Recently a friend of mine, asked on social media, for ‘questions and answers’ and the best 10 would be chosen. But how on earth can you choose the best ten? Especially when you have a fan or reader base in the thousands, which ones do you choose? The ones that resonate with your way of thinking? Or the ones you think everyone might like and get you even more likes? Or the ones you truly believe to be important?

So, thanks to J for the inspiration to this blog. Because it made me to think about this too. Not so much about the 10 Q&A’s from my fan/reader base, but the ones I think are important myself. And not so much about a question needing an answer but more about the Best of 10 important things to me personally.

I too am extremely grateful now for my enormous reader/fan base which is now over 300K but at the same time I will say openly in this blog; this is not the reason why I write blogs, or books, or columns or whatever. It is because I am inspired and hope to inspire you too with my words. I don’t ask for recognition, or fame, it is my way of maybe asking you, my readers, out there, just to have a think about of the things I share with you. Nothing more than that.

I can no longer keep up with all the comments I get back on my feed and thank you all for actually taking the time to write them to me. I am grateful for that, definitely. Always and that is why I keep writing on and as often as I can. I say this often on my feed, but want to say it too this time as well.

The 10 things I think are important in life are:

  • Health

It does not matter if you are amongst the poor, or the rich or famous, or just an average person, but health is the one thing money cannot buy. Of course if you have loads you can afford to go to private clinics and jump the queue, but the bottom line is, if your body is dis-eased (and please note I have hyphenated this word for a reason), then you will be affected just like everyone else. Dis-ease means that your body is trying to send you signals and maybe for a long time that there is something you are not doing right until it reaches the stage when you literally become ill. Anyone and I mean everyone, can be affected by health problems. And a lot can be self-inflicted too. Stress is the first one that springs to mind in 2020 because we underestimate the effects of stress totally. We feel pressurized to perform in society no matter what, but at what cost?

Health is the number one my list because of this reason.

  • Love (for all) & Gratitude

This has to be high up on my list because I think this is so important and lacking a lot in our world today. If more people concentrated on love and less on ego, the world would be a much better place.

More love and more tolerance and finally stop worldwide bickering. That people stop trying to blow up one another (stop all this ‘my bomb is bigger than your bomb’) threatening innocent people, boasting about their power on a world scale (and you know exactly who and what I am referring to). And it never seems to stop. 

Paying more attention to one another and thinking loving thoughts as opposed to such negative ones (hatred and such like). 

Self-love has to come into the one too. That is so important, because one of the most famous quotes is: ‘How can you love someone else, if you don’t love yourself?’ Many people have ‘trouble’ with this idea because they immediately think that it means something related to the ego. That is not right. The ego has nothing to do with it. We all have our ego, but self-love begins with ourselves. Then when you have perfected that idea, then you literally radiate out that to others as well. Small ripples become bigger and bigger remember?

And Gratitude for everything. Even the small things in life. Appreciate the things you have as opposed to those you have not. A simple exercise to prove this is for a week, write down every day things you are grateful for. You will be surprised. It can be absolutely anything.

  • Belief

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could finally cut out all the crap which surrounds belief or religion? That we could all come to the conclusion that it is all the same and a name is not so important. Irrelevant actually. The majority of problems in the world are linked to religion and the fact that people think they are either better or more important because of this. And even more so that they believe that their religion is the only one and the right one. Why? Zero tolerance of another’s beliefs.

I have no criticism or judgment about religion at all, I think everyone deserves the right to believe what they want, but it would be so much better if we could all get over the idea that one religion is better than another. That would solve a huge amount in world peace in general.

Personally, I believe in the power of the universe in general and harmony for all. Love in my thoughts and for others. Always. The power of the creation itself.

Why don’t we all try that and start all making a difference?

  • Respect

This is so sadly lacking at the moment and it should not be, and it would be so much better for us all, if we not only respected ourselves but others as well. If there was more of this, there would be so many less problems everywhere and in all walks of life.  It is not that difficult to do either.

  • Care and Kindness

Care for ourselves and the care of others. That is important. And kindness equally so, no matter how big or small the deed. 

When we spend time taking care of ourselves, we automatically then send out signals to make others take note of whether or not, they care for themselves too. Care should be a very basic thing in all our lives.

  • Inspiration

There are many people that come to mind when I think of inspiration. Many influencers who inspire. I like to think in my own small way I hopefully do that too. Not for personal gain, but more to help or aid others. And yes, I do speak my own truth a lot, even though some may find this quite challenging. ‘Call a spade a spade’ as we say in English and ‘not beating about the bush’ spouting nonsense. There is no gain in this whatsoever. Be yourself and be inspired and inspire others in all walks of life.

  • True calling

Doing the things, you love to do all the time. Of course, we all have obligations on a day to day basis, this is not what I mean. But daring to actually do what you want to. Living your dream. Don’t waste any more of your time not doing exactly that! You will find that if you live your dream, everything else just slots in place.

  • Authenticity

Being the person, you really are and being authentic and even perhaps making yourself more vulnerable, is the path I want to be walking for sure. I really have no time for people who pose. I think you receive so much more respect when you dare to be the person you really are. Of course, we all have a tremendous fear of rejection, yes, we all do, but respect is positive whereas the fear is negative.

  • Honesty and Truth

Now this is an important thing to mainly because there is so much ‘fake’ stuff about at the moment. Being honest and telling the truth, even it may be hard sometimes are things which I consider great qualities. And in my work, as a fictional writer I know how easy it is to weave a story. But this is different because it is purely for a story and not meant in any way to either influence, affect, hurt or wound others. It is just a story. What I dislike intensely is all the fakeness at the moment. The fact that often our social media is followed by perhaps often people who pose as someone different. 

On the side of truth, it is always best to tell the truth. Always. Otherwise you get completely caught up in a web of rubbish and lies because eventually no matter whether you agree or not, you will get stuck. And then get out of it!

  • Money & Finance

We all need money to survive, or do we? I often wonder when I see people living on the street with virtually nothing and almost having to beg for food every day, are they happier or sadder than those with loads of money. Don’t you think that people who have endless amounts of money eventually become blasé about everything. They can have everything all the time, so where is the fun in wanting something, saving up for it and finally being about to buy it?  I often think that the real rich and famous certainly don’t have a life I would like to have. It is just my thinking on this subject. But another friend of mine, a spiritual visionary, always says that money is only energy. I agree with this. In ancient times people just exchanged things to get the things they wanted or needed.  We don’t say “money is the root of evil’ for nothing. But it is a pillar of our society and we need it.

That was my 10. What is your’s?

Now I would really love it, dear readers if you would write down your list to and send it to me in the comments. I will publish into the feed so that we can share this around with one another.

Sharing this may help others to adjust their ideas. 

Let’s do it!

Images: special thanks to Annick Rauch, Janosh, Brene Brown and Google.

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