23rd November 2019

An exciting day: the first piece of artwork from Ian Delaney arrived here in The Netherlands. I am the proud owner of this – The Cliffs of Moher – on the western coast of Ireland.

Isn’t it just beautiful. You feel as if you are standing at the top of the cliffs, looking down on the sea gently rolling onto the shoreline. You can almost smell the salty sea air as two seagulls enjoy the view with you, one flying off on the warm current of air.

I promised Ian that I would promote his work here on my social media including my website in the hope that you all spread the work about his work. He is on Facebook – Ian-Delaney-Artist – and has a website currently under construction.

I know once you see his work, you will want one too. The latest a seaside view at Bray is just finished. But be quick his work sells really fast and goes to countries all over the world.

Pleased to say, this is a first for the Netherlands.

Love it.

Image: photo private collection Jill Kramer.

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