We are enjoying the most amazing spring weather here at the moment, buds are ready to burst on the trees, birds are singing, wonderful sunrises and sunsets but all the time the same underlying theme – what the hell is wrong with the world?

Nature is so beautiful and yet, every day the news is overshadowed by one drama after the other. Spring is all about a re-birth season after a cold winter. The cycle of nature is becoming alive again, after a winter sleep. It is a time for renewal, regeneration, and new life, beginning again. So what is going wrong?

Well for starters there are still discussions (or excuses for want of a better word) going on about Brexit, yes or no, is it what the people want? Should we have another referendum and then poor Theresa May and her constant talks with two very stubborn men (Juncker and Tusk). What point has now been reached? Egoism and an overdosis of testosterone or the point of just saving face! I don’t have a solution or good advice do you? With hardliners pushing for a Brexit, is it really about what the people want or them making a statement to be remembered by?

And Venezuela. Well that takes the biscuit! I cannot imagine for one single moment how any human being can literally sit back and watch his own people suffer so much. No food, no medication, no money (but there is always money to fund the army isn’t there?) and literally block the roads with containers to stop any aid coming into the country. I just don’t understand it and where is the empathy? Or is it right just to be pig-headed and literally kill your own citizens. I find this quite disgusting to be honest and I also don’t understand why some or other highly trained unit just don’t go into the country and arrest him for crimes against humanity.

Come on get real, we are way beyond the times when ‘Dictators’ had their say. Or at least I hope the majority of you agree me with that we are?

Unrest in the Middle East too. I suppose the only positive note could be that there are talks again between Rocket Man Kim Jung Un and Donald Trump. I cannot imagine any pair less suited to have talks, but maybe I am looking at in the wrong way. I did hear Trump talking about the economy in the Far East and actually saying something positive for a change, instead on incessantly carping on about his wall. But let’s be honest he was recently depriving his own people too with the shut down. What is it about politicians that they all feel that they have to leave their mark on the world, humanity in general. The most stupid ideas instead of working together for something positive. It would be a real move forward if North Korea agrees to stop testing and building of nuclear weapons and build up the economy, not only for the ‘leaders’ but also the people and maybe unite the entire country? Am I being too optimistic?

Here in the Netherlands problems too. The Rutte III Government have made yet another blunder which is affecting literally everyone. Yes, they got it all wrong again and the PM offering very pathetic comments did not help at all.

So I ask myself, what is wrong with our world? I recently saw a quote on social media about the billions that are spent searching space for other planets and living beings, whilst at the same time we are spending nothing to save our planet, merely destroying it. Not only the people who live on it, but nature itself. And for what?

During the recent Oscar prizes this week, one of the film directors who won an Oscar said something that I think we should all think about so much more: More love for mankind, more love for everyone with no restrictions. I agree. “Love makes the world go around” is a famous line in a song, but we are absolutely taking no notice whatsoever! It is time to wake up once and for all.

Do you agree with me that if we spent more time being kind and loving to one another instead of spending endless amounts of time and money on egoistic deeds, wouldn’t this spread like a wave across the entire planet. No more dictators, no more literally killing off your own people just because of some stupid principal, but uniting at one. Accepting the aid gracefully and opening discussions in a more positive way. Stop spending billions on war, ammunition and the costs of having armies permanently stationed across the globe. Spend money on building up countries and helping the people. Just stop with all this complete nonsense.

It may sound like an impossible task, it certainly seems are really difficult one, but to my mind, it can all begin with you. Only one person needs to make a positive gesture to start a movement. Each and every one of us on this planet has that same divine spark of life within us all, so why don’t we pay more attention to this? Why don’t we all stop and think just for once.

More respect for one another, more respect no matter what colour or creed. More working together instead of creating our own little ego islands, but building bridges with one another. If we don’t and stop and take notice, we are going to literally destroy this planet.

I just wish ‘influencers’ would take up the call and speak out more.

If we keep wasting time on futilities, we are going to be too late. Isn’t it our fundamental right in the end to have a good life on this planet? That is what we all came here for in the first place wasn’t it?

One thing I think is that ‘money is the root of all evil’. This is an old saying, and of course we need economy to literally make the world work, but do we need so much? Wouldn’t we all feel better if literally there were no more starving people in the world, that all children have a good education, that greed and egoism are finally over. That we all work together as one group and that people have clean drinking water all over the world. That world leaders and politicians all start to do what we all elected them to do? They also instil fear into people and this is a real problem, because fear creates something in us all. Fear is just power after all.

You probably agree with me that this is probably the biggest task ever for mankind. I think so and I wonder if we are actually capable of undertaking it? 

I was just having a drink in the sun in the garden and wondering why we treat the planet this way, why we treat one another the way we do. Planet Earth is such a beautiful place to be and remember is it merely one tiny blue dot in the universe. Why are we destroying it?

Isn’t it time to do things differently?

Image: Jill Kramer private collection. Every Spring this single crocus blooms in my garden, all on its own, making its statement. Alive again after the winter amidst all the dead twigs and grass. This is exactly what I mean! It only takes one to start a movement.

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