It was several years ago that my path crossed with Amanda Ellis during a Colour Mirrors Conference in Norway. Such a beautiful country and all organized by Marit Tessem, therapist, teacher and distributor of CM products. We all stayed in a school above the Artic Circle and Trondheim. It was midsummer and strange to be there during 24 hours of daylight. One of the other speakers at the conference was Amanda Ellis, also at that time, a Colour Mirrors Therapist. She talked on the final day and unfortunately the time ran out, about her channeling work with Archangel Metatron.

A little while later she decided to branch out on her own and this was the birth of the Archangel Metatron Sprays. Looking back, it’s really lovely to see how she has blossomed over the years and created such a well-followed platform.

Every single day she places a short video on Instagram where she talks about various subjects, but usually things featuring the world’s current affairs. Of course, people who know nothing about channeling and how this works, often have comments… Why? Well simply, they do not understand or have the gift, but believe me it is a gift.

Amanda also has a huge following on her You Tube videos. These are longer insights into a huge variety of subjects and whilst the sprays have grown into a much large collection now, she has also produced her own deck of cards and a new one is coming out next year.

She channels a huge variety of people, not only Archangel Metatron, but other spiritual beings and a lot of well-known people who have passed over into other worlds, dimensions and times. Often some have left this world voluntarily and it is interesting to hear the reasons why they made the choice to go early.

I think we will all agree that this world is in a right mess at the moment. Darkness prevails in many forms and I feel it is wrong that we are often ‘penalized’ by You Tube, or other social media when we speak (or when she speaks) her truth. Often seen as maybe controversial, but this is right, there must be pioneers in the world who dare to stick their necks out and say things, because we all have to believe that in the end the light will win. Light will always conquer dark.

This weekend I listed to a fairly long video supported by a special deck of Tarot cards, which was a sort of ‘question and answer’ session about the state of world in general. It is also a huge confirmation when cards shuffled and picked entirely at random, or even fall out of the deck whilst being shuffled, are totally right and give such amazing insights.

I will confess I don’t watch all the videos but over the past few weeks, as I had more time, I have watched several and I find myself more and more in agreement with what is being said and shared with a large number of followers. This was the reason that I decided to add this story into my own website feed, just to give Amanda some support and also draw more people’s attention to what she is saying.

We could, if we all wanted, take an attitude that we cannot personally do anything about the state of affairs in the world, which would be defeatist and there will never be any change unless people do speak out, talk about their truth, whether we agree with them or not. The point is none of us want to live our lives like headless sheep in a herd. No disrespect to sheep who provide wool to keep us warm, but the simple comparison, that sheep often just do what the rest of the herd do. I know, they wander along the dikes near to where I live here in The Netherlands and believe me it is true. One of them goes off in a certain direction and the rest just follow. Hence the expression: ‘following the herd’. It is the easy option just to do what others do. But come on, we are human beings and much more intelligent and why are we taking on the same behavior? Is it because we are afraid, basically yes…?

And of course, you know that when you express an opinion many people immediately comment and judge because they cannot really digest or even hear the message you are trying to deliver. I know that Amanda often says she receives some awful comments to her posts and will shut off the comment section (rightly so). I have ‘beefed on’ a lot about the power of social media and how it seems to bring out the worst in people. The idea that you must comment whether you agree or not and it sadly often becomes a ‘comment to slag someone off’, which has no use whatsoever and angers others. You end up with a completely almost boring dialogue along the lines of: ‘she said, he said, we said, they said’. But what is the point? We are free spirited humans who have the right to make choices and maybe you won’t make the same choices as me or others, like Amanda, but this is not a free pass to send even more negative energy into the world. It’s bad enough anyway.

This weekend she talked about the situation in Canada, which has caught all our attention and almost disbelief that such a gentle nation is suffering to such an extent. Why? People are allowed to have an opinion and it’s a democratic right to voice that opinion and come on everyone, we are no longer listening to dictators, or making comparisons to narcissists, are we? I sincerely hope not.

But change will and can only come when we speak out, when we are authentic, when we speak out truth and dare to be different. Then and only then will there be more light in the world. We don’t need yet another power war somewhere in the world, global leaders behaving like small children, are throwing their toys (read weapons and power) in and out of the playpen. We have been there and done that and surely learnt something from it all. Not to mention all the innocent bystanders who get swept into the power struggles too through no choice of their own.

HOPE is a very important word here, and we can only have hope as more and more people wake up and realize… we want to do things differently now and we no longer want to be told what we can and cannot do by leaders, politicians, the church etc. etc., because they all come and go. We have had enough of battles about color, creed, beliefs, religion and what is expected of us. We don’t want it anymore! RIGHT?

I hope that this blog will inspire many of you to take the time to listen to Amanda Ellis either on her You tube videos or her daily messages on Instagram. Just remember this, she gives away a lot of free advice and content and it is not fair to then keep sending negative messages. You know if you don’t want to hear what she is saying and I can only then say, more fool you, then you can switch off and not listen. That is a personal choice. You don’t have to comment. Remember that!

But for those of you who are not followers of the herd, have a look at her work, her website, her sprays and listen to what she is saying. I said earlier in this blog that being able to channel is a gift not a vice.

Here are the details for you all:

Instagram: @angeliccelestialcolours
You Tube: Amanda Ellis
Facebook: Angelic Celestial Colours

And to finish with Amanda’s own words: ‘If you only watch one of my videos this year, this is the one to watch’. ‘Timeline – WHERE are we heading’?
You can find this on You Tube.

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