It’s Monday morning (again) and as usual wanting to start my week (and I have a list of things to do) in an organized way. From being at home for weeks and weeks, literally hardly ever leaving the house, this week I have two things to do away from my home.

I could not get started this morning with the other things I have to to do, as I knew I would not be able to, until I had sat down and written this blog, as my head is full of thoughts …..

So, pushing everything to the side for a while, I want to write about: Change.

Literally everything seems to have changed since the outbreak of this virus a couple of months ago. First of all, we have all been confronted about our vulnerability when it comes to something the majority of us take for granted: health. The one thing in life you cannot buy.

Suddenly there was a worldwide panic, we all had to stay in the confines of our own homes, avoiding people and places to stop the spreading of said virus. Schools were closed. Children were at home, no day care and a lot of us were working at home. No more coffee breaks or lunches with our colleagues or even more, the after-work drinks sessions. No, we were all at home and it was not easy for many.

Personally, for me, it was no different to be honest that the last 2 years of my life have been, when for other reasons, I was confined to being at home. I actually like to be at home. I was never a person who craved for busy shops, restaurants or such like. I like peace and quiet. My head is constantly full of ideas for my passion: writing. That is what I love to do and each and every time I hope that whatever the subject is that I choose, that someone somewhere will read it and be inspired to maybe have a think about things.

But CHANGE IS THE KEY WORD HERE.  Because we all have whether we realize it or not. Change has happened in all of us. We were not asked if we wanted to change, it was more or less forced on all of us. But it is good to look at this in a positive way.

Because as the picture shows above, just change one simple letter and Change becomes Chance.

Of course. many people have been ill with this virus and a lot have lost their lives, people have lost loved ones, so I don’t want to rush on without mentioning this too, briefly. Because that is change as well. And I feel intensely sad for all those people.

What I want to talk about is this: The fact that the past few weeks have made us all stop and think. Think about ourselves and suddenly a lot have come to the realization that things that seemed so important before have become insignificant now. By this I refer in the main to the sort of role we were all playing in life. How successful we were. How important our status was in society? How we portrayed ourselves to the outside world. How many material possessions we have, or had? How we more or less competed with one another, always striving to be better. Higher up the what is often referred to as the ‘greasy pole’. This is just an English phrase, not about a literal greasy pole, but more about how high up you placed yourself on the steps of success, as opposed to how you got there. Because competition and duality are the key words as to how we all were living. Whether you agree with me or not, this is really how it was and maybe you should think about this.

Suddenly we all find ourselves in a world where we are being challenged to be different. We have to. Change is happening all around each and every one of us. Many influencers are saying that the world needed change, and I agree with that. We could not go on as we were. We were lost along the path of life, constantly over-stretching our boundaries to keep up with all of those moving in the fast lane of life. But what about those, who did not want to be in the fast lane in the first place. What about the people who already realized that status and a position in life, wasn’t really that important?

Many people all over the world, already looked to the more spiritual side of life. They understood what was actually happening. They knew that it was inevitable. Others of course, as many people cannot connect with spirituality at all, are the ones we often refer to as the critical masses. The ones who really need to wake up and change. Because they were like many just following the herd of success (and status too). They really did not have time for form an opinion at all.

So, what are we actually being asked to look at? And how can we change? Well I could probably go on and write a whole book on this subject but as this is a blog and meant to be kept short, the one big question you have to ask yourself for starters is: Are you living the life you dreamed of? Are you really doing what you want to do? And even more so, who are you really? That is enough to be thinking about for the time being.

But one thing is for sure, this current worldwide situation is literally asking everyone to change. Do you honestly believe that the world would have survived the way we were living? Polluting and plundering this planet and then all moaning on and on about all the things we could not have.

I will give you a simple example: We never had enough. We always wanted more.

And now we are severely confined in what we can and cannot do and the end result of that is that we all spend time on reflection. Either we all go into the negative spiral of what we cannot do, or we go the other way around and think about all the positive things we can do. I mean, how many people in your own circles complained about having ‘lack of time’. Were always too busy? The majority, I guess.

Now we have to look inwards, into ourselves and really ask the important questions. How can I change my way of thinking to be ready for what people are calling (and I agree on this) the biggest evolutionary leap mankind is actually making right now? You may be thinking what is she talking about? But think of all the things you suddenly could not do, like for example air travel. Not being able to go on holidays because of worldwide rules and regulations. Did you really miss it, or did you actually enjoy a few days at home in the peace and quiet? Maybe if you have one, just sitting reading a book in your own garden, enjoying the Spring? Yes, it’s a question isn’t it? Just being in your own little unit (family for instance).

But change is what we all will have to do. That is if we want to move on in this said evolution. A lot of things that have been ‘swept under the carpet’ for years are coming to light, and we are all being challenged in that respect. Some of the things that are surfacing are shocking, really. I don’t want to go into details.

For years we have lived in a society of the ‘have’s’ and the ‘have not’s’ and then comes the realization that the one and only thing you cannot buy, even if you have millions on your bank account, is health.  Confronting isn’t it?

So, this is what I mean about us having to change. We have to go back to the basics and decide for ourselves what is actually important. What are your priorities. Slowly and surely the rules are being lifted and we are being given back a little bit of our freedom. What is the first thing the majority do then, rush off in huge numbers to the shops, to have something to do I often wonder. Personally, I never liked shopping at all, much preferred the online version, when it gets literally delivered to the door. Much more convenient and in the time I have I can do something else. Something that enriches my life in a better way. It can be anything too. It does not have to be re-inventing the wheel. It is all about re-inventing myself. To be someone who maybe changes her thought patterns completely. Want to have the breakthrough we all dream of having. Actually, living the life, we all desire. Without all the obligatory trimmings …

Really thinking hard about what is actually important and what is not. The first word that comes to mind is Love. We should have more of that in this world and less of the judgment. Remembering that we all soul beings who came here for a reason. Not everyone knows the reason, or maybe even thinks about it.

But one thing we are all being asked to do is: Change. Change our way of acting, being, doing, thinking, breathing, living, interacting with one another, our mannerisms and so the list goes on.

Ask yourself one simple question: Do you want to change? And if so what?

Then just do it.

A wave of change which in the end will literally change everything.

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