I don’t know about you, but I am finding things confusing. Particularly in respect of events going on in the world. From sport, from racism, from comments, from judgment, from blame and so the list can go on and on. 

After a difficult time when the world was under the ‘Corona pandemic’ it sort of comes as a surprise to me that despite the vaccination programs that right on the edge of the summer holidays, things are changing so rapidly you can hardly keep up with it. New restrictions, new rules, health passports, QR codes on a health app etc. Having had virtually everything cancelled last year and probably rightly so, when restrictions were lifted people wanted to book holidays and have a change of scenery. Not that surprising is it really? Having been cooped up for a long time, working from home, not being able to go to restaurants, pubs, cafes or bars or even things like the cinema or theatre or museums, the human was craving for more freedom. 

I don’t think it is so much about not being able to do anything, more so the idea that you can’t. I mean have people really missed the freedom that much. Probably a lot because they find it hard to amuse themselves maybe? If you think that every single person is an individual and different, it’s not really fair to make such a comparison, based on what you personally have or have not missed.

But come on let’s get the facts straight. As all the virologists predicted there is a new wave whether you think it or not. Statistics of people infected by this virus are still rising, so the relaxation of the restrictions was too premature then? Certainly, the Government in The Netherlands think so, and have apologized for not really getting things right. That is no help whatsoever to anyone. What do we really want, well clarity for starters! A clear and advising policy so that we know how to make our choices. What is the policy in Europe now? And why is it so hard to get into line with one another. Some countries are coded red, others yellow, others orange and what can you and what can’t you do when visiting? Is there anyone anywhere who really has a clear overview? Answer no! That is the trouble when too many ‘experts’ start expressing an opinion and then the ego comes into play. Leaders and influencers make statements, others say something completely different and we are all confused. Yes, all of us.

What do you decide, if you are really looking forward to your family vacation in France then? To go or not? Where new restrictions have stated that people who have not been vaccinated are basically unwelcome. They don’t say it that simply, but the bottom line is – it’s true. Children who have not been vaccinated will have to be tested every 2-3 days and no one will be allowed into restaurants, without either a health app, or in other words, vaccination proof, or a negative test. But a negative test is a ‘moment’ thing. No visiting museums or such like without this proof either. So, the whole spontaneous idea of a family holiday seems to have blown up like a cloud of smoke. A smokescreen of confusion as opposed to a clear view.

Then half the fun has gone and not then to mention the idea of a 10-day quarantine on your return.

Thing is I feel that commonsense should be in the forefront. If you don’t want to subject yourself to the risk of maybe getting the virus, (and the deciding factor may have to be here, whether you are fully vaccinated or not), then maybe the best thing is to stay in your own country, after all, there are plenty of lovely things to do there as well. The weather may not be a guaranteed non-stop full on sun vacation, but all the same, it all comes down to possible risk against possible safety.

All in all, it is chaos, it is confusing and no one seems to know anything and people are hanging in the air, waiting for someone somewhere to bring things into line. But that is tricky as each and every world leader has their own opinion, probably highly influenced by the so-called experts, like the ‘Outbreak Management Team’ here in the Netherlands, but I begin to wonder isn’t it more about continually sowing the seed of fear more than anything else. And you all know that ‘fear’ translates into ‘power’. 

I probably could write on and on about this subject and many of you may or may not agree with me. But when I was a child and I lived in the UK, all my memories are about holidays at the sea and as England has a massive coastline, there is plenty to choose from and that applies to many countries too with coastal boundaries.  Quite by chance I saw a photo today of Woolacombe Bay in North Devon and I have many memories of being there and the ‘tingling fresh sea’. Having cream teas by the beach and building sandcastles on the miles of sand. A long shot from party islands, cocktails and disco’s which seem to be the criteria for many people (mostly young) for a perfect holiday experience.

Of course, it is human nature to want a change of scenery but maybe now you have to ask yourself this question: how desperate am I for said change? Weighing up the idea of maybe choosing for safety as opposed to taking a risk. We sometimes take risks to actually induce change, this is a perfectly normal thing… but somehow it has taken on another meaning since Covid-19 became daily news.

As I said with this title: confused who isn’t? That is so true. My advice make the choice that feels totally right for you and your family. A choice that you stand behind for 100 percent. Any doubts or deliberations, then adjust your choice, that is the only sensible advice anyone can give. Sometimes the old saying: ‘home is where the heart it’ is more applicable than you think.

Keep safe and happy holidays!

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