Saw this great quote today which I would like to share in this blog, because I think many of us are confused. There is a lot going on in this crazy world. Each and every day, you are overwhelmed by the stories from all over the planet. The unrest, the violence, the protests, the increasing of Corona rules (again!) and maybe you, like me, are beginning to wonder when will change come?


You can start something new, whenever you want. You can start today, or next week, or next month. You can start when you feel you are ready, of you can start even if you feel you are not ready. You can start when you know nothing about it or when you feel that you know enough… The truth is that you can change your life whenever you want, whether you feel ready or whether or not the timing is ‘right’. You can pack up and move to a new city. You can change your career. You can talk to that person, you might end up being the one. You can start reading that book that might change your life … so don’t be afraid to try something new today because you never know which raindrop will start a hurricane.

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So, what is our excuse then? Fear? Afraid of standing up above the crowd, afraid of what others may say or how they judge us? Fear is a huge power and it is very good to be aware that you are not held captive in another’s power. Of course, there are certain rules and things you must adhere to but, being in fear is not at all positive and then it is time for change.

All around me I notice the discontent in people having had yet another Press Conference from the local Government. Corona is rearing its head again and the issue seems to be about whether you want to get vaccinated or not. But can you really trust the statistics or the news you hear? Often it sounds totally contradictory. Then this, then that and we all end up confused.

But the thing I think with a choice (for change or not) is the fact that it is your choice and yours alone.  You do not have to defend yourself to others. That is what we have been almost brainwashed to feel. But the important factor is, you have to ask yourself what feels good for you? What feels right for you? And then the consequences, do they feel correct for you, or do you want to change them?

I am not going to get into the discussion about the vaccination program as I have mentioned it before in previous blogs, but I still come back to my standpoint that it is a personal choice and what another thinks or whatever reasons they tell you why you should or should not, it all comes back to the simple words: what is your choice?  We have gone way beyond the obligation as the statistics are now so confusing.

You can stand still today and ask yourself the question: Do I make a choice for change? Pretty simple. Even though others may call you egoistic and remember I wrote about this in an earlier blog, it is the choice that you feel is one hundred percent for you. Nothing else matters. Re-read the quote above. These are wise words.

Have a great day!

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