have our off days, but all the same there comes a certain moment when you realize you have not been in touch. There may be a good reason, or not, you may never know.

That is why I said at the beginning of this blog, you can really count true friends on your fingers. In this day of social media, we all think that we have all sorts of new friends but in fact they are just like us, on the circuit to comment. Often people are judged by the number of friends on Facebook, or the numbers of views or comments on their Instagram. But what is it all worth? Simple answer: nothing at all! But we all attach huge importance to this, and I have no idea why.

Just this morning I noticed someone has left a comment on one of my blog ‘shout out’s’ saying: Hi, pretty lady and a load of romantic emoji’s. Another friend of mine who has a huge number of followers on Instagram say they are sick to death of all the comments. And never reply to any! Very sensible as the golden rule I think is: if you don’t know them personally don’t react. And of course: reaction means action.

But back to friends: have you been thinking about your friends reading this blog and wondering the same questions as I do? Who are your real friends?

It’s food for thought isn’t it and maybe something you don’t ask yourself that much until the moment when a friend does something you did not expect or even worse breaks the friendship for no reason at all.

This happened to me last year. Someone I have been ‘friends’ with for more than 25 years, suddenly disappeared out of my life. She was at the time in the middle of a divorce and had shared so many secrets and confidences with me over the years, but then she got involved with totally the wrong man and was so influenced by him, she dropped everyone including her own family.

It hurt for sure, but in the end, I could see, she was the loser not me.

I have no hard feelings anymore and to be honest I have stopped caring now. I realized that she was in fact not a true friend at all.  And I don’t miss her anymore. 

Also ‘friends’ change. They suddenly become distant because they live in circles which they think are higher and more important. Their ego comes into the equation. I think actually the words I am looking for here are:  status and snobbery. They suddenly feel that they are better than you. There may be a huge number of years and memories shared but it happens so fast, you actually do not know what has hit you. The big question is why have they changed? Is it their own lack of self-worth? Do they feel that they have to prove themselves? I really don’t know. But one thing is for sure, they were not true friends really.

Several of what I would call as my true friends are people I have known for a long time. The ones who call you up and you pick up the conversation as if you had spoken yesterday. They are the ones you can call on in a case of emergency because you know they will be there for you. They are the ones you can really be yourself with, laugh and cry with them. There will never ever be any judgement, comment (apart from useful loving ones) or moments when you feel that they don’t care. To my mind these friends are what I would describe as soul friends. They are with you through thick and thin. Always!

I hope you like me have a number of true friends in your life. They are important and you should cherish them each and every day.

Writing this made me think that when the blog is published, I will pick up and phone and ring my oldest (read: longest) friend and ask how she is doing.

Why don’t you do that today?

Images and quotes: Google