Saturday, 17th November 2018

This morning I opened the magazine that comes with the Saturday edition of the national newspaper and started to read an article. All of a sudden these words literally jumped off the page and caught my attention. They said:

‘This is what I have become, but could I have become or been more, if I would dare’.

Pretty powerful words and of course, inspiration for a blog today.

It just so happened literally a split second later I got a message from a new friend. Someone who is literally thousands of miles away from me, on another continent, another hemisphere who told me that they had been awarded a really wonderful contract and would be leaving as soon as possible for Japan.

‘Japan???? I typed back, you did not say’!

Of course I am really thrilled for that person. Yes, I knew they were working on a special project over the past couple of weeks, night and day, but they had never mentioned Japan.

And then these words this morning. Coincidence. I don’t think so. When I said that I thought they were going to get this contract, well actually I was convinced that they were, then the question back to me ‘how did you know?’

I didn’t rationally speaking of course; but deep down inside at a much deeper level I did know. I saw in the words shared in our chats, such a huge passion for the work, the project and the opportunity. I have written many times in other blogs about if you truly believe, you can manifest your dreams. Well point proven then?

So I sat back and thought about them. Leaving the country they know so well, the family, everything familiar and taking a huge leap into something new. Now that I can seriously call: a dare!

Going to another continent, another culture, another language, which is very difficult, learning new customs, values, different type of foods, the list is endless. What an opportunity.

So my question to you dear reader this sunny November morning is:  what would your answer be to this question? My friend answered immediately with the words, ‘yes I dare! Do you?’

Now that is the question? Do I, in principle I do and like to think that during my life I have taken the right steps and sometimes leaps into the unknown, but basically I like all of you, will always want to keep hold of ‘the known’. Keep holding on to the familiar. I was reminded about myself, many years ago, leaving England and moving over to The Netherlands for my work. It was not far of course, just a leap across the North Sea. But I left my friends and family behind and plunged myself into a world at that time, where I did not understand the language, so I had to learn. That is a big criteria I think, to be with the people in another country, you have to make an effort. Oh my poor friend in Japan, that is really a daunting project, but I know they will. I actually asked them to. To be open for every single thing that crosses their path, everything, no holding back, be free to do just that.

Do I regret my choice all those years ago? No. I have grown a lot since then and continue to grow all the time. Each and every single contact with other people helps me this way. Some more than others, this particular friend a lot.

But answering the question back in the chat was not as easy as I thought. Why? I really have no answer apart from the word ‘familiarity’. Would I dare to make a similar move, I think so. Would I dare to change my world completely and do something totally different? I think so, but at the same time, what about my ‘safe and secure’. Would I, would you, dare to make a move to leave everything literally behind? If you could then become an even better version of yourself.

All through my life I know that choices we make influence our life path, how we are actually standing in life, where we live, who we are with just everything. Could you imagine making a choice, walking out of your door, closing it shut firmly and moving into something completely different? Could you?

Its food for thought isn’t it? I am really interested to hear your comment, so please add one and I will share on my feed.

So back to the question:

‘This is what I have become, but could I have become or been more, if I would dare’.

What is your answer?

For my friend: Muchas gracias J ! You are very brave and I know everything will work out perfectly.

I cannot resist adding this image, as this is one of the ‘best known phrases’ (he who dares … wins’)  to all British people who remember the great comedy : Only Fools and Horses.

Image: Google Images and of course to David Jason, a wonderful actor who has delighted us with so many really funny roles over the years.

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