How many of you reading this blog have got yourselves caught up in all the legal entwinement between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard and the number of litigations.? The live broadcasts have been amazing. I will be open and admit when I first heard that these charges were being made, that my first reaction was biased and based on the idea that Johnny Depp had quite a history of both drink and drug problems. You will see I am purposely not using the word ‘abuse’ here.

But here we are several weeks into this trial for the defamation of Johnny Depp’s character. I can only say that every single time he has been on the stand (under oath as well) he has been calm, cool, polite, and behaving like a gentleman (and that is the meaning of ‘dapper’) and many of the testimonies by people have proved that point too. This is, I believe. the 4th accusation for damages, this time around it’s Johnny Depp suing Amber Heard for defamation of his character. Even though several audio recordings have been played which were, to be blatant, quite shocking, there has not been one single occasion when Johnny Depp lost his temper in court or said anything detrimental. Quite the opposite. Even when he was provoked by Amber Heard’s lawyer saying when ‘he poured himself a mega pint of red wine’, he calmly raised his eyebrows and said, ‘a mega pint?’ and then went on to say: ‘a large glass maybe’! Such control.


So, one or two words are spoken by her answering a question, and his side immediately raises an objection, making statements like ‘hearsay’ or ‘leading the witness’ and I don’t think many of us would be able to remain cool and collected and actually remember what we were even trying to say. To be able to do that you need to be an ‘actrice’ and then play the role as opposed to being your true self.

He has without any doubt whatsoever ‘won’ over the people and the socials are praising him for his demeanor, his calmness, and the way he is conducting himself throughout what is sadly becoming a bit boring now.  Hopefully it will conclude, and the jury will be wise and make the right decision. Johnny Depp’s lawyers are smart pro’s because once Amber Heard took the stand and was questioned and was quite hysterical every five minutes, the objections came fast and furious, I noticed she was taken off balance and lost her train of thought. When an objection is ‘sustained’ it means it is allowed and the witness must answer the question. As against ‘overruled’ meaning the question has to be rephrased. The judge decides every time.

I have noticed that Amber Heard plays a role, her facial expressions are very exaggerated, and her emotional outbursts are false. Pure role playing. She is being called a ‘borderline case’ and I can only agree. She just doesn’t come across as being someone who is speaking their truth and stories are muddled and over done to the point that I am sure most of the jury will have great difficulty in keeping to the actual point or reason for the litigation.

Don’t you think anyone would lose their cool when provoked and abused verbally like she does? There is and never can be an excuse for physical violence or abuse, but this is someone who is an expert and who could drive anyone to the edge.

Not many of us who are not in the acting profession will totally be able to realize that ‘acting’ is assuming a role and pretending to be someone who you are not in real life. And the more roles you have, do you become more detached from every day normal life. Just imagine what it would be like when every time you appear in any public space that people are snapping photos all the time and provoking you into making a statement which you may say in the heat of the moment, but not mean in truth. Would you like that? I know I would dislike it intensely. 

You are maybe having a ‘bad hair day’ and then appear on all the glossies, not looking your best and then criticism can be very cruel and hurtful. Don’t you really begin to think that maybe these famous movie stars start to lose their grip on the reality of real life? I do. Could you keep up in this world?

Many of us grew up with the wonderful series of films: The Pirates of the Caribbean and Johnny Depp playing the role of the very cheeky Captain Jack Sparrow! Savvy?

He has a lot of public sympathy and now the story has come out about the abuse he received (and suffered) himself during his childhood from his mother, do you really believe that he would then become the abuser himself in later life? I find this hard to imagine.

Anyone who has suffered any form of abuse carries the scars for a long time and to me it does not seem feasible (or possible) that they then become the abusers in later life because they know, better than anyone else, what it is like to be abused, whether its physically, mentally, sexually, or violently. Our soul would put these damaged, hurtful memories into a very deep place in our subconscious and only serious therapy would enable a person to deal with this in later life and not automatically make them the same. Does this sound right to you? I think so.

I am hoping that the trial will conclude soon, mainly so that people can focus on something else and that both parties, Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, will be able to get back to their normal lives without the taint of such prejudice anymore. Remember it always take two to tango but having listened to this trial over the past few weeks, my main thought it that Johnny Depp will win. He just comes over as the more polished professional to my mind. Amber Heard on the other hand is such a good example of a narcissist, becoming over theatrical to prove her point and like narcissists do, never being able to ever admit that they are or were wrong. Once a narcissist, always a narcissist and it reminds me of a very famous old story about the toad and the scorpion. I wrote about it in another one of my blogs. The phrase that comes to mind is that: ‘a leopard never changes his or her spots’. 

The sad thing about a narcissist is that they can convince people very well that basically they are good people at heart, but they will always revert to their poisonous sting (like the scorpion) when push comes to shove.

I wonder who you think will win? Is there a winner in actual fact? A mega sum of money will be paid for damages, but will this actually repair the damage? For both parties.

We shall see!

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