A lot is happening astrologically. Today! Slow moving planets Saturn and Pluto go conjunct in Capricorn. So, what does this all mean and what is the effect on us personally?

The planet Saturn is all about structure, rules, responsibility, frameworks and maturity.

Pluto is the transformer. Eliminating toxicities, outdated ideas and institutions which can no longer sustain growth

Capricorn is the sign which represents institutions, politics, how society is actually ‘working’ and role models.

Summarizing, we can honestly say that this conjunction will bring a major restructuring to existing systems. To find better rules, better systems and better governing solutions.

Governing solutions are not just about the literal government, but about YOU. Making big changes in your own beliefs and structures and generally having a damned good clean out of all the things that are no longer relevant to you. It’s not a spring clean, it feels more like a squeeze. As if you are literally being asking to fit your body into tighter clothes. And then getting used to them.

The exact moment of this conjunction is today, 12th January 2020 and marks the beginning of a brand-new circle or cycle. We will feel its influence throughout the entire year before Saturn moves again in December 2020 into Aquarius.

Unless you have been asleep or missing world news (and who doesn’t want to miss that?) then there is a huge amount happening on the global stage:

  • Devasting nature problems like the fires in Australia and an earthquake in Puerto Rico
  • The ongoing dramas with Brexit and now Mexit
  • Strikes in Europe (France)
  • Enormous political unrest in the USA (impeachment of Trump)
  • And a very real threat of war 

It actually surprised me last week that we were having almost hourly news bulletins about the unrest in Iran and the USA (the actual threat of a war!) and then the major item to hit the headlines on a worldwide scale was the news about Prince Harry & Meghan Markle. And I can only say, good for them for making a stand and doing things differently. Although I am British by birth, I truly feel that the British royals, despite the huge amount of work they do, have become an outdated institution and it is time for a big shake up.  Here in the Netherlands reigning monarchs tend to retire at a certain age and then hand over to their offspring, which gives the entire monarchy a chance to modernize and get into this century instead of dwelling in outdated customs. Some of which in the UK date back literally centuries. Fans of the Netflix series – The Crown – will undoubtedly agree. It may be a series but my goodness it is so close to the truth, so much so that the Royals themselves have confirmed same.

A lot of my recent blogs have been asking you as the reader to adjust your way of thinking and believe me it is time to do that right now. Because this has gone way beyond the personal stage to the worldwide one and we can expect a lot of changes. And good too.

Major influencers around the world are saying the same, if it is about giving aid to the terrible fires in Australia to the Golden Globe ceremonies recently. Ricky Gervais the British comedian, who was hosting for the fifth and final time said:

“If you win an award tonight, don’t use it as platform to make a political speech. You are in no position to lecture the public.”

We often think of Hollywood stars as our role models, but now you are being asked to choose your role models carefully and why don’t you choose yourself then?

It is absolutely crystal clear on many facets of the world stage that big change is not only happening right now but that each and every one has the right to influence those changes in our own lives and hopefully inspire others too.

There is no time anymore for postponing, for messing around, hesitating to make a choice or decision, you are being asked to clear away old beliefs and old institutions and open your mind, body and soul to new ideas. That my friends in the only way forward.

Recently I was in a chat with a friend of mine who was saying exactly the same and that this celestial connection is one that will change the world forever. You may be saying now: thank goodness, something had to happen, well it’s happening right now.

No more sweeping things under the carpet and ignoring and just hoping that everyone else will sort out the mess. No. This is about making karmic changes. Dealing with things that may have felt uncomfortable in our lIves, and things we tried to avoid thinking about. That is no longer an option.


It is a major shift in our evolution, either you get up and start moving yourself, or you remain sitting in the dark and trying to ignore. The problem is you will not be allowed to ignore and if you want to grow (which is what all human souls want) then it is time for change.


I just wanted to finish with a quote I saw this morning on Instagram which says how simple it is really:

‘Let your light shine so brightly that others can see their way out of the dark’

Now what if we all did that and made a conscious effort? Food for thought isn’t it?

Thanks for friend Joke from Practice Oosjhaa (for the quote) and numerous astrologists around the world for their thoughts too, Kari Samuels, Astro Butterfly. Images from Google

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