Wouldn’t it be a nice way to start this new week with something positive. Something interesting.

In these strange times when social media offers every opportunity to comment and often shame people about their appearance, everyone seems to have forgotten this famous phrase. Fat-shaming for example for those of us who may carry a few extra pounds than someone else. Shaming people for their sexual preference. Shaming people for what they say or ridiculing them. It seems as if social media has become THE platform to be absolutely horrid to people sometimes. Not always, but I am often really surprised myself when I read comments and the suggestions people feel they have to make to people they don’t even know. Why? Live and let live is my motto!

We have been taught from a very young age that beauty is everything and from about the age of 20 plus, reminded every day that we need to preserve our good looks, our skin, our hair and just be beautiful. You are only a success if you are. Well, I don’t believe that for starters, as to my mind, beauty lies within. You may look like a Hollywood star, but it is the person you are inside that is important.

So, social media reminds us constantly of all the products that are available and in copious amounts too, to just make ourselves ‘a special kind of wonderful’. I may go so far as to say the suggestion is made that if we are not beautiful, we no longer count! This is complete nonsense in my opinion.

Writing this makes me think of my paternal grandmother. A sweet woman who used only Nivea cream her entire life. You know those famous blue pots of cream. She lived in the north-west of England, Cheshire to be exact, where the chilly winds blow off the Penines and it often rains a lot. She would get ready to go off to the village every day to get her groceries and before leaving apply Nivea and rub it into her face. Roughly. Not with small gentle circular movements, but literally smear it all over her face. Then apply a quick coat of lippie (lipstick) and go out. As she was the biggest chatterbox in the village, as the pastor’s wife, would then be out for hours. To the day she died she had the most perfect, wrinkle free complexion I think I have ever seen. I use it too, with a bit more care than she did.

For those who care about their skin, their hair, their general appearance there are so many products available on today’s market that it is overwhelming.

But today I want to talk about a product I discovered just by chance and that is a Lash Serum, made by Gran Cosmetics and invented by Madeleine Schneider-Weiffenbach and Iqbal Gran (hence the name). 

Our eyelashes get a battering over the years with the daily application of mascara, because come on, we all want amazing long fluttering lashes, don’t we? This serum was developed over a period of 2 years and contains wonderful products which have been clinically tested, hypoallergenic and non-irritating, vegan friendly.

No animal testing either. And containing ingredients such as biotin (vitamin B) aloe vera, niacinamide and hyaluronic acid. So, I am having a go and see what the effect is for my own lashes.

Well to say I am flabbergasted is putting it mildly! I ordered and the product arrived really quickly in a beautifully designed pink box and wrapped in delicate tissue paper. The serum packed in a similar color tube and proper well written notes about how to use it. And it is so simple. After removing any eye make-up, which I do with Micellair Water, and the lashes are completely dry, then apply a thin line (like an eye liner) above the upper lashes and go to bed. That is all you have to do. During the night, miracles happen. Really.

Just within a couple of days my lashes are thicker, and longer. Yes, honestly! It is not my intention to make an advertising pitch, but to truthfully say, try this product right away. If you are a person who has lash extensions every few weeks and it is costly, then stop. Treat yourself to a present of this amazing product. You will have a natural look within several weeks and one thin coat of mascara has an incredible effect. The eyes are, as we all know, the windows of the soul, and often the first thing you notice about people. Eyes are our first impressions about someone, the color and the attraction or not. Similar maybe to why butterflies are attracted to flowers of a certain color and perfume.

I love this product and I am so glad that I just came across it by chance. Well not true really because it was meant to happen (as coincidences don’t exist, they say). Everything happens for a reason. I saw this on social media and believe me I am not a big user of Instagram, but there you go. Thrilled that I did take note of this post. Something positive at long last!

Beauty is in the eyes (or lashes) of the beholder!

Instagram: @pilotmadeline or @grancosmetics

Images: Google (Gran Cosmetics)

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