ARE YOU READY FOR THIS? 8th August 2021 may well be the luckiest day of the year. Why?

As we are fast approaching the so-called Lion’s Gate Portal on August 8th, 2021, I thought I would write a few words to explain its meaning and why astrologists across the globe are predicting that this day will be one of the luckiest days of the year.

The important sentence related to this moment:


If you are thinking er right, sure, what is she talking about then I can only say read on:

For those of you who are interested in your zodiac sign and regularly read pieces about either your daily or yearly horoscope and you can be really honest and say I do or I don’t? The Sun is the ruling sign of Leo season which started on 23rd July and runs through until 23rd August, then please allow me to tell you that on the 8th August, the Leo sun (which is in fact the Sun’s favorite place to be in his or her own sign) will create an annual cosmic alignment with the bright star Sirius (Canis Major). This will be extremely intensified this year thanks to the new moon in Leo on the same day. An amplified spiritual intensity. When you consider not only the stellar event but also the numerology behind the date 8/8 then you will only be able to agree that this seriously may be one of the luckiest days in the year 2021. Whatever your preferences are, astrology or numerology, then you do not want to waste your time sleeping with the special opportunity to dream big (or even bigger) and literally manifest abundance of any kind.

What is exactly meant by the Lion’s Gate Portal, which is an annual occurrence, but this year it is extra special. The sun, as I said is in its own home sign in the zodiac, Leo and the star Sirius begins to rise in the skies becoming visible (as it the brightest star after all) and this all happens on the 8th August. Together with the numerological meaning of the 8/8 both factors contribute to vibrate a special energy making this a lucky day for success and literally being able to manifest your dreams. Nothing is either too small or too big. It is your dream after all.

Many New Age people celebrate this portal with new practices but in actual fact this has been a spiritual date for literally thousands of years. Sirius’ rising and alignment with the Sun was always considered to be a major event in many ancient cultures too. Civilizations as far back at the Dogon Tribe in Africa, Sumer and Ancient Egyptians tracked this star across the skies without any help whatsoever from modern instruments, like the Hubble Telescope for example. 

The alignment of the star with Earth coincides with the Orion constellation (one which we all know and recognize easily in the night skies) and the position of the three pyramids in Giza, Egypt (the belt of Orion). Thereby this creates a trinity of alignments on the same day and is enhanced even more by the August New Moon on the same date. So, the portal will be opened with an intense wave of extra special energy. Spiritual potency some are saying!

This year, 2021 on August 8th, brings a sparkling window of opportunity for all the zodiac signs to set intentions, embrace abundance and create new beginnings and if you understand the actual meaning of the Lion’s Gate Portal itself, this can help you to take advantage of this very special moment.


First of all, let’s look at the astrology. The fixed star Sirius is the second brightest star in the sky, next to the Sun. Sometimes called the ‘spiritual sun’ in spiritual and mystical practices. It is known for lightening up the spirits and illuminated higher-minded goals and ambitions.

And this happens every year, smack in the middle of the Leo season. Sirius rises in the skies and is easily visible on the Eastern horizon.

When the alignment of Earth and Sirius occurs, the Lion’s Gate Portal opens, as the sun is in its own happy place, Leo. Leo energy can be defined simply in a few words symbolized by the lion, courage, pride and regality. In its own ruling planet, making it feel even mightier during this very special period of the year. Loads of creative and confidence enhancing power is set free.

So August 8th is the peak date to harness the mystical energy of the lions’s gateway. Some say that in actual fact the portal is open for several weeks before and after the date too. However, this year the gateway is even more interesting to spiritually level up and create change in our lives. With the New Moon, this will align with the Sun and herald a fresh lunar cycle, bringing passion to the forefront and supercharging our ability to start anew.


The number eight is considered to be one of the luckiest numbers and corresponds to wealth and abundance. Visually the 8 is the infinite symbol turned upright, expressing unlimited potential. As I said, 8 is the number of abundance and prosperity. Being then the 8th day of the 8th month of the year literally charges the date with the energy of success and then combined with the astrological magic, gives us a special moment to set clear intention. It all just comes together if you like, the numbers, the astrology and the moment! In fact, it’s pure synergy, all associated with wealth, passion, honor and even fame. Whilst the Sun itself is the planet of confidence, willpower and self-expression. That Sirius aligns with the Sun in Leo is important. Leo is a fixed fire sign and its energy can attract all it desires comparable to ‘a moth to a flame’.

This success attracting celestial bodies together with the energy of the numerology, blend together to make a cosmic creation and thus a magical powerful moment to put your intentions straight out into the universe and the extra magical aspect that you can actually manifest your dreams.

Make the day extra special because the opening of the portal, infused with the Sirian energy, will flood down upon the Earth. Make it a day to do a special ritual in some way. Ask for abundance. If you don’t no one else is going to ask for you. Take the time to make this special day, yours’s and yours’s alone. Yes, you can also ask for the greater good, but really this moment is about you and your dreams.

So, what is a good ritual to do on this special day? Well, I think I will write a list of my dreams and everything I would like to manifest and after the sun sets and the magical night sky is visible (hope it is not cloudy or raining!) then have a fire ritual and offer the piece of paper into the flames. It may sound strange to actually burn a piece of paper with all your intentions, dreams and desires written on it, but the idea behind giving it to the fire is to intensify it in the flames. Turn up the heat so to speak.

I personally have always been fascinated by the constellation Orion and Sirius is after all, our brightest star in the sky once the sun has gone to bed. Look east and see if you can see it, you can in fact hardly miss it.

Make it special. Even though you may think this occurs every year on this date, which is in fact true, but the New Moon is making it even more special this year and I think we all deserve the idea that the tides are turning; we can finally manifest something positive in the world, personal or for the greater good.


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