I have written so many blogs and articles about the heart, my heart and still the inspiration is flowing. Hence this new blog today. 1st February, the day after massive lunar happenings in the sky all of which would you believe it, happened in my star sign Leo, at 11 degrees. This is also an 11-year (which I wrote about earlier). So you can safely say, literally everything was in place for something really amazing!

Every since my very early youth, a group of women pledged themselves to be part of not only my normal upbringing but also my growth on the path of spirituality. As a child I could clearly see auras of colour around people. When I started school at the age of 5 I would often paint people in clouds of colour because that is what I actually saw. The other children in the class made fun of me, thought I was different and eventually I pushed this huge gift right back into the depths of my being. I felt embarrassed about it at that age!

It was several years later that I tapped back into this gift, when in my own life, spirituality and the meaning of life itself, became incredibly important to me.

I suppose the first thing that happened was that at the age of 20 I had a Near Death Experience. During an operation on my own heart I completely left my physical body and crossed over ‘to the other side’ as they say. I remember the experience well, it was incredibly beautiful and I met people there who had a special meaning for me. I have written about this before and this is not really the point of this blog anyway.

Just by chance (as is always the case) I came across something on social media about ‘Living in the Heart’ and a book by Drunvalo Melchizedek. Drunvalo M has spent more than 40 years of his life studying the Mer-Ka-Ba and Sacred Geometry. The article went on to talk about the fact that many heart surgeons around the world are now confirming that there is a special place in the heart, a sort of secret space if you like, which defines the point where you are closest to your creation moment (or if you are religious, with God).

The Mer-Ka-Ba is the life force around the human body. Shaped like a six-pointed star of energy it links up the energy centres (in the main the intuitive senses). Sacred Geometry is the building block of everything that exists in life. Humans, plants, trees, animals, everything is built up in that way. (see my blog on The Clairs for more information).

In ancient times the indigenous peoples (or first nations’ people, like The Hopi, Aboriginals, Maoris) all over the world were so much more connected to this theory. In their so-called ‘dreamtime’ or ‘dream state’ they could communicate with one another.

So here we are now in 2018 and scientists and medics are actually confirming that in our heart is a special place. Probably something the ancient civilisations knew centuries ago.

Personally I have felt this myself. I was always aware of a sort of vortex of energy, like a ring of lines, almost like a grid, which not only comes from but also encircles the heart. This vortex can be up to anything as big as three meters in diameter. Now an aura is more egg-shaped like peaking at the top above the crown, built up from layers. That is the way I see it.

The colours are different in the layers (you can see this in Kirlian photography) and the aura changes all the time depending on the energy state of the person themselves. It can be big and fluffy like a huge burst of colour all around you (still see that same egg-shape) or it can literally be as flat as a pancake and hardly visible. You can see clearly moments when emotions take the upper hand. Like anger for example, when a person is really angry, the aura will actually almost ‘spit’ out shards of colour. When, on the other hand, someone feels incredibly happy and loving, pink then becomes the dominant colour of the aura. A conductor from an orchestra also shows spirals of colour coming from the aura as he conducts. It is the connection to the music, the harmony of all the instruments together and the emotion that often is associated with music, which creates this effect.

I am standing on the verge within the next few weeks about making a decision on surgery again in my heart. Even though I feel completely at ease and trust my own cardiologist totally, there have been doubts in my mind during the past few weeks. It was of course the reason why this article crossed my path from social media and the reason that I instinctively knew that I had to read this book, and sooner rather than later. It arrived by post yesterday from an online book site.

Yesterday evening, I started to read it, and got to page 16 (so the first chapter) and suddenly my eyes almost closed automatically. I was not asleep, but more in a state or dreamtime (like the ancient civilisations did centuries ago). Even though the beginning of the book is quite technical and goes into how it is possible to cleanse the air, in other words removing all forms of pollution. It may seem a strange way to start a book, which is all about ‘Living in the Heart’, but I understood why Drunvalo M did it this way. He is talking about something proven scientifically which actually worked before going on and this is my next section to read, about cleansing the air with the human light body.

This may seem incredibly far-fetched to some of you reading this blog, but believe me the heart vortex and the human aura is a huge mass of energy with incredible power, if you know how to use it properly. Dunvalo says in his introduction, ‘that he wants to remind us all, how incredibly powerful we actually are as humans with so much more at our disposal than we realize. This book is to remind you who you really are. Because within your heart is a sacred place where the world can literally be re-made, repaired etc., through a conscious connection’. I have heard similar words before. It reminded me of everything I had been taught at an early age, and that life anno 2018 is not so much about doing things on your own, for yourself, but so much more about doing things for the greater good of everyone. In order words, the bigger ‘me’ becomes the greater ‘we’.

This book is important to me and I cannot wait to read on, I know that it will give me that final piece of guidance I am looking for before I literally give my life into the hands of my own cardiologist (who thankfully is very open to this subject too). It will be that last piece of information I was looking for on my own personal journey. Drunvalo says in his introduction that: ‘within the experience resides a great responsibility’. I agree. If you want to tap into such energy, you have to be very aware how you want to use and crystal clear as well. As I have said before, you have to be specific about the things you ask for and almost back them up with more words. The universe cannot decipher vagueness.

Drunvalo says he wrote this book from the heart and not from the mind.

I love the way that the universe brings everything together in the least expected ways. One simple post on social media, leads you or me onto something even bigger and we gain even more understanding on a certain subject. It as if the universe gives you a special sign, calling your attention, making you sit up and take notice and leads you on to discovering more. So everything actually happens for a reason, whether you completely understand it or not at first, but always almost lighting the way along your path so you can proceed.

I know before I even read the next part of this book, that within are the answers I am looking for. The answers which maybe will dismiss any doubts I have about another heart operation in one lifetime (and yes I know, some people have several). But it is a major thing to undertake whatever the reason. The heart is our life force, our essence, forming at a very early age in the foetus and it goes on beating every single day, millions of times during our lifetime.

So it makes sense to me that in my heart is a sacred place, a special place where I am actually connected to the moment of creation. The moment of the creation of all of us. This place stores the memories of our soul.

Flicking through the book this morning, I see that there are all sorts of meditations, including a CD as well. I think it will be an incredible eye-opener for me personally. My quest to learn is ever on-going, there will not be a moment when I can ever say, I know everything. There would be no point if that was the case on going on a journey, a quest for your personal path. We all walk different ones, but every now and again our paths cross, whatever the reason may be, but there is always a reason.

To be continued when I have read the book …

PS. For those of you who want to read this book too, the title is ‘Living in the Heart’ Drunvalo Melchizedek, ISBN 1-891824-43-0 (Light Technology Publishing). Available through most online sites.

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