At this moment I am writing a new blog about something really personal. It is all about my upcoming heart operation when my cardiologist will perform ‘ablation’ on my heart to sort out my rhythm problems. I have atrial fibrillation and some flutters for several years now.

We are going to do a blog together, from two different view points, from my side, preparing for a second heart operation and a second chance and from his viewpoint as my cardiologist. Should be a bit different than other posts in which people express a lot of fear when they are waiting. I have no fear whatsoever, just know completely and instinctively that I have the best doctor in the country (Holland) taking care of me.

So literally waiting now for a date and a phone call to tell me the date, so even though the first part has been written by me already, now awaiting his part and then we can finish it off telling about the whole procedure.

I often read dramatic stories about such subjects and I think it is time to help people to get into the proper mind-set about such a procedure. I have to admit I wasn’t myself until we had our discussion on the 13th March but now feeling totally ready to go. Just waiting now.

This is just a quick and short post to tell you all, something is in the pipeline and on going, so keep connected and watch this space for the full blog soon.

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