Cuddle bees! My granddaughter and I have a project. We are soon to be the happy owners of a 5-star hotel for ‘cuddle’ bees. Never heard of them? I hadn’t either. It’s a new initiative to introduce a special species of bees to your garden and works like this …

Online you can order a special hotel (5 star preferably of course) for your bees which you then place on a south/south easterly wall in your garden at a height of above 1.5m. The bees come too in the same package, in their winter cocoon in a special tube. The male bees will probably be awake on arrival and there is no need to be afraid that they may sting you as they don’t have sting in their tail! These bees are a special species known as Red Mason Bees (Osmia bicornis).

As the remainder of the bees awaken from their winter hibernation, they move into your hotel and then spend the next few weeks, paring with the female bees and gathering pollen in your garden to feed the young bees. They are major hard workers in pollinating the flowers and fruit trees in your garden. They fill the corridors (or rooms if you like) with pollen and earth to not only protect the young baby bees, but to feed them and then close of the corridors with earth to stop birds picking and maybe eating their young. We won’t allow that! And they are happy, grateful guests too, usually remaining in a radius of 500 meters of their hotel.

We all know that the bee population worldwide is in serious trouble and that many experts say that when the bees become extinct, life on earth as we know it, will too. That is a pretty daunting prospect, so this is a great way to teach our children and grandchildren to have respect for the bees and not to be afraid of them. Bees and wasps will only sting if you antagonize them by waving your arms about and screaming hysterically. Sit still and they may settle on your plate (wasps especially) and then fly off. 

I have lots of other bees in my garden because of several trees that blossom in the Spring and in the first instance my granddaughter was wary of them. I keep telling her that bees just buzz by, say hello and then move on and that they are hard workers, collecting the pollen in special pockets in their knees and making honey in normal hives. They have always fascinated me from an early age and we had hives in our garden. Honey fresh from the hive and the honeycomb is the very best and so good for you.

It’s interesting that bees have a special significance too. I remember doing research about them for one of my books and I would like to share this with you:

So, for starters …

The Symbolism of bees relates to focus, dedication, hard work, teamwork, fertility, prosperity and generosity. Because bees exist on every continent on Earth, except Antarctica, they have been the subjects of mythology and folklore for many cultures all over the world.

The bee symbolizes community, brightness and personal power. Follow the bee to discover your new destination. The ancient Druids saw the bee as symbolizing the sun, the Goddess, celebration and community.

A bee landing on you represents courage, confidence, independence and determination. It is also a sign of high social energy, charisma and a good omen for attracting friendships and or good relationships.

Bees are a symbol of wealth, good luck and prosperity since ancient times. Charms in the shape of honeybees are good luck for attracting wealth. The same of course goes for coins with the honeybee symbol.

Are you convinced on the importance of bees? Hopefully yes and this is a very cute way to introduce young children to bees and hopefully preserve them for many more years yet to come.

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