Happy New Year!

Yes, hi everyone survived Christmas, all the celebrations, food and drinks and then my least favourite evening of the year since I was a child – New Year’s Eve.

It is and always will be a strange moment. A moment of reflection, looking back at what has happened during the 364 days of the year, which is about to come to an end. Do you, like me, have so many things to think about that your first reaction is – thank goodness I survived it all. It was almost like a roller coaster ride. When I took the time to actually go back month-by-month, I came to the conclusion that I have been very busy and have not allowed myself to have much rest. From the first day of January until the last day of December, something has been going on, from highs to lows and to be honest I am exhausted.

After the celebrations of New Years Eve and the actual moment when the clock strikes midnight and a new year begins, before I actually go to bed, I of course like everyone, think ahead about what the next year will bring.

I saw a lovely quote on social media (posted on the 31st December) that said:

Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365-page book. Write a good one!

As a writer I love this idea. The idea that I have a totally blank canvas to fill, with any colour I choose. I can choose what the subjects will be, when and where and eventually and hopefully create the masterpiece.

The beginning of a new year heralds the moment of creating a clean slate. The old year has passed now and on the 1st January, there are endless possibilities.

Do I want to make any good resolutions? Well to be honest, the majority of time I make any, they have usually be well forgotten before the end of January, so maybe it would be a good idea to take a difference approach this year and not make any. Do things differently.

The energy of the year 2018 is a so-called 11 energy (just add up the numbers). When two numbers repeat we call this a: master energy. It is stronger, brighter, has more possibilities than usual, in fact all the pointers are sitting there ready and waiting to make this a very special year.

A lot of people around the world are talking about this. The fact that the coming year will not be thinking all the time about our own personal development but rather joining forces and creating together to make a better world.

Let’s face it; there can be no doubt about it in anyone’s mind. The world today is in a mess! This is putting things mildly too!

But I don’t want this blog to be about things we already know and thus pulling the energy backwards, I hope that it will be to inspire all my readers that we all have to join together if we want to create change. We do for sure. It cannot get any worse.

But the thing that is important is, how do we do that? Well first of all and despite the fact that for years the energy has all been about our personal growth, is now to get ready to work together for the better good of all mankind and create a better world for everyone.

You may be thinking at this moment, like everyone does, how can I personally be part of the change? I have spoken about this before in other blogs, that it literally takes one person to take action and the energy flows like waves across the planet. One single person with a good intention who takes action is enough to inspire others and so the waves gain strength and movement until literally everyone on the planet can feel it. They recognize the feeling deep within.

So in that way, change begins with YOU! What do you want to do this year to make it different from 2017?

Personally, I am taking part from tomorrow for the next 8 days, in a worldwide online workshop organized by a very good friend of mine. 8 days of inspiration and rituals. I am not making any good resolutions this year because deep down inside I know I will not keep them, but I am much more interested in being part of a large group spread across the globe in starting a wave of change.

A better world for all us. No longing thinking about myself, but more about everyone. No longer living on my own little island, but paving the way to join all the islands into one. It may sound like a huge task, it is. But someone has to start somewhere and this was the reason why I decided to sign up for this workshop. I know the work very well; have known the person organizing it for a long time.

Sitting here this dark raining late afternoon on the 1st January I was inspired to start typing something to release out before normal daily life resumes in the morning. When people go back to work after the Festive Season break, when we step into the hustle and bustle of our normal routine.

Just take a moment to reflect yourself. Before you launch yourself in the usual rounds of wishing everyone a Happy New Year (well those you haven’t already!). What does a New Year mean to you personally and how are you going to take the step towards something new?

Remember that often a small step is much better than trying to make a giant leap all in one go. Something small, a word, a thought, a deed can get the ball rolling. That is all it needs. Joining forces, being one, humanity has craved this for centuries. Let go of personal need but concentrate on being part of a bigger whole. That is what the 11 energy of 2018 is literally offering us all.

Let’s make a difference together. The page is blank; it is up to you to write the first word.



The title of this blog sounds awfully cliché, but it is true. At this time of year each and every one of us spends time looking back on the year that has nearly passed. During the year we have all been ultra busy with our own personal lives and never ever having enough time. Ridiculous, you always have time, if you make time. But like it or not, Christmas is a time for reflection, time to think about family, loved ones and friends.

