Over the past couple of weeks, my website seems to have gone ‘viral’ and I have received literally hundreds of emails with comments. I have tried to read them all, replied to those who asked questions and thanked those who wanted to share in their own social circles.

I asked myself why? Suddenly, there was such a huge amount of interest, as I have been writing blogs for a long time and although this has happened before, a large surge of people noticing and reading, there was something this time around, which prompted me to write this blog. It seems to be ‘an issue’ that a lot of people are thinking about.

Is it because we have all had time to reflect or that we are so restricted in our movements at the moment? This could be the case, as more time, offers more moments to reflect. Not only about current affairs, but affairs that are more personal and closer to you.

An underlying theme was that people (and a lot of them) seemed to have maybe forgotten to trust their intuition and follow the heart. If there is one thing that is certain is that your heart will always speak the truth. Your truth and always have your best interests at heart too. It’s like an inner compass, guiding you and sometimes warning you, if you have strayed off your path or gone against your core values. Even if you are raising your eyebrows reading this and thinking yes, sure… please read on because this theme is happening a lot at the moment and it is a good time, while you still have time, to reflect and maybe make adjustments.

What, for example, if you are in situation which you know deep inside, means that you are continually swimming against the current. Every single thing you do, becomes a burden as opposed to a task. It is true to say that things that happen to us in our life are a lesson and form part of the learning curve, but when you are perhaps feeling lost, or swamped down in a situation that is not right for you, it’s often hard to see ‘the wood for the trees’, so to speak.

Have you ever given in-depth thought to consequences? Things that happen in your life that feel as if almost a miracle has happened. Just by chance, without any reason. Maybe in the form of ‘deja’vu’ or the feeling that you have been somewhere before, encountered the same thing before? These are all examples of coincidences that may cross our paths. Great minds in the past have said that: ‘coincidences do not really exist’.  That in fact that everything that occurs, happens for a reason.

So, I ask the question again: what if you are in a situation that you know is not right for you? And what do you do about it? What if every single cell in your body is reacting and trying to send you messages to re-think, make another choice, actually change things, speak out your own truth. Do you ignore or not?

Ignoring is actually postponing because you can be really sure that if you ignore, it will come across your path again and probably again, until you listen to that inner voice. I know for those of you who are not so spiritually inclined that often words like this are difficult to interpret, but you should listen because after all who’s interests do they really have at heart. Yours!

If you go to bed at night and have trouble sleeping because you are mulling a thought around and around in your head and wake up the next morning and that same thought comes up again. Then the message is pretty clear. It is time to make a change. No matter how hard and difficult. Sometimes you have to make the choice to change something to not only turn the energy around, but also to walk away. No matter how hard it seems at the time, because one thing for sure is that when you look back, you will ask yourself: ‘why didn’t I take this decision earlier?’ That is why it’s really postponing the inevitable.

I could write a huge, long list of examples and subject matter. But you know really if you are reading this blog. It happens to each and every one of us. No matter how much we try to avoid or how much we think we are living the perfect life, no road is ever smooth, there will always be bumps and bends. It is called life!

I often find that suddenly I get inundated with advice from all corners, often in astrology which is something I really enjoy and I read often. I am not talking here about a general astrology comment in the newspapers, more about specific advice you receive from professionals. You may or may not believe it, but personally I think that astrology is one of the things in life that tells you so much. After all it is related to the moment you arrived on this planet, almost a photo record of your birth moment (this is the form of your personal natal chart) and like a thumbprint, this is personal and no one else’s is the same. It is an actual screenshot if you like, of your arrival, where the planets and stars were positioned at exactly that moment. 

A lot of people pull ‘cards’ on a daily basis for inspiration and such cards are very plentiful, there are so many decks. Others have a book that they open randomly for a daily inspiration, others listen to apps and such like on their smartphones, like Calm, or meditations. In these difficult and trying times, it brings comfort.

But it is also important, as you have much more time for reflection, which is certainly the case at the moment and that you use this time to reflect more. If you feel that you have got yourself into a situation that no longer works for you, then find the courage and make a change. The same applies to your borders too, so far but no further. Don’t allow yourself to be manipulated by others. Remember what I wrote at the beginning of this blog: listen to your own heart and follow your own truth. No matter what. 

It is important and if you don’t that you will find yourself being diverted, going around in ever increasing circles and end up not being true to yourself. Making a choice for change is courageous, not easy, but try and find that little extra to speak out and make said choice. This applies to friendships, relationships, people who are in your life and maybe you prefer that they were not, contacts (especially social contacts). Recently, someone gave me a very good tip about ‘having a clear out’ in your social contacts. Go through your phone contacts for example, and anyone who you are doubtful about, edit their name by adding ZZZ in front of it and then they go down to the end of the list. Re-appraise a month later, if you think, delete, then just get on with it and do it. Same for Facebook and Instagram. These social media circles are becoming less safe as conglomerates like Facebook (and Instagram is owned by them too) sell off your information to third parties. If you don’t believe me, check for example your Facebook history, they can even see when you log into your internet banking. Delete the history and tick on the app, which means that you no longer allow them access. Just have a look!

But I diversify…

Coming back to the theme of this blog, listening to that little voice inside telling or advising you is important. Because it has your very best interests and only your interests at heart. No one else’s. Your heart beats with your own rhythm, no one else’s so that is why you should trust it. Without a heart there is no life. When the heart stops, life ends. Simple. Your stem from the heart is talking to you with every beat. Adding to the signs and synchronicities that cross your path and guiding you to make and take the right decisions, even the ones you are afraid to take. Like ending a relationship, ending a contact, deleting someone who no longer is in your life. Decluttering and making space.

I am sure that every single one of you who has read so far, will know in some or other way what I am talking about. This is going around in endless circles and not progressing. Be ruthless, if it doesn’t feel right, make a change no matter what. It may be painful at first but in the end you will be glad you did (and have pride that you had the courage to do it).

It is a bit like decluttering your wardrobe, becoming irritated every time you needed to put in another hanger and having to make space, because it’s overfull. Make a golden rule, I did it recently. If I had not worn it last year, it was bagged or binned. And then the pleasure as you can now put your clothes into the space without having it all immediately creased and ruffled up. You have a proper overview of what you have, what you might need (because we all love an excuse to buy something new don’t, we?). It’s a tedious job, but once done so worthwhile. I actually color coordinated my clothes too and that looks really good.

Try this in other aspects of your life. And if in doubt open your eyes and ears to your intuition and your inner voice. It knows best


QUOTES: Butterflies & Pebbles (S.C. Lourie)

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