FREEDOM. Freedom of speech, freedom of thought, freedom of choice, freedom of will, freedom for all … sounds like we all hoped the world anno 2021 would be. But we seem far from this utopian idea. Far from it.

Each and every day, it seems as if we are being told more and more what we can and cannot do.

What happened to any form of democracy? A world which works together instead of people creating more and more little egoistic islands? We all had a dream, didn’t we? Why does it feel as if the world is going retrograde (in other words backwards)? 

Let’s take the dreaded subject of the Corona vaccination as an example. Despite being told that extensive tests had been performed on this beforehand and all those who have any knowledge in the pharmaceutical industry will know only too well, how long it actually takes to test a new product and actually get it approved for the markets. But in great haste and because we were told that it was necessary, a vaccination programme was started worldwide. We all looked in admiration to Israel who got the entire population vaccinated in no time. It was much much slower in all other countries and now do we really trust the figures we are being told.

I have actually had both vaccinations and now the rules and regulations concerned Corona have been seriously relaxed, suddenly the news hit the headlines yesterday that we will definitely need a booster of 2 vaccinations in 2022. What? 

To go into any restaurant, museum, cinema, wine bar, café or whatever, you must be able to produce your personal QR code. This is an app on your phone. For those without smartphones the proof of vaccination certificate is OK too. Then and only then are you allowed inside. Sure, you can have a drink on a pavement café but going inside to the restrooms is now allowed. Great! What do you do then?

But it all comes down to the way I started this blog, how much freedom is being taken away from us?

The latest news re banking is that if you deposit money, you must pay a fee, if you withdraw money, same applies and now it is not allowed to have more that Euro 5000 cash. What the fuck? Whose money, is it?

Again and again, we are confronted with restrictions in all our actions. Some people are totally convinced that we will soon be a world state like China, where you are rewarded for being healthier, doing what you are told and virtually controlled in all you do. I know I will get a lot of criticism for this remark, but it is true. Remember that the wish to have a family was seriously governed, one child only and people gave away their babies!! Everyone wanted a son as their heir and female children were frowned upon. It almost sounds that the worst possible SF film doesn’t it. With the latest news that the Netflix series: Quid Squad is now world-wide favorite, then this raises more questions, even though it is fictional, or is it?

For many years we have been told by great inspirators to live from our heart, to follow our dreams and to do things that make you feel happy and worthwhile. Self-love is an absolute must to achieve such a State of Being and tell me please how do you get this when we are on the other hand being constantly told what we can and cannot do.

When are we, as mankind in this world, going to stand up and say: Enough is Enough! We are no longer going to be dictated to by a bunch of egoistic, narcistic beings who only have one goal, themselves! And being in power.

As we all know for centuries, power relates to fear. The more power the more fear. Like in wars. When crazy individuals take the leadership, then others follow. Do any of you remember the famous film: Wave? About how easy-peasy it is to get a crowd of people to agree with you even if they are unsure to what they are agreeing to.

It is getting pretty scary, isn’t it? Even though people have the right to have a vaccination or not, not having one is now making you a pariah in society and you are definitely restricted in your social movements.

Personally, I feel that long term the effects of the vaccine have not been tested enough. Having worked in the pharmaceutical industry for a large part of my working life, I know how many trials are performed. This is before a product even reaches the official governmental approval stage, like the FDA in the USA for example. I am not either for or against the vaccination, I feel it is a personal choice, which people should be free to make. Some people are vaccinated because of health reasons or risks. So, it is a difficult choice, isn’t it? Do you dig your heels into the mud and say no, but at the same time are confronted by rules which you didn’t ask for in the first place?

Tricky subject, isn’t it? On the one hand we are told again and again that it is our moral obligation in respect of others to have said vaccination, which is a sound argument, but when all the rest in some or other way does not add up, what do we expect?

In 2020 I had a flu jab for the first time ever. I am pretty healthy I think and normally I would not have done this, but a personal circumstance with another family member, made me think, maybe it is better this year, because the risk of getting flu could have a serious effect on their health too. I had no reactions whatsoever, same with the Corona vaccinations but deep down I still have that gut feeling that this vaccination was rushed through because of the multi-million-dollar budget which was made available to do it, but what is the long-term effect? Certainly, the world-wide opinion of respected virologists is very different from what we are being told.

So how afraid have we become? How afraid are we to speak out? When recently a restaurant in The Netherlands refused to control the QR code of its customers, there was a public outcry. A crowdfunding exercise for the owner resulted in over Euro 200.000 in just a day or two. The end of the story was that the local mayor decided to shut down the restaurant for the time being and this person is now faced again with months of no income, no customers, no work … which illustrates my point exactly. How much longer are we going to accept everything at face value and not question? In fact, restaurants are just opening up again after months of obligatory closing! It seems crazy to me to be honest. Are we going to introduce social distancing for people with a common head cold soon?

I think to end this blog that the best policy is to do what feels best for you. If you don’t agree then you will know when that little voice inside tells you. It is time for each and every one of us to stand up and believe in our rights. Constantly creating the said little islands of fear will never lead to a world of love and unification, will it? We need so much more love, working together and respect in this world.


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