Over the centuries there has been so much speculation about the number 13 and whether it is unlucky or not. In the main, people are superstitious and often avoid this number. So much so that in sports for example, this number is avoided. Floors in buildings go from 12 to 14, the number 13 being avoided at all costs. But how lucky or unlucky is it actually?

Thing is many hundreds of years ago, people connected much more with it, like the 13 moons in a year. The cycle of 28 days and feminine energy.

Today is the Summer Solstice and believe it or not it’s pouring with rain here. The official start of the summer, even though there are several other dates, seasonal, calendar and astrologically. The sun moves from Gemini (The Twins) into the emotional dreamy sign of Cancer (The Crab). Interesting when you think about a crab who spends a lot of his or her life in a shell, hiding. Moving only when necessary and the moment any danger appears, they retreat as fast as they can back into the protection of their shell. Sharp pincher claws to attack anyone who threatens them. Hmmm interesting, when often the sign of Cancer is portrayed quite differently. But there will always be opinions.

To me personally I don’t think that the number 13, which is what this blog is supposed to be about, has never been a number that I felt was one I had to avoid. On the contrary and it’s interesting to see that over the years, 13 has been connected to several very significant things like: the USA was originally formed with 13 states. 13 stars and 13 stripes on the flag to name but a few.

13 colors in the spectrum and even though you may disagree and say no, only 12, this is not true. The first and foremost color is white or clear. White light shone through a prism gives the three primary colors, blue, red and yellow. Mixing these gives both the secondary and tertiary colors, completing the spectrum at 13 not 12.

So, there are also 13 rays of color for incarnation. People have argued for centuries about which color was the first but to my mind, the white or clear. The first speck of light that shines even in the pitch black.

Numbers have and always will play a big role in our lives and a lot of people are suddenly noticing a lot of ‘communication’ appearing in the form of numbers, from car number plates to double numbers on a digital clock. That feeling of ‘how coincidental’. No, not really, it’s like a subtle message for you.

Yesterday evening, I was reading through the many astrological emails I get every day and one caught my attention in particular. It was based on a summary of personal numbers which are reached when you add up several things. Your date of birth, your name, the vowels in your name and guess what mine was 11, 1 and 11. A repeat of five one’s. Now one thing I know for sure is that 11 is a master number (like 22 and 33 too). It means: An angelic digit and the spiritual meaning is considered to be the gateway to enlightenment. It represents change, a new vision, a new chance, and in the Tarot it’s the Justice Card which is the symbol for balance, decision making and fairness. Not bad and I have five in a row. Of course, curious as I am, I had to look up the meaning of five one’s in a row … and this is interesting. ‘You are in the right direction and attracting everything you are focused on and paying attention to. It can be either negative or positive. That is irrelevant. You are just attracting things and people, through your intense and immense vibration and energy. Also known as the Law of Attraction.’

All in all, it’s a sign for sure, from the angelic realms (and many people have told me that I originate from there) or a message from the so-called Ascended Masters.  They are telling you it’s time for change, new choices, new challenges and new beginnings. OK I hear you clearly.

What is relevant today is that I have started a 21 day online challenge with the quite controversial title : Unfuck Yourself. It is being run by a friend of mine and this morning, day one, I wrote down all the major points from the past year. Just by leafing back through the past year in my diary and believe me it was quite depressing. Personal things and the one thing that has ‘fucked’ us all up over the past few months – The Lockdown!

I am fully committed to the next 21 days, because come on, what is 21 days really in a lifetime when it could be that all important life changing moment? 

So, in I go, diving into the deep for the next 21 days when one of the things coming up is a social media detox as well. I intend to take that seriously and go offline as well. One of the best phrases in the information today was a sentence that really resonated with me which I mentioned in my last blog, but I will repeat as it is so important: When referring to constantly ‘liking’ on social media … maybe the best thing you should like is the image of yourself in the mirror every morning. Good advice.

Happy Solstice!

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