Humans are strange creatures…. Sometimes and especially when there is a major issue about fear in the world. The big question is why?

I have noticed during this ‘crisis’ how quickly people tend to judge. Literally everything. Jealousy about what another has. What they themselves are lacking. Desiring. Wanting. Wishing for.

The thing is that at the moment we all live in a 3D world, where literally everything is governed by duality and competition. Everything is based on the idea what you have (material possessions) status, your job, your house, your car and if you are successful you are well up the social ladder. Everything you do is based on the two criteria mentioned above: duality and competition. 

And is it fun? Are you leading the life you truly desire? Or are you, like virtually everyone struggling at this moment. Because you have more time to think about things and then things that seemed so important don’t anymore. Things that totally stressed you out before, like deadlines at work, have faded away into the background. Why? Because you are concerned about other matters. Coping under rules and regulations. For our own safely I would add.

Well, it’s because at the moment mankind is making an evolutional leap into something new. We are all on a journey which is leading to the 5D. Sound all a bit too far-fetched for you? Read on …

We cannot go on as we were. If one thing, this crisis has taught us, or is teaching us, it’s that.

Being away from people and stuck at home, working or coping under difficult circumstances, has shown us all, that the things we made such a fuss about before are so unimportant. Only one thing counts and that is our health… Something that all the money in the world cannot buy or any competition and duality. We are all vulnerable. Simple as that. 

And then comes the big question, are you going to keep repeating patterns, going up the same ladder of 3D or are you going to come on a journey into 5D? Yes or no? 

I know what I am going to choose, 5D for sure, because I feel the world, we live in right now, needs a lot of change. It is, as many say, a crazy world and totally controlled too, by two things, the oil industry and the pharmaceutical industry. I don’t want to go into this right now, this is all old news, what I want to talk about is the NEW. And of course, MONEY. The more you have the more you can control others.

So, if I ask you what you choose, what it is? Love of fear? Pretty simple.

And more important if we are moving into a new 5th Dimension, how do we cope? That is a whole new ball game, but first of all the words are releasing and committing. How far will you go to commit to a new and better life. 

One thing is certain, this ‘crisis’ has taught us all, that things reached such a peak, that change was inevitable.

The time is over where we constantly judge others, we only have to look at ourselves in a gentle way and think about: who am I really? What do I want more than anything else? What do I want to change? How do I do it? What are my dreams and desires? 

And then forget everything you knew until this actual moment. 5D is not going to be  anything like what we knew in 3D. This is all going to be new. 

About a new way of living… Being more aware of synchronicity (that is the signs and symbols we thought were coincidences) and working together instead of creating our own little islands, like we did before. Cooperating with one another, even with those you may think you have nothing in common with at all. Love is the key. Love for all. No more rubbish about color, creed or belief. That is over now.

We have been shown in this ‘crisis’ that no one has a special dispensation, we are all vulnerable and then suddenly in this situation, people start to think and think properly. Joining forces, working together, respecting one another. We don’t have to take the leading role anymore to be considered worthwhile. We are all worthwhile.

It would be wonderful if literally every single human in the world would think about this too. And the only way is for people to write about it in the hope that it gets read for starters and people start telling others. Word of mouth is the best way of getting a message across. You remember the old ‘tam-tam’ works excellently.

So have a think about things. What is your personal opinion? Start by asking yourself a very simple question: Who am I? Do you know the answer? Really? 

It’s about making a choice, whether you want to carry on along the same old journey, the same old pattern, the same old boring things, or are you willing to stand up and make a choice for change?

I recently read something which I think is really prolific at the moment (from Deepak Chopra) 

They asked: ‘what is freedom’?

She answered:

‘Freedom is mental clarity, combined with inner peace. Freedom is when you can see without projecting and when you can live without causing yourself unnecessary mental tension or stress. It happens the moment you are not craving anymore. Happiness and freedom are one’.

Could not have said it better myself! So, who wants to come on the journey to 5D. You? Me? Or Everyone? The collective joining together to make this world a better place. I know what I choose. Do You?

Simple the choice is between LOVE or FEAR !!


Quote from Deepak Chopra

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