Well, we have just enjoyed a supermoon in the star sign Libra. The moon was the closest to Earth as it will be this year. Lots of amazing photos on social media. An interesting thought is that Libra is the sign of balance. The scales.

Also being an ‘air sign’ Libra is often referred to as the ‘winds of change’. And we sure need this in these strange times.

Air signs are all about action, ideas and motion. As I said, ‘winds of change’. So, imagine when a strong gust of wind hits you, you cannot help but move. Air brings literally a ‘breath of fresh air’ when things are stale. Like a cleansing breeze something you just cannot catch, and you never know where you might end up, when the air brings you somewhere else. It will always be an adventure. Always.

And isn’t that what life in general is about. An adventure. We only actually know what is happening at an exact moment. We know what happened yesterday because that has passed by, but what will tomorrow bring? What will happen in a few hours from now?

I am sitting typing this blog, just before I leave for my weekly session at the physiotherapist, so in that light, I know what I will be doing from 12.30 until 13.30 today, but as I am not there just yet, I can only confirm what is happening in the moment of now.

A lot of people watch astrological happenings, but I was a bit surprised that something quite spectacular passed by earlier this week, when the star Venus was right in the middle of the Pleiades. Or as they are more commonly known: The Seven Sisters. This is a constellation of 7 stars. Venus is the first star we can see in the morning and evening skies. Always one of the brightest stars too. Easy visible, without a telescope.

Venus is in actual fact the second planet from the sun and gets its name from the Roman goddess of love and beauty. The second brightest object in the night sky after the moon. It can cast a shadow but is not often visible in the daylight to the naked eye. Venus lies within the Earth’s orbit so close to the Sun and can be easily seen in the dawn eastern skies and the dusk western skies. It orbits the sun every 224.7 days. A Rotation period of 243 days. Venus is actually a hostile planet, no moons, a distinction only shared with Mercury in our solar system.

Would you be surprised to know that Venus is often called the sister planet of the Earth because of their similar size, mass and proximity to the sun? I did not know that! And Venus is hot. The hottest planet in the solar system. Don’t get confused, the sun is actually a star!

Venus is, as you can probably guess by now, the brightest object (star wise) in the sky. And humans have enjoyed it for many centuries. Made sacred by many cultures and inspiration for writers, poets, artists and lovers.

No human has actually been on Venus, but there have been explorations there. Visited by the spacecraft Mariner 2 in 1962 (that long ago?) and again by Venera in 1970. There are thick cloud formations in Venus’s skies, so we did not have clear images of her surface until the Magellan orbiter in 1991. Any further plans have been hindered by the hostile conditions there.

But there is something quite romantic about Venus and I think it is because we all have heard about it being both the ‘morning and evening star’.

Well something interesting happened as Venus went off to visit the Seven Sisters and could be clearly seen in the constellation. 7 sisters and Venus making the number 8. I have spoken before on the meaning of the 8, the never-ending infinity sign. And this sign means energy.

Another name for the Pleiades is the Messier 45 and it is a cluster of so-called hot B type stars located in the earth sign of Taurus. A star cluster close to Earth and one that can also be seen easily with the naked eye at night.

Dominated by hot blue luminous stars that have formed within the last 100 million years! 

Computer simulations suggest that the Pleiades were probably formed from a compact figuration that resembled the Orion nebula. Astronomers estimate that the cluster will survive for another 250 million years and then will disappear due to gravitation interaction with our galactic neighbors. So, who of you out there thinks we are all alone? Not true, we have no information about who else is out there in the universe. But believe me there are other galaxies and other beings. The universe and the galaxy are so vast we have no idea whatsoever about its size.

I saw a magnificent photo of Venus with the Pleiades taken in Italy by an Italian photographer, so this is a copy right photo and all credit should go to him for such an amazing image.


But I wonder why nobody has talked about this on social media. To me, in these strange times, it does seem significant that Venus should be in the Pleiades cluster and make a number 8. Why? Not sure. Could we see this as some sort of sign in the times we are living in right now. I have not been able to find any information if this is a regular occurrence or not, so any astronomers or astrologists out there, do you know?

The thing I like about this comes back to the symbol of the number 8. Because this is a symbol with no beginning or end, it just flows continuously.  Could we see this as a special sign, of maybe hope, in these times.

One thing I have noticed too with the clearer skies (because of the lack of planes etc.) is the incredibly cloud formations that happen every now and again. I saw this one on the way to the DIY center this week and it looked almost like a spiral. I asked people: ‘what can you see?’ and someone wrote, the flame of freedom? 

I know its Easter, a time when we think about birth and renewal and for many of us at the moment, this will just be another day in ‘lockdown’. Wherever you are in the world. But this does not stop us thinking about the significance of things, just because we are more confined than usual.

Try to notice small signs and signals that we are being given. They come in many forms, shapes, sizes and from all directions. It can be something really simple like repeating numbers on your clock. Take this as a sign (if you can), that ‘upstairs’ are trying to give us hope and help. Reminding you that there are much more important things in life in general than competitiveness or materialistic possessions.


Maybe we should all breathe, meditate (I do this each and every single day) and simply enjoy nature. Even though we are somewhat restricted in our movement, we can still see the moon at night, or the stars in the sky. Hear the birds singing, which seems much louder than usual. See how nature is awakening, new leaves, blossom on the trees. As I said, symbolic to Easter too. Birth and Renewal.

Wishing you all a Happy Easter. Keep safe and well and remember the best choice is love over fear! Help fellow human beings if you can and take joy from that. Just enjoy the simple things in life for once.

Pear tree blossom in my garden: Photo Jill Kramer

Images: Special thanks to Erica Weeda and Stefano Maraggi for their photos (copyright)

Other images are from my own private collection (copyright)

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