This is my question? Are you ‘living the lie’ or ‘living the truth’? This really means are you living your life according to who you are, what you want to achieve and how to go about it, or are you taking the easy way out and living the lie?

This may seem like a very hard question! I agree. The first inspiration for this blog came from two directions: firstly, because I started a new online workshop with my friend Janosh on Sunday. This was the second part or sequel to the Source Code which I took part in last year. Basically, for those of you who don’t know his work, he is an artist/visionary who channels sacred geometrical codes. Around August 2020 a special code arrived called Source and it formed the five-part webinar and online series which all came together on the 21st December 2020. This date was not only the winter equinox but there was a major astrological event too, when Saturn and Jupiter were conjunct at 0 degrees in Aquarius.

Doing a visual meditation with the code when more than 5000 people did this simultaneously at the same moment, it reconnected all of us with our Source.

It seemed obvious that there would be more, we had come back to source and now it was time to embody it – literally physically into your body. So last Sunday was the live start to the sequel, ‘Embody’, again in 5 parts.

For more information on Janosh’s work see his own website (

But my point is here, it was an eye-opening journey and is still being continued.

Last Sunday we started with Unmasking which is all about who you are NOT. Removing the masks (which we all wear all the time) and face the naked truth. Who are you really?

How did it feel, well strange to be honest. The words ‘naked truth’ were the best possible description. It was time not only to take off the mask but also to face who you are.

And now the title of this blog! Are you then living a lie?

A friend of mine, who is actually well known, is. I realized that for quite a while and after Sunday I knew this is true. They really are. I will not for privacy reasons mention any names or details and just keep this general. But when you live your life in the ‘spotlights’ and are constantly watched by many, how true is your life. Is it a role you play? It is hard to do this when you live like this. Fear plays a role because you basically don’t want people to know literally everything about you, but how far do you go to keep up appearances? What if you are in a relationship that does not work anymore because the trust is gone? Do you ignore, which in the end will cause you so much stress or are you brave enough to break away, irrespective of what people say. And you know beforehand they are going to say a lot. About literally everything! So, what is the choice then to continue to live the lie, or take off the mask and be the real you? 

Tough choice isn’t it? But at the same time not. Because living a lie is one of the most stressful things in life because you are constantly not really yourself. You keep up appearances because you are basically afraid of the consequences. What if everyone suddenly is confronted by the fact that your ‘oh so perfect life’ is not that perfect after all. There are so many cracks and there have been so many attempts to glue things together, eventually you will have to take action because you cannot keep repairing ‘broken wings’.

That is one of the things I have learned in my friendship with Janosh over the years. You can try to keep hiding behind the mask but eventually and at some stage, you will be almost forced to remove it. Not literally forced by someone else but forced because you cannot live the lie anymore.

Let’s take relationships for an example. If you are in a relationship which no longer works for whatever reason, do you make the choice to go on regardless or make a choice for change. I know it is not easy and often people prefer to have a ‘status quo’ than stir up the dust and do it all differently. But long term this does not work. If parents stay together for the sake of children, the children blame them in the end because they have been brought up in a tense atmosphere. Children are in general very much more intuitive than adults in this case.

Falling out of love is painful or if someone breaks the trust. The latter is often harder than the feeling of no longer being in love. Once trust is broken it is virtually irreparable. Because in the back of your mind, you start to question every little thing. Something you may have ignored in the past is suddenly a big issue. And once the seed of doubt is sown, it grows and grows.

What if you fall in love with someone else? Someone who you realize is really your soul mate. Do you think you can possibly carry on if nothing has happened? Making contact with a soulmate can be one of the most powerful things ever. And virtually impossible to ignore. You know you want something more than anything else but how do you move forward. Keep wearing the mask and pretending that everything is fine or take action.

My friend who is in this situation regularly asks me this question and my reply is always the same. ‘Listen to your heart’. If your inner voice or sixth sense is telling your constantly that you should do it all differently then get on with it, no matter what the consequences. Obviously by this I do not mean hurting someone expressly but making a choice to change. To maybe break away and take no notice what other people say. Hard I know, but if it’s challenging you every day, then it will only increase and get worse. Don’t you think long term that people will respect you more for your honesty than the deception of ‘living the lie’?

Then if you are brave enough to actually make a choice for change, because you know in the end you have to, then you are actually doing yourself a big favor and proving to literally everyone that you are not being who you are not. But daring to show who you are!

Life is a continuous learning curve. It was never meant to be an easy flat road to travel along, with all the directions mapped out beforehand: we learn in actual fact by our mistakes. There will always be curves and bumps and even people who try to sabotage you along your way, but if you are who you really are, you will survive and reach your destination. That is in actual fact what we all as soul beings agreed to. We all wanted the experience as a human with all the things that come across our path. The problem is that we often distance ourselves from others (and not talking here at all about the Lockdown situation worldwide) but more about isolating ourselves behind the mask and taking on a role. It does not work long term.

The most important thing is that you care about who you are. As opposed to who you are not. I remember a famous English proverb:

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me!

True. No matter what anyone else thinks or says, listening to your own heart is and always will be the most important advice you can ever have from someone.


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