So, readers it is the 2nd January, time to clear away all the Christmas decorations, if you already haven’t and now the New Year has begun, I would like to write something about Resolution or Intention? And in particular to the long list of things we write down that we are going to do differently in the New Year.

For many years, a lot of people start the New Year with a clean slate. Good idea for sure, and then make a list of their New Year’s Resolutions. If you like me, find that the list is binned before the end of the month, maybe it is time to turn things around and make intentions.

There is a subtle difference in the word but a huge difference in the energy.

So, let’s start with the proper definition: (Source Oxford English Dictionary).


A firm decision to do or not to do something

A formal expression of opinion or intention

The action of solving a problem or contentious matter

Passing of a discord into a concord


An aim or plan

The action or fact of intending

A person’s plans

Taking the first definition of both words, can you see the tremendous difference?

The first in Resolution is surrounded by negativity. Why? Well because the word ‘not’ comes into it. Intention on the other hand is positive because it talks about an aim or plan. 

True, the difference it very subtle but the words just give so much more space.

The word ‘aim’ is quite different from ‘a firm decision’ do you get the general idea?

When we turn the energy around in all walks of life to positive as opposed to negative, then there is so much more chance of success. How often have you heard people talking and saying something negative: from something so simple as: ‘I have a party arranged for Saturday, but it is sure to rain!’ Never heard of the Law of Attraction. You have almost ensured that it probably will.

The universe is very subtle in messages. And the fact of what we transmit comes back to us, almost like a boomerang. It is as simple as that. This is nothing new and nothing I have made up myself, many influencers in the spiritual world have been saying this for centuries.

So, what about your intentions for 2020, knowing that this is a new decade and the fact that we all know it’s a new moment. New choices and new chances. That is all possible this year. It’s a leap year too, so we have 366 days to do something different in and with our lives.

And there is no moment like the present: today.

You can really put the past behind you one last time but taking a simple look back on what you have achieved this last decade. What were you doing in 2010 as opposed to 2020? Well a basic simple fact is that you are 10 years’ older. Does it feel that way, or does it feel as if the time has flown by? In my case definitely. I have memories of the Millennium when we moved into a new century and half the world had prophesized ‘doom and gloom’ scenarios about the end of the world and the fact that nothing digital could cope with the new numbers. Such a fuss and in actual fact, the moment came and passed with no consequences at all.

However, one thing to think about is that the past is the past. It has gone now and no matter what happened or what you did, you cannot change it anymore. You are in the present moment of the here and now and basically don’t know what the future will bring.

So how do you make sensible intentions? Well simple. By making, saying or doing something you intend to do and really want to do, is totally different from a list of things you know beforehand you will never keep. 

For instance, to say: I intend to eat more healthy foods this year and drink more water, get more rest, stop pushing myself to my extreme limits, get more exercise and so on and so on, are intentions that you can keep. And more important they are things you can adjust on a daily basis.

To my mind the word: ‘diet’ is just as good as saying ‘food binge’ or ‘cravings’ because you put so much emphasis on the word, saying you cannot have this or that, when there are going to be days when you do. If you say for instance, no more sweets or chocolates and then have some, are you literally going to beat yourself up about it? No of course, not because the next day is a brand-new day and you can re-adjust your intention. 

These are simple examples but of course there are more serious subjects which you can include into the loop as well. Abuse, toxic relationships, bullying, social media overindulgence and many many more.

So, this year I have made some simple intentions for myself and truly believe that this time around, the list (and by the way I have not actually made one) will not land in the bin before January is finished. And intentions can be adjusted all the time. Of course, I want to lose weight, get fitter, drink more water, get a good night’s rest, cut down severely on social media (or as I mentioned in an earlier blog FOMO – fear of missing out). Maybe if we all, me included spent less time sharing our lives on social media but actually sharing it with family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances there would be much less ‘abuse’ on social media in general, fat shaming for example, to name but one.

The number of likes we have on our posts, is it really that important? Does it make you feel better the bigger the numbers? I doubt it very much, unless you are the type of person who just loves to go on a daily ego trip.

So, as I bring this blog to a close, have a serious think about this. Think about what your own intentions are and why? Remember you can always adjust and change or add to them. This is not a list of things you have to do, or else. Remember what I said earlier, new moments, new choices, new ideas …

True you can say you want to stop smoking, or drink less alcohol, but these are addictive habits which you have probably had for a long time. And such habits can take a long time to break. But you can do it if you really intend to. The secret is all in the word: intend or intention.

There is no point whatsoever putting so much negativity into this, as it has the reverse effect. Try and put more positivity into the things you want to do in all walks of life.

There is no moment like the present, you can begin today. Begin small and start taking bigger steps, you don’t have to run the ‘marathon’ tomorrow.

What are your intentions?

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