In my own personal life a lot of my friends are having problems within their families, mine included. Often I feel myself thinking; does anyone really know the reason why anymore, if people have had differences of opinion and perhaps fallen out with each other? One thing is for sure, what has happened is in the past, it has happened and there is no one on earth who can literally wind the clock back again and magic the event away. It would be nice I am sure in many circumstances to be able to do this, but to my mind, the only way is forward. Whatever has happened, in retrospect happened for a reason, even if we find it hard to know what the reason was.

Each and every one of us as a soul being, literally craved for the human experience. It was we all wanted, to have a body, to be able to think, speak, listen, look, touch, feel etc. That is why we all choose to come and be here on this planet. As soul beings we knew exactly what the word ‘love’ meant.

Over the centuries and for many reasons a lot of people have abused this planet. Let’s be honest it is not a big planet in the universe. The reason I think we all did this was because we all wanted more and more. Suddenly the feelings we all craved for were not enough. We were judged not about who we are but more about where we stand in life in general, what we possess and how much. Competition and Presentation became the new norm and also Fear and Anger have taken over not to mention jealousy, greed, hate and generally completely losing the feeling that all we need is love!

My radio is playing one song after the other with the same theme – all we need is love. Every film on the television at this time of year is sending out the same message, no matter what is actually going on in your life right now, we should all stop, remember that this time of year is all about peace and love for everyone. No more suffering, no more war, no more famine, no more thirst, no more judgement, no more fear. Just love.


So how are we going to turn the energy around? Astrologically speaking there are going to be a couple of big events in January 2018, two moons in one month. Each and every one of us is thinking about what our resolutions for the New Year might be. A period of time is coming to an end, another year will begin and wouldn’t it be lovely if we could all wipe the slate clean and begin afresh in 2018. To do this needs action, how?

My own experience is that resolutions made for the New Year literally have flown out of the window before the end of January. So how can we think about having a long lasting desire and even more making it literally happen?

The energy for next year 2018 which will be an 11-year (you simply add up the numbers) and 11 is a master number. In other words the energy is even greater. Next year is going all to be about doing things together for the greater good of us all. No more individual ego stuff, but participating in things that have a good effect on us all. Ego is over, we are all joining force now and together we create a bigger and better future. A point is coming when a turning point is going to occur in our evolution.

It is exactly six years since 2012, when absolutely everyone was talking about the end of the world, as we know it because the ancient Mayan calendar only went up to 21.12.12. There were the ‘doom sayers’ all lined up chanting ‘the end of the world is nigh’, but in actual fact, virtually nothing happened. Why? Because in general we did not make any effort.

So how do we go about making the most of this point in our evolution?

First of all the key word is LOVE. Start first of all with yourself. My question is how can you expect anyone to love you if you don’t love yourself? A lot of people feel like this, more than you can ever imagine, they find fault with literally everything, their own self-worth and esteem plunges to rock bottom and it is then impossible to radiate your true self. Remember every single thought you have, anything you say, feel or do acts like a boomerang and comes back to you. There are so many well worn sayings, like ‘you reap what you sow’ etc. so it is important to realize the energy, which moves in wave like movements, is actually going to come back to you at some stage.

First of all begin with feelings of love for yourself. Make an effort. It doesn’t matter one iota if you are thin or fat, you have wrinkles or not, your hair has gone grey, fallen out or whatever! True beauty lies within and in the way you react to others. If you start radiating feelings of love for everyone, in a sensible way, then you will soon notice that a wave of movement starts up and eventually everyone is joining in. The ‘more the merrier’ because in a large group we can have so much more effect on said wave.

Try and find a happy medium and express your feelings of love for one another. It is perfectly OK to have friendships between men and women where there is no sexual tension at all. Despite all the hype going on at this moment about #metoo. This is something completely different and I have already written about this in earlier blogs.

What do you do if you express feelings of love to someone and they respond in a way you don’t expect? Well there are several reasons for this. First of all they may not be ready to accept your love. They may not be on the same path in life that you are traveling on. Don’t immediately take this as a rejection even though it may feel so. When they perhaps write to you and say words like: ‘don’t take this personally but …’ this is a clue that they are not ready. Or, and I think this is even more to the point; they cannot deal with their own feelings, let alone yours as well.

Sometimes in life we can be so disappointed when people react in a standoffish way, and we become deflated and actually wish we had never said anything in the first place. But look at in another way, turn the energy around, what if they actually have feelings for you but just don’t know how to express it because they themselves are caught up in some kind of ‘rules and regulations’ of what is expected of them. Have a think about that and if you have encountered something similar, just remind yourself it is good to speak your truth and show your love, I did say earlier on in this blog that is why we all wanted this human experience in the first place. Don’t forget that!

