I published my first book IMPOSSIBLE LOVE in 2015 through the Dutch self-publishing company, Brave New Books. The reason for this choice was that BNB work closely with one of the biggest sites here in the Netherlands ( which is very similar to Amazon.

Even though I have been writing stories since my childhood, this is my first actual book (paperback) which people can order through It was a very special moment holding my first book in my hand believe me.

I then went on to write the sequel RE-KINDLING THE FLAME

Both books are about my own personal spiritual journey.

As I had a lot of knowledge about colour and their meanings, of course my next book, which is much more of a reference type book for others, concerning colours, their meanings, the way new colours are appearing. How colours relate to the chakra centre in the human body and how many more chakras there are now mankind has evolved. Spiritually is now a common theme for the majority of people, so it was a lovely exercise to share my knowledge in the next book, TRUE COLOURS, which is course is in colour with a lot of images.

My next book was an e-book 2016 WAS A BLOGGING GOOD YEAR. As the blogs had already appeared for free on social media, someone asked me to make a compilation of the entire year. This I did and decided that this had to be an easily affordable price that people could just download to read. So this book is a collection of all my blogs during that year on a variety of topics.

At the end of 2016 whilst attending an event, the idea suddenly came up in my mind to write THE BLUE HOUSE. This is a romantic fiction novel about two people who meet in the least expected place, fall in love and how their life develops. The reaction to this book was so tremendous that I decided for the first time ever to also publish in Dutch. Mainly because of lot of people asked me when are you ever going to do a book in Dutch? I had help with the translation from a friend and HET BLAUWE HUIS has been a huge hit here in the Netherlands (where I live too and of course this is really my second language). “Het Blauwe Huis” has been nominated for the Harland Book Award for new writers! A huge honor of course and the result is expected in April 2018.

The Blue House was also selected by the Central Book Library and was shared on Google (well the first 17 pages) for free. Considering the number of books published every week, this too was a huge compliment for my work.

Texts from my books are of course copyrighted when they have their own ISBN number.

A summer holiday in 2016 was the trigger for my next book FIREFLIES IN THE SUMMER AND OTHER SHORT STORIES. Again a fictional book following the lines of two friends who start new relationships and all the up’s and down’s.

I have several books already written waiting in the pipeline for publication and my latest book, again a romantic fictional book is in progress right now. A SECOND CHANCE.

All my books can be found on You just need to type my name (Jill Kramer) into the search part and you will find me easily and a short synopsis about each book. For people who do not live in the catchment area for despatch I am happy to send my book to you directly. I can order easily. Payment is also easy by PayPal, avoiding exorbitant bank charges but is of course, ex postage (that amount always depends on ‘where’).  A short email to order to :   word is enough and I will react to that. If you want to order please get in touch. I usually have a number of books in stock.

Please also follow my blogs. Subjects just come up and once inspired I try and write words about something.

I am planning to share excerpts from the books so that people van get an idea of their content.


13th March 2018

Tomorrow is an exciting day, the publication of A Second Chance and developing the cover has been quite demanding. I work with Brave New Books and they have changed their upload system, so at the point where I felt my laptop might just be having a flying lesson into the garden a friend helped and the most amazing image for the new book. This is a story with lots about Friesland which is a county in The Netherlands and because of the beautiful horses (who also feature in the story) I really wanted an image of them on the cover. They are such magnificent creatures, with the long manes and tails. Such a relief when a photo was uploaded and all the text in the right place. So grateful thanks to Thewis Wierda who made all this possible.  Why tomorrow you may ask yourself. Well the numbers just add up to something significant for me. 13+4 = 17 = 8.  This number signifies the never ending 8 for me and also the month of my birth in August. The entire date is nice too, when you add up all the numbers and bring it back to a single digit and that is one. This year 2018 is an eleven year, double ones so that is why a date can have more meaning than you think. Also tomorrow is a big day for me concerning the health of my heart. I will be writing a blog about this later but all these factors play a role for me when deciding on the right moment to publish. Once published then the copyright is protected and I will be sharing a bit more from this book in the next few days.

November 2018

Currently working on book number 9 – The Art of Confessions – which I hope to publish at the beginning of 2019. In its final stages now.

Also coming soon will be sharing more of my books through the UHMI platform. This is the small blue triangle at the bottom right hand corner of my page. This is a creative/sharing platform to which I belong. Books will be offered in sections so that people can read on, around half the retain price of the actual book. New idea, so hope that this appeals to people. Some people prefer to actually have a book in their hands, others are thrilled to use e-readers etc.

A little word of advice. Take time to read the blog I published yesterday entitled “Is Big Brother Watching You?” This is a real eye opener and you will be surprised when you, after reading, check your own smartphone, laptop, tablet etc. Not to be missed.



May 2019

Since the last update a new book published called: The Art of Confessions’. Four of my books are now available in Kindle version via All you need to do is to type my name and the title:

The Blue House

A Second Chance

Fireflies in the Summer (and other short stories)

Art of Confessions


and you are literally one click away from purchasing and downloading. You can also download the Kindle app from Amazon for free. There is a link to click on and you will get confirmation to your own email.


Busy working on another short story at the moment.