As we go into the autumnal season, being out early in the morning is such a joy. The grass is full of dewdrops as the golden sun peaks above the horizon. Just as if an artist has painted brushstrokes across the sky, the blues and pinks suddenly changed to golden colors as the sun appears. It is so peaceful and quiet, most people are not awake, and the only sound to be heard are seagulls across the sea. What a magnificent way to start a new week, especially one where we are being treated to an ‘Indian Summer’. Gorgeous warm days, high temperatures and despite the turning leaves, feels so good. 

Normally people dread Monday mornings, after the weekend, but I always see it as a ‘new beginning’. The so called ‘working week’ begins for many, including the children who start a new week at school. I heard someone talking about the autumn half term already, but I still feel physically as if I am still in the summertime. 

This year has gone so fast, it’s hardly believable. But it has and it is believable. And what a year it has been so far. Who would have expected it?  But my thoughts are always that there is very little point on daydreaming about the past, you cannot change it, only cherish the good memories, and deal with the sad ones. The thing is you are actually in the here and now, and you don’t even know what tomorrow is going to bring. So, live in this current moment and make the best of it.

This year has also had some incredible astrological events and even though a lot of people don’t follow – I do – and then things make such more sense. Of course, it affects the energy around our planet, when other planets go backwards (retrograde) or astrological phenomena (like squares, trines and conjuncts). People may be sceptic about it, but let’s face it ancient civilizations lived totally in harmony with the stars and ships navigated the seas as well, long before GPS tracking was even possible. We did not have millions of satellites up above the planet, giving us information 24/7.

Even if you don’t agree with me, many of you will be affected just by the lunar cycles of 28 days. 

In that way it is a great shame that we have the so called ‘Gregorian calendar’ and not the 13- month calendar, which relates to the lunar circles, used by many civilizations. I personally think this would be so much better. Also messing around with Summer and Winter time, just keep to one time. It takes us all a week or so to adjust to either losing or gaining one hour. There are enough time zones around the world to cope with. We all have experienced ‘jet lag’ at some time in our lives, when crossing said zones.

But back to my Monday morning moment and the opportunity to start the week with a ‘clean slate’. Organized, ready to go, all the stress of the previous week, in the past and then getting the motivation. A lot of people who work in businesses have that immediate ‘Monday morning meeting’ moment, when plans are made for the forthcoming week. I just wonder if all the plans are actually achieved?

Of course, it is really important when working to communicate, but in the end do you have the feeling that you actually did something and even more so, working all together as a team. That is the whole point, working together!

My working life has mostly been from my own home, so I have forgotten that ‘Monday morning feeling’ as I never actually had to leave my house to work, unless going on business trips.

I had to discipline myself all the time about when to work, how to work and also how to cope with people positioned all over the world and all their different time zones. Our fax machine (remember those?) often used to go on at night as documents were sent through. Now we do that digitally with WeTransfer and such like.

But the point of this blog is to inspire you to just stop what you are doing right now and think for a moment: What is your new beginning this week? What do you want to achieve today? 

How do you intend to do it? What is your goal? 

It is all about inspiration and creating that ‘clean slate moment’ moving forwards and tomorrow will be another brand-new day again !!


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