I asked myself this morning, have we learnt one single thing from the ‘Corona drama’? The answer has to be a resounding no. 

I cannot believe what is actually happening in the world right now and there seems to be even more intolerance than before. Why is this? Does anyone have an answer?

To my mind the fact that there was a deadly virus which affected many people who were either hospitalized or in fact died (the numbers are just dreadful on a worldwide scale). We were quarantined into our homes, living by strict rules and regulations and just when you actually begin to think that everyone has had the time to re-evaluate what is actually important in life, then everything goes into complete and utter chaos.

Is this because we are all fed up of the restraints in our lives? I suspect that a lot are, but this is about defining a very important priority which is: how important is your health to you, because believe me, no amount of money will mean that you can buy good health. 

Some people are born with all the lucky genes and live a normal life, with very little health problems whilst others are born with them and it continues on during their entire life. Older age brings on a lot of problems, dementia, problems with joints, obesities and so on, and in the main there are solutions. Always, but at what price?

I was not going to get on the bandwagon talking about the terrible racist acts going on in the USA, but it has been a major news item and I really do not understand at all in anno 2020 that these things still happen. Haven’t we gone on so much further from hatred based on color and creed. Apparently not!

The fact that someone who is in a position of authority and as such is expected to behave on behalf on every single citizen, I find it awful to believe that a policeman literally killed a fellow human being. What the hell is the matter with him? Ask yourself like me and put yourself in a similar situation. Could you have done that? I know I certainly could not have and never would. Literally choking a person to death with your knee on their windpipe. 

Of course, there was a public outcry, hugely supported by many influencers (including the three O’s) and this then led to demonstrations all across the globe. The right to demonstrate about things you do not agree with is a fundamental right of democracy. But hang on a moment: what if the demonstrations get totally out of hand? We are still living in a semi kind of lockdown and there are very hard and fast rules about social distancing, what is open and not, all festivals and large gatherings cancelled this year at least until 1st September and to everyone’s horror a demonstration on the Dam Square in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 5000 people far too close together and everything totally out of control. The local mayor, who is totally hopeless, blamed everyone else except herself. It is her responsibility after all. I want to add. It makes it even worse and much more offensive to those who have kept to the rules, to realize that there are other people who do not give a damn about any rules and do just what they like!

Similar demonstrations in other cities, were controlled and people could vent their opinion without taking any unnecessary risks to their own health or the health of others.

All in all, I could not believe that this was happening all over the world. Yes, it is an outrage that it happened and that a man was killed without any reason whatsoever. The fact too that his skin color was different can never ever be an excuse for such deeds. Never!  Hadn’t we all agreed and promised that, the Klu Klux Klan was a thing we all wanted to put in the past, leave in the past and not think about it again. But we have not moved on at all. I remember the film based on a book (Roots by Alex Haley) about the life in slavery of Kunta Kinte (you too?) and how shocked we all were at this basically true story about slavery many years ago. The way skin color meant that humans were treated differently.

Just by chance I watched a new series on the BBC First called ‘Noughts and Crosses’ which is all about a world the other way around, when the then minorities are now the majorities and in charge! It is rather strange to see.

What on earth is the matter with everyone? We can never make a change in the world and make it a better more tolerant place when things like this keep happening over and over again. I wondered to be honest how the family felt of the policeman who murdered George Floyd. How his mother and father felt? How siblings and other family members felt? It also turned out that they actually knew one another. Is this the way to treat a fellow man? Of course, it is not. There will be punishment and such like, but what is actually the price to pay on another man’s life? How much value does one person have compared to that of another?

It is a very sad situation we all find ourselves in right now in 2020. This was supposed to be a year of big change. It is, but is it in the right way? I despair.

Does mankind not want a change, or does it want to continually be stuck in the old world of competition and duality. Apparently so!

Well I do not for sure. I want to move towards a much more tolerant world, where we treat one another and love one another as equals. I don’t care anymore about possessions, status, how much another person earns, how big their house is, how flash their car is, if they have a perfectly proportioned body, lots of fans and followers on social media or even the exotic places they go on holidays.

There is no point anymore.  

Status and material possessions are a thing of the past. We should have learnt that by now from this current crisis.

Isn’t the only way forward to love our fellowman, irrespective of color or creed. Why is there still so much judgment.

Everyone is entitled to an opinion but just because they may not be the same, does it then give us the right, to either push that person onto the ground, bash them over the head with a wooden truncheon, arrest them, judge them, or even at worst take their life away from them? No, it damned well does not!

And until we all understand that and actually make it a part of our daily life, this world will continue to be a complete and utter mess.

Every single life matters! Every single one. Every living thing.

I saw these words on social media which I thought were very good indeed so will share them with you to finish off this blog:

Isn’t it SAD that always something cruel has to happen first so people start to think of changes …

Can a HASHTAG really describe a whole problem and are dark squares ENOUGH to solve it?

Isn’t it that ALL lives matter?

What is the MEANING of 2020? Didn’t we all learn our lessons in 2019?

The PANDEMIC showed us all of a sudden that we are in the same boat anytime.

I mean ANYTIME – not just now and a single swipe away everything is forgotten.

I wish humankind would learn to work together not AGAINST each other. To be KIND literally.


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