Every morning when I wake up, no matter what the time is, I start by listening to a short meditation on my Calm App which today just happened to be about: Dreams.

It was actually something I was already thinking about following on my blog yesterday about resolutions or intentions and then of course the next step up is. What is your dream? How big is it? And how far will you go to actually make it become reality?

Yes, big question.

I happened to see this quote today on other social media and it seems such a good one to start the year, I want to share it with you:

New Year Resolution (which of course I would prefer to call Intention)

So, try again …

“New Year Intention is to stop wondering if I am good enough for other people and to start wondering if they’re good enough for me”.

Hmm, that is really something to think about isn’t it?  A lot of people, including me have the thought about cleansing their social media. I have done that too. Not that I intend to actually be rude or hurt someone’s feelings but there are so many hangers-on in my lists and do I know them personally? Yes, some I do, others not. But are they people who are positively contributing to my daily posts?

The thing is, that often our dreams are affected by the things other people literally push onto us, intentionally or otherwise. Then it is all about being tough and separating the ‘chaff from the wheat’. This means it is not a definition on whether you are popular or not by the numbers of your posts, the numbers of people following you or the numbers you are following yourself. It is about connecting with those who send out positive energy. This in contrast to others who are almost like a sponge, literally sucking out the energy from everyone because they are so lacking in balance in their own life.

So, if you have big dreams, then it is time take stock and literally make them come true. It is possible to manifest the things you want in life, if the mind-set is right. Even though there is no limit to how big or little our dreams maybe. it often helps in the beginning to be a little bit realistic, but at the same time, not shortchanging yourself.

Yes, sure dream big and want the best, there is nothing wrong with that, but some dreams can always be ‘pipe dreams’, when they are often too far-fetched or totally not fitting into our lives.

But by now you may be asking yourself what do these two quite different subjects have in common? Well, more than you actually realize.

Often, we base our dreams or the things we want to achieve in our lives on others! For two reasons: that we have to take into account our daily lives and obligations to whoever might fit into this equation for you and secondly because our biggest basic fear in today’s world: is the fear of rejection. Wondering what someone else will say. How we might be judged as being ridiculous for wanting to achieve such a dream. But what is the word ‘ridiculous’ when it comes to dreams.   There is nothing surely as big or daring as our dreams and wanting to make them come true. Nothing. Even though you may think there are a hundred or more reasons why not, the most important thing is that you never stop dreaming or believing that you can achieve it, manifest it and live it. If that is what your true heart desires.

Just stop and read back again if you have to. No one or nothing should or could stop you from achieving your dreams. Because they are your dreams, your personal goals and no one else’s. You should not have to take into consideration what other people may think. Just let them, true like-minded people and those who are spiritually enlightened, understand completely. The universe understands you completely and wants to not only help you but pave the way forward for you to achieve your biggest desire.

That is why it is important time and time again to remind ourselves of this. Don’t let the saboteurs, or the comments from others, stop you from ever wanting your true desire.

So, dream big irrespective of what others have to say. Dare to be authentic to your true self and stop wasting time. This is a new year, of new choices, new decisions, new moments, new decade, and 363 days in which to achieve it before it’s another turning point into the year 2021. 

Stop postponing, stop allowing distractions. It is perfectly ok to be a bit egoistic when it comes to your dreams. Often self-love is the thing that should come first even though many think this is impossible. It is not. You can do it every single day in a simple sentence affirmation to yourself in the mirror every morning:

I am worth it, I deserve it and I will achieve it.

Mind over matter is so important. The right mind set is so important and your own determination to make it manifest.

So, start right now, when you have read this blog. Stand up and go to a mirror. Look deeply into your own eyes and repeat that simple sentence a couple of times. Take deep breaths before and after. Mindfulness is based on our breathing. It is our life force after all. Just a few seconds each and every day and you will really notice a difference.

Even you sceptics out there. Dare to dream and just try it.

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