Who else watched the inauguration of Joe Biden as 46th President of the USA, yesterday?

Of course, it was different, but under the strict controls (so many ‘militaries’ on the streets for fear of reprisals by Trump followers!) and also the safety of the new regime – it was different.

I felt for the person or persons who had placed all those flags in the grass on the Mall.

As I listened to the various speeches, a feeling of optimism came back. After 4 years with ‘enfant terrible Trump’ who sneaked out of the back door and was not even present at the ceremony for the first time ever … coward: it felt as if a breeze of fresh energy and air came in.

I wasn’t really an avid fan of Joe Biden until I heard him speak from the heart which he did yesterday. He may be 78 and probably many think too old for 4 years of damned hard work, the thing that struck me the most was, his words about ‘putting his soul into the job of reuniting the USA and with love! Goodness me. Inspiring !!

I liked the gentle, passionate voice of feeling, it went softer and slower when you realized that he was talking about things that mean a lot to him and what he stands for. Hats off, it is an entirely different story than we heard 4 years ago, when Trump was bellowing about America first and basically f*** the rest of the world.

It is a breath of fresh air to hear on this morning’s news that one of the first things Joe Biden is going to do is come back into the discussions concerning the climate agreements. Good.

As the USA is one of the biggest countries in the world, this is important and together with others in the G30 or whatever number we have got up to in this agreement, now it will make a difference, won’t it?

I also noticed the admiration from many people who attended, from Presidents and First Ladies of the past to present day members of the Senate. I saw a genuine respect and friendship. After all, let’s face it Joe Biden has a lot of experience on the Washington political scene and he was running mate for one of the best Presidents ever – Barack Obama.

Proud family members surrounding him and you saw the emotion, the clearing of the throats as the national anthem was played. It was a big moment for all concerned.

No one was interested anymore to even think about Trump and consortium who made history by not being present. So childish, like throwing all the toys out of the playpen just because you did not get your way and win. I think maybe in reflection a lot of his fans will think twice about in the aftermath of yesterday.

But now the important part and the inauguration of the first woman Vice President, Kamala Harris and you can only feel a huge amount of respect for the way she presents herself and one to watch I feel in the future. I know a lot of people wanted not only Michelle Obama or Oprah Winfrey to run for the presidency, but Kamala is interesting. I don’t really want to hear about any matters concerning race or creed, more about the respect for her as a person and also an amazing inspiring speech later that day. And of course bringing back the ‘feminine power’ into an important political office.

No one will deny that they both have a huge task ahead of them. Mainly first of all repairing the damage, but also finding a way to unite everyone. As Joe himself said yesterday, this is the United States of America and united we must be. Very true. A lot more can be achieved when synergy comes into the equation, which basically means that often opposites come together and create great things. Let’s hope so. It is of course OK to disagree about things, we don’t all have to think the same, but let’s work on resolving the differences, something which Trump as an absolute classic example of a narcissist found impossible.

I am a firm believer in the words ‘what goes around, comes around’ and it will happen. Definitely as far as Trump is concerned and it is wonderful to know that Joe Biden will also restore all the work that Barack Obama did for healthcare for all residents of the USA. Instead of wasting money building futile walls on borders. Come on !!

The vastness of the USA and the number of citizens, first priority will of course be, being able to control the Covid-19 virus which has taken more lives than in WW2. That is pretty shocking isn’t it to know that so many have lost their lives. And everyone’s thoughts go to family, friends, neighbors and acquaintances who have lost people because of this virus, not only in the USA but on a worldwide scale.

So busy days in the White House ahead and let’s all cherish the idea that there is hope with this new administration. That both Joe Biden and Kamala Harris continue to inspire and stick to their own beliefs. It is an interesting thought that ‘their side’ have the majority in the Senate, so, laws that were abolished maybe for no reason whatsoever, will be reinstated and there is light at the end of a dark tunnel of 4 years of Trump. I think it’s true what people say, he had to become President to may be shake things up in the stuffy, dusty corridors of the Capitol, but to such an extent, no! It just became ridiculous in the final days.

So, wishing them the best of luck in a difficult challenge, but first impressions are the ones that count, and they were both impressive yesterday.

Inspiring words today on the socials too: for January 21st 2021 (note the numbers 21.1.21)

111: meaning new beginnings and how!

‘Today it will be important to learn from the past and LET IT GO. No need to cry anymore of spilled milk’.

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