Since my blog earlier this week, I am now a bit further in reading the book ‘Living in the Heart’ by Drunvalo Melchizedek.

In one word – ‘mind-blowing’!

Normally a book of this size is something I can easily read in one single day (118 pages) but this is a book that you have to read in stages. Automatically you seem to reach a moment where you just want to shut your eyes, allow the information to sink in, or come to the surface, because my general impression is so far, this is information that was already within, I just needed a reminder, bring it up to the surface. I really feel that the way Drunvalo M had written this book (and he actually says from the heart and not the mind) is that he is inviting you to read, but at the same time reflect, digest and think about it.

Even though a lot of people in the lifestyle of today (in other words rushing from one thing to the next and being pressured about everything) often do not give themselves the gift of actually sitting down and perhaps either doing nothing or just reading something other than work related information.

We have literally all forgotten the power within. We are much too busy performing, ensuring that we have material possessions; because in today’s society this is the way we are judged. If we have nothing we are looked upon as perhaps being a ‘misfit’.

But what about all those gifts we all have within? Why don’t we think about them anymore? In the book Drunvalo talks about ancient civilisations, our forefathers, and the way that they could communicate across land and oceans. They did not need an Iphone or a laptop or wifi! Have a think about that for a moment, it is all about the projection of thoughts from the heart, not the mind.

In a lot of ancient civilizations they have proved time and time again that they were much more connected with the universe and its energy than we are today. Yes, we are making technological and scientific progress all the time. We all can see that in our lifetimes right now – it almost changes daily, but what about the laws of the universe itself. That is the planet we actually live on and why are we ignoring the information within. If you like me, have a lot of friends or family, or colleagues or acquaintances who you would describe as ‘like-minded’ then it is probably quite easy to have a conversation on this subject with them.

People in general are becoming more spirituality aware. They are questioning the facts and really coming to the belief (at long last!) that there is more between heaven and earth and vice versa. After all nature has survived much longer than the human race itself, living in accordance with Sacred Geometry and universal laws and still continues to do so to this day.

Let me give you an example. A simple one. Many of you who have gardens probably spend a lot of time either removing or trying to kill weeds. You go to great lengths for the perfect lawn, the bright and beautiful borders, so weeds have to go! But have you taken a moment and noted that they always come back in the same place. They can grow in cracks and crevices where a normal flowering plant would not. Almost as if they defy the rules (well the garden ones!). This is just a very simple example, but have a little think about it.

Have you ever asked yourself why our forefathers built certain buildings in special places? Why? Well simple, they lived in those times according to the laws of the universe and felt the energy that we have long forgotten. They built sites (sacred and otherwise) in places where they felt the energy was correct. It was a feeling that they had from deep within. Think about places like Stonehenge for example, literally thousands of years old, still standing today (no one has ever come up with the idea of removing it to build a new motorway for example) and people flock to see it because they want to feel that energy. Even just for a few hours, just one day, they want to connect back in with the flow there. Same applies to places like the pyramids in Egypt or the temples along the Nile. We cannot rationally explain either how they were able to build them or why they were built there in the first place, apart from the fact that our forefathers consulted the stars in the skies, their position, the moon (even though they had no specific scientifically proven knowledge at the time). They just followed their ‘gut feeling’ and got on with it and that is why similar sacred sites are still here today anno 2018, literally thousands of years after they were built. It’s quite amazing isn’t it when you think about it?

Another thing that interests me on this score is the planting of crops according to the position of the moon, the stars and such like. Even today, companies like Weleda (a Swiss company) still plant their herbs and flowers used in products and medication according to this. Oils are often mixed by literally swishing them around in vessels in a figure of 8 movement (the endless lemniscate). Now we are literally seeing today the return of ancient grain and the increasing popularity of spelt.

People in general are much more interested in the food they eat and that it is produced biologically. The genetically modified trend is no longer a trend; we have all realized thank goodness that this is not right. Food that grows in natural conditions without all sorts of pesticides sprayed over it, just tastes better and we prefer to wait until things are actually in season these days as opposed to products raised under artificial lighting in greenhouses and believe me we have loads of them here in Holland. But does it taste the same? No.

But I am diversifying so back to the book.

Drunvalo talks a lot about the natural psychic gift we all have and when studies were done all over the world, it turns out that a lot of present day children have this gift naturally and are remembering how to use it. That is a good prospect. Blind people can actually ‘see’ when they use other intuitive senses. I have always believed this mainly because my own Godmother, Vicky Wall, made her coloured Aura Soma bottles when she was clinically blind. She could see the colours perfectly through other ways. Someone I know can actually hear the sounds of colours!

So all in all I am really glad that this article came to my attention through social media. I just knew, I have to read this book and immediately.

I have nearly finished and I can only say, it all makes so much sense. In moments when I close my eyes to think about the words I have just read it is just as if the confirmation comes automatically. As if a little voice inside me says, see you can do this too, you have just forgotten how. We all spend far too much time in our minds, and it is important to do the same in the heart. Your heart tells you the complete truth, free from frills and fancies, it tells you perhaps something you already knew and had forgotten or it sheds a new light on a subject that might be asking you a lot of questions. Things like, who am I, what did I come here to do, do I literally do the things that make me happy (away from obligations which we all have). Do I really deserve it (of course) and can I manifest my dreams (yes you can).

I shared this article with my own cardiologist (in view of the fact that soon we will be actually talking about an operation on my own heart) and this morning he said, of course I know there is more between heaven and earth, but as a professional researcher and objective medical person, I have to act in that way. To a point, yes I agree, but what if you could combine the two? What if scientists and medics could do both? What would be the outcome? Would they be more able to communicate with their patients and understand illnesses for example, if they could literally communicate with the heart too and not just write another prescription or perform an operation? What if we all realised we can do this too?

It is food for thought isn’t it?

So today I will read on and this blog will be continued yet again in a third part. I actually like the significance of writing a third part because to me this signifies the trilogy, the famous three parts of a triangle. The Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. The mother, father and child and so on.

To be continued …

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