Saturday 18th April 2020

My goodness what a shock after days of brilliant sunshine and warm days, it is raining!

But nature needs some moisture, they were only saying the other day in the news, that the ground is so parched and dry. Well here it is: rain and it will be well and truly soaked after this little rain depression has passed by. And make the most of it because tomorrow will be sunny and warm again.

Actually, I thought this is so wonderfully refreshing and outside it smells exactly like that. As if the heavens have opened to clear the debris, the dust, the pollen and anything hanging in the air which needs flushing away. Back into the earth. Mother Earth was thirsty.

I just love these subtle messages because each and every one is telling us something, even though a lot of people will miss it entirely.

I actually went out earlier today, only in the car and not into the shops and I was really surprised how lax people have become. We are supposed to be hanging in there and keeping the social distancing going to ensure that this dreaded virus does not spread any more, and I watched as people went into some shops together, which is not allowed. People pass far too close by one another and one thing I saw which nearly made me feel sick was a woman coming out of the supermarket with a trolley, bags of shopping in. Nothing wrong with that of course, unless you then put your hand into your mouth and then take hold of the trolley again. The majority in the beginning were regularly disinfected by someone, but now it’s voluntary. My goodness, lesson one in how to spread a virus: well exactly like that! Sigh! The next person takes the trolley and bingo, a virus spreads just like that.

But this blog was not meant to be about Corona, viruses, victims, illness and death. But about the idea that as always Mother Nature comes to the rescue. The rain will cleanse the air, give us all a fresh breath of Spring. Which is after all the loveliest time of year I always think. Because it symbolizes new life, after the winter period. Everything begins to bloom again and grow.

So, what are you all doing today? Under present circumstances. Maybe it rained to keep us more at home and stop us craving to be out and about? I am not sure. 

I just know that if you allow yourself to go down into the spiral of despair and thinking negative thoughts, then that is where you will end up. And get horribly stuck and have great difficulty getting out of such a feeling.

On the other hand, you can think well, what can I do now that is different?  Yes! What? That is a big question because at the moment maybe we cannot all do what we want to do. So how can you make a compromise. When you think we all spend the majority of our lives complaining about how much lack of time we have to do things. And now we all have all the time in the world! Crazy isn’t it? 

Personally, I think we are being given this time for a special reason. Maybe to work a little bit on ourselves. Let’s face it we ALL live in the fast lane, rushing from one thing to another, juggling about 100 balls in the air at the same time and then suddenly … we have been told to break and slow down and stop. Life has changed considerably for all of us, over a very short period of time. And no one asked for it, it just happened. And no one anywhere was different.

So now as we spend, maybe for some, frustrating times in an (as they call it here in Holland), an ‘intelligent lockdown’, but others see this as a great opportunity. It is food for thought isn’t it?

And just like the fact that the weather can suddenly change, maybe we all can too. Maybe we are being asked to think about what is really important in our lives. Status? A good profession? A big house? A flash car? Lots of social media followers? Endless list of materialistic things…

But what is really important and the one thing in the world that money cannot buy? The answer is: GOOD HEALTH. Something I think maybe a lot of take for granted. 

Maybe it is time to stop literally complaining about everything because worldwide everyone is in the same boat. We are being forced into something (lockdown, social distancing etc etc) and that is final. It then gives us time to reflect when you push all your negative thoughts to one side and go within. By this I mean, going within into your source, your core, your soul.

Paying more attention to signs and symbols instead of constantly carping on about what you cannot do, turn the energy around and think about what you CAN. Believe me this approach changes everything and even though you may be thinking : ‘yeah, sure, right!’ It works if you want it to. It is like thinking about what the thing is you want most in the world, and this can be anything, your dream. How do you make it happen? How indeed? That is a big question!

Well for starters when you think about this fact, is this the biggest thing? My biggest dream? The thing that will make me happier than anything else. Then just give this thought positive energy and tell yourself that if you put your mind to something, it is possible. Now be sensible, just saying words like: ‘I want to win the lottery!’ is much too vague for the universe to pick up the signals. You have to personalize it. Be clear and speak your truth. This is not about having a fast flash car, or a wonderful exotic holiday, this is about your deepest desire and dream. So, on the one hand, dare to dream big and on the other, be sensible. Be realistic.

And if necessary get help from others. A lot of people think that only they can realize their dream alone, but often when you team up with someone else and dare to ask for help, from the most unexpected places, then the puzzle finally gets finished, because you have found all the pieces.

So, spend the next few days, weeks, months, having a good think about things. You actually have the time right now … and maybe it would be better to spend this time in a more productive way?

Today, as predicted is a glorious sunny day with brilliant blue skies, so have a great Sunday everyone.

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