For the past couple of weeks, I have been engrossed in (and admittedly binge watched!) the mega series – A Million Little Things on Videoland. A very detailed story about a group of friends (8). The men meet each other in a lift which gets stuck, and they spend several hours with one another deliberating over life in general. They discover their mutual love of ice hockey in Boston, where the series is set, and agree to buy season tickets and go and watch the matches together.

In the first episode, one of them, a supposedly happily married, influential business and family man commits suicide. The remaining three men are totally shocked as to why and so the story begins. Sorry not being a ‘spoiler’ but this does actually happen in the first episode. But the story continues on over the years and the overriding theme is ‘friendship’.

So, what does friendship actually mean to you, to me or anyone for that matter?

As youngsters the majority of our friends are school, college or university ones. But as we grow older and have partners the friendship group continually changes. Of course, if you are like me, you have friends from your childhood years, and these are without any doubt ‘soul friendships’ because they are still just as intense all these years later. Even past-life friendships.

Good, true friends are priceless. And be aware of that and cherish them. During life’s different phases people come and go. Sadly. we lose some as well to death.

If I asked you how many true friends do you have? What would your answer be?

Maybe, you can count them on one hand. I am not talking here about casual friendships, which we all have but true friends who you know you can totally depend on, whatever and whenever! There is a big difference isn’t there?

A Million Little Things is a great title for this drama because over the years of their friendship, literally a million little things happen to them all. But no matter what, they all remain friends through thick and thin and are an example to us all. Even though this is a fictional series.

It made me think about my own life and truthfully the real friends can be counted on one hand, maybe two at a stretch. One of my oldest friends is from my early school days and another from the first job I had.

It may be hard to make the distinction to what is often referred to as a ‘fair weather friend’. These are people who often come under the heading as a friend, but only when it suits them. True friends are those who you can depend on totally – from both sides – the people you can call, if necessary, at all hours of the day and night for help. No matter what.

The series was a long-haul watch, but so worthwhile. I won’t spoil anymore of the story, but just highly recommend it!

It definitely gives you something to think about, especially as you get older. Who are the ones you can totally depend on? The ears that listen to you whatever you encounter. For advice, for comfort, for just only listening. All qualities of a true friend.

And another, oh so important quality – honesty. Not just someone who says what they think you want to hear. Sometimes the brutal truth is worth so much more than a ‘nodding’ agreement. Some friendships can suddenly end without a reason. Or at least one that you can comprehend. If this happens, it means when you know you are in the right, that you are being a so-called ‘mirror’ to their issues and not yours.

Often intense criticism (just or unjust) is such a sign. Sure, you can be critical but be kind. Some criticism is very painful. Basically, think before you speak. There are so many ways to make a sentence. True!

I hope that this has given all of you something to reflect on. Yes?

Huge shout-out to the producers and actors in this series because they covered so many real-life important topics. From birth to death, from health to illness, pandemics, business, and private lives, from weddings to partners and even sexual preference. This series had got it all. A real recommend!

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