So this year when you are spending a little more time than usual looking back on the year that is coming to an end, maybe it is exactly the right moment to take a step forward into a new moment. If you have fallen out with family, friends or a colleague, for whatever reason, then now is the moment to make amends. Believe me whatever has happened, you will be glad in the end. Even if you find yourself confronted by rejection. You made the effort to make amends and for the time being, that is enough. They will think about it too, for sure, and who knows maybe an opening will occur, not as quickly as you would like it too, but eventually it will.

There is enough crap happening on this planet don’t you agree. So many disagreements and terrible things, isn’t it the time to make a stand and say enough is enough: ‘I choose for a different approach!’

Saying sorry might be the hardest thing to do and I think it is, but do it, don’t put things off any longer. At least you can end the year by knowing that you personally made an effort and if they don’t respond, just know that the first step has been taken to turn the energy around. That is all that is asked of any of us.

Let’s be united this Christmas and really make an effort. All we need is love, nothing more and nothing less. Let it start with you and then see how quickly the energy starts to flow. Not only in your personal circles, but on a much larger scale as well.

This is I think, my final blog for this year. I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

A special thank you to my own personal contacts and for all of you who write really lovely comments about my words. I so appreciate that you take the time to do this, it makes it all worthwhile and when we speak from our heart to another person’s heart, then this is really talking!



Jill Kramer December 2017

What is your wish for Christmas?

It’s snowing here, we had the first flakes yesterday but then it rained and all was gone. Today it’s much colder, 20 cm of snow expected today in the region where I live. So all you readers take care, try and work from home if you can, its Code Orange/Red. The roads are getting very icy. Take time to keep safe and drive with caution.

I was thinking as I watched the flakes falling and the birds flying in and out of my birdhouse to stock up before its all covered in snow, about Christmas wishes.

No doubt this year there will be about the hundredth repeat of ‘Love Actually’ on the television. One of my most favourite films, even though I think I could probably recite the entire script. One thing that they mention in the film is that at Christmas: you can make a wish and speak your truth.

So that is my thought for today, with only 2 weeks to go. What would be your wish for Christmas and why? Also Christmas is a moment when you can speak your truth and tell someone you have wanted to tell him or her all year. What would you say then? Maybe there is something you have been putting off for a long time. Maybe making peace with someone in your family or your circle of friends. Or colleagues?

This is the time to make amends and perhaps say sorry if necessary. It works both ways, but once just one person takes the initiative, others follow. Make an effort, the energy is supporting you a lot at the moment, it is time to ‘clear the slate’, so to speak; ready to make a fresh start in the New Year.

2018 is by the way an 11-year. This is done by simply adding up the numbers. Because double numbers constitute to a master combination, this makes it extra special. 11 is a powerful combination and it is said that angels communicate with humans through the universal language of numbers and music.

This is nothing new, the theory goes back to the ancient teachings of Pythagoras, and he was the first person to establish the fact that numbers hold vibrational properties. He taught his pupils that the entire universe is mathematically very precise in fact.

If you happen to see repetitive numbers in sequences, just take it from me that the universe is trying to communicate something important to you. Simply close your eyes for a moment and concentrate on your breathing and just ask in your mind: ‘what is the message?’ It may not be immediately apparent but something will happen and the answer will just present itself (usually at the moment you least expect it).

Remember that silence is the best moment to hear the messages, often when you go to bed at night and just lie still before falling asleep. There is so much noise all the time in our present day society. Switch off your phone, the radio, the television. Just been quiet in yourself.

Look back on what has happened this year. Make no judgment about anything, but if you find that you are in some sort of ‘conflict’ situation with anyone in your life, now is the moment to do something about it. I know that saying sorry is hard, but you can do it if you really want. A simple gesture is enough. It is all about just putting perhaps your pride to one side.

What if there is someone in your life you want to say something special to but don’t dare. Well this time of year gives you this opportunity. Maybe you want to say a special thank you to someone – well just do it, you can pick up the phone, or even better talk face to face. Give them a gift of flowers, a Christmas rose is perfect for this time of year, it has a special meaning. Be brave, believe me they will be so amazed and you can start the New Year afresh.

What about members of your family or friends who may be lonely at this time of year. Make a special effort with them too. This is the moment when you can say ‘yes’ to things instead of ‘no’. It’s so simple you can just turn the energy around and work with it instead of against it. You can compare this if you like with the idea of swimming against the current, isn’t it easier to go with the flow than against it?

If you have ‘fallen out with family or friends’ irrespective of the reason, be the first take a positive step forwards. It does not matter what has happened really, its is ‘all water under the bridge’ and time to build a better bridge for the New Year. This is the right time of year and everything is working with you to make this happen.

Anything you are actually thinking will manifest itself into something positive. It is important to keep your Christmas wishes crystal clear, think positive because such thoughts are heard more easily. Negativity only manifests into fear.

Keep your thoughts uplifted and enlightened, in that way you can achieve the highest possibilities.

I really hope that the majority of you have stopped reading by now and are thinking, what can I do? Who can I reach out to? Go on, just do it, surprise yourself by the result. This is the time of the year to take such action no excuses anymore!

It’s all that is needed.

I am very interested to hear your comments, which you can either send by email ( or post under this blog.

‘Merry Christmas everyone, and a Happy New Year’.

Let’s get the energy of the double 11 moving together. When we all tune into the same energy at the same time, it increases the possibilities. For each and every one of us.

So what is your wish this year for Christmas? Who do you want to reach out to?
What do you want to put right?

And my personal wish? I am going to thank someone personally who has been so much more than just a friend this year. Someone who has gone well beyond the normal boundaries and given me so much support one way and another. If you are reading this, I hope you know who I mean? Don’t worry if you don’t I will be in contact with you in the new few days.

Jill Kramer
December 2017

The Clair’s

My theme for the month of December

Is it December already? Last week I spent more than three days writing a longer article than usual on the subject of our senses. Stupidly and by mistake I deleted the document, when I was trying to do too many things at the same time, so having to start all over again. A friend pointed out to me that maybe the second time around, the words may flow a bit better, we shall see.

I have talked about the subject of our senses, or ‘the Clairs’ as I like to call them before. I mentioned them in a book I published last year entitled: ‘True Colours’. As this book was basically about the meaning of colours, as the title suggests, I did not share a lot of information, hence this longer column now.

So let’s have a detailed look at ‘the Clairs’. The most obvious one and the one that everyone knows is’ Clairvoyance’. It comes from the French – ‘clair’ meaning ‘clear’ and ‘voyance’ meaning ‘vision’. So in other words ‘clear vision’.

The word itself, however sometimes conjures up a number of other words such as: extrasensory perception, or paranormal or psychic ability. In some or other way the word ‘clairvoyant’ has a mystical interpretation. A person who has a clear vision about something that may be about to happen?

In actual fact there are six senses:

Clairvoyance (seeing)

Clairsentience (feeling or touching)

Clairaudience (hearing or listening)

Clairolfactus (smelling)

Clairgustance (tasting)

Claircognizance (knowing)

As I said the one we all know is Clairvoyance. So let’s talk about that one first.

The ability to see things clearly. Often that feeling that you have either been somewhere before, or the feeling inside that something is about to happen. This is almost similar to a déjà-vu moment. Anticipating the moment, or seeing something that triggers this feeling.

I wonder how many times have you had this feeling yourself? Do you pay attention to the signs around you? Why do you suddenly feel the urge to take another route to work only to hear later on the news about a bad accident on the road you normally would have taken? A strange feeling that makes you think, why did I do that today, of all days, must have had a sort of premonition?

Can you remember moments when you met someone and had a strong feeling that you perhaps had met them before? There is an instantaneous ‘click’, which you cannot explain rationally. It is your senses giving you a subtle message.

Also the words ‘looking’ and ‘seeing’ have different meanings. You can simply look at something and maybe think: ‘oh that is nice’, but are you really seeing it?

Have a think about that. There is a big difference.

Shakespeare once referred to the eyes as the ‘window of the soul’ so remember all images you look at in any form, are reflecting within to a very deep level. To the core itself. To the very essence of who you are.

When you look at yourself in a mirror, do you really see yourself? The real you within? Probably not. So take a moment before you read any further and go and stand in front of a mirror. Take one or two deep breaths and look deeply into your own eyes. Ask yourself an important question if you have one. The answers may not happen instantly, but at some time, at the least expected moment, they will.

Clairsentience is all about feeling and touching. Again a huge difference in the words themselves. Touching something but really feeling what it is.
Just imagine that you are holding a piece of pure silk in your hands. What does it really feel like? Soft, slippery, it flows through your fingers, light in weight. What does it feel like to touch? What sensation does it give you?

The word comes again from French; obviously ‘clair’ for ‘clear’ but sentience is derived from Latin (sentire), which means to feel.

With the idea that in fact all the intuitive senses are connected to one another, then, you look or see something, you touch and feel it and there are a number of sensations going on in your physical body.

Clairaudience (hearing or listening). Rather strange that there always seems to be two words connected to each sense, but with very different meaning. When someone is talking to you, you hear what they are saying, but are you really listening. It could be with this fast world of multi-tasking and the fact that we are always expected to perform, a lot of the time you hear what they say, but don’t really listen. In other words the message goes in one side and out through the other. It is not really your intention to do this; it is more the pressure you are expected to live under.

Just imagine for one moment that you have never ever heard a single sound, you have been totally deaf from birth. Imagine the complete and utter silence. Whilst our normal world is a place of continuing, never ending sounds. Whether you live in a busy city or in the peaceful country, there are always sounds. All the time. For the deaf there is never one sound.

It’s interesting to see that when people miss a specific sense that the other senses improve intensely. Just as if they are taking over the task. Often people who are heightened senses of vision. The same applies to blind people who have heightened senses of hearing.

Clairolfactus (smelling) or Clairailience

Same connection with the word ‘clair’ but ‘olfactus’ means ‘smelling through the nasal area’. In the paranormal world this means accessing knowledge from the physical sense of smell. Animals do this automatically. Think about a lion on the prowl at night for food. Their vision at night is much more advanced than that of humans, but mostly they will rely on the sense of smell and mostly the scent an animal gives off in a situation of fear.

Smells can be pleasant or totally pungent. Just think for a moment of a beautiful English rose. You have just picked it from a bush. The feel of the petals (soft) in your hands, the scent is imaginable even before you have raised it to your nose. Now there are several senses working together at the same time. Your sight sees the beauty, the shape of the petals the form of the rose itself, your hands (skin) feels the softness and now you as you raise it to your nose to smell its delicate perfume, the whole picture is formed.

Now imagine doing the same thing with a pile of cow dung. You would probably not even pick it up, the pungent smell has already reached your nose and you are repelled by its stench. The poor cows cannot help it, there are no nice and neat toilets for them to use in the farmer’s fields, they just dump where they are and when they need to.

Perhaps you can remember in your gardens long before other nutrients when people spread horse manure around their roses. I can certainly remember it well as a child. The entire garden smelt awful, but my goodness the roses were even more spectacular those years.

The sense of smell is important because it is also a form of warning. If you smell something like sour milk, you don’t use it, throw it away and know that it is not suitable for use.

We associate so many things with fragrance and aromas. It can be mood changing. The smell of something delicious cooking suddenly makes you realize that you are hungry. The scent of fresh bread baking, or a cake in the oven. The words are enough to get your imagination going I am sure.

There are literally thousands of different types of scents. For thousands of years, the makers of perfume have been mixing and combining to make the perfect perfume. They have a highly developed sense of smell. The same can be said for wine makers, beer makers and all chefs. It is the ultimate challenge to create something spectacular.

Clairgustance (the sense of taste)
Clear taste (gustance). The ability to taste a substance before you have put it into your mouth. The majority of people think that the act of tasting something is related to the tongue and the many papillae on it (in other words taste buds). However, the soft palate and roof of the mouth and the epiglottis are just as sensitive. There are five basic tastes, sweet, sour, bitter, salty and umami (meaty or savoury). Umami means ‘delicious’ in Japanese.

The taste buds are able to taste the difference all triggered by the binding of molecules in the food to G protein coupled receptors. All sounds quite complicated doesn’t it?

Not only the taste itself, but the sense of smell and whether something is hot or cold. It all plays a part in giving you the sensation.

The sensation of Clairgustance is the ability to perceive the taste before it has actually happened.

And finally the last in the sequence and probably the most important one of all: Claircognizance (knowing).

This to my mind is the most mystical and magical sense we possess. The fact that we know something. It does not have to be something we have either been taught or learned, but just a feeling that you know if something is wrong or right. And more important for you personally.

The majority of people reading this article have been to school. From childhood we have been exposed to copious amounts of knowledge and to learn things that all attribute to our so-called ‘general knowledge’. I