Do you like me, feel you are wondering where January has nearly gone? Doesn’t it seem only five minutes ago we were all eagerly awaiting the move into a new decade and a new year 2020. Is time flying? It sure is!

I have no idea where the month has gone to be honest. The only thing I noticed personally was around the last few days of December 2019 something changed. It was as if I had moved into the fast lane. Having had, as you all know a tough year, it was time to get going again and at speed. I remember at the time remarking to my friends that this had happened and that they would all have to keep up with me! Some of them laughed at me, thinking, yes, sure….

But it has actually happened of that I am convinced. Because after literally months, well more than a year actually of intense physiotherapy every week, suddenly something shifted, and I was able to do things again which were so incredibly painful. My knee suddenly straightened meaning I could walk with more ease.

It is painful to straighten and we (the physiotherapist and I had to agree beforehand) that this was the way forward and when she applies the pressure, I have to grit my teeth, you can literally hear it creaking and cracking.  The new knee joint I mean.

But we have seen and proven, it changed, something happened, and I have made more progress in this month so far that the previous months of last year. As I said, moving into the fast lane and keep up with me everyone.

To me it feels as if I have sort of missed January completely. The weather is not good, misty grey and cold with stormy winds and rain. I would much prefer a sunny frosty month. Snow OK if I don’t have to go out and I won’t be doing that if we have any, but that sharpness of the beginning of the year. It has in fact been so exceptionally mild that people have been suffering with hay fever from the catkins on the trees, spring flowers are appearing much earlier than usual. And we are still not confirming the fact that global warming is actually happening?

But I am deviating as I wanted to talk about whether or not you feel the same too. Do you see yourself still standing there in your mind on NYE celebrating the coming of a new decade and whoosh, you are nearly at the end of the month? A few more days and we are into February with a leap year too, so 29 days instead of 28.

A lot of people have been saying the same and I am not trying to repeat what they say, just add in and say I agree. Huge astrological happenings with major planets conjuncting. Changing from the sign of Capricorn into Aquarius. People have also been talking too about the so called ‘Age of Aquarius’ that is happening now, but to be honest I think and agree with what someone said recently, the Age of Aquarius has been underway for quite some time now. Even going back to the 60’s and 70’s. It has just shifted I think, again moving into the fast lane.

We are all changing lanes for sure, maybe not paths but speeding up. It is almost as if you decided on NYE to get on the most thrilling, longest and fastest rollercoaster ride. You stepped into the car, put down the safety bar and before you felt you could catch your breath, the cars started to move at such speed that you really have not even had a decent view of the surrounding area. It is that fast and sometimes you feel like shouting out aloud: ‘Stop! I want to get off’ But that is not an option, you got in and you are staying on until it stops. But when will that be? Is it a moment when the entire planet, or galaxy undergoes a huge shift in human consciousness?

This shift in human consciousness is something people have been talking about for some time. I don’t mean in the newspapers or on the television news, but from influencers, visionaries, mediums and people who feel connected with this subject at a high level, or in other words a higher State of Being. These people are out there and for sure more and more people are awakening and becoming aware that they have this gift too. We all do, it is just a question of activating and believing and trusting. Trusting that little voice inside you which has your and only your, best interests at heart.

When you just think back to the leaps we have seen in things like technology, the computer, social media, internet speed, data, iCloud and so on and so on … it is mind-blowing. Can you remember the first mobile phones, those famous Nokia phones, we have all had one at some stage, and now look how advanced our mobile phones are? We can literally do virtually everything with them. Agree? I will not go into the safety of this right now, because it is very scary how ‘hackers’ can get into our data and I have spoken before many times about the safety of our data on Facebook and Instagram.

Another thing I noticed myself was that certain friendships came to an end. Long term friendships too. Not that anything particular happened as far as I know, but it was just like a firework that was spent and fizzled out. Do I understand, no, not completely, but maybe that is not necessary, just only the acceptance that it has. Other friendships have been under sudden inexplicable pressure. Not sure about that either. The only thing I can say is that something changed in me. I will be open and honest about that.  And upfront. Is it my fault, no of course not, just in a similar case for you, it is not yours’s either. It is just the energy has completely changed.

Some while ago, I took part in an intuitive painting workshop with Leonie Zilverink. A friendship resulted from this and I translated the words for her Powercards. So, I have chosen three for you too, as we go into the final week of January. It is a random choice done blindly. 

Maybe they will inspire you to look at things differently. The layout of three cards is as follows:

The theme is Direction:




The purpose of laying out three cards for Direction also relates to Choices (see my blog earlier this week on this subject). Doubt, the feeling that you are stuck or uncertainty.

I hope this helps you, I always find these cards fascinating and looking at the selection I made for me and you all, I would say it is pretty appropriate don’t you agree?

Images: From the Powercards images and words by Leonie Zilverink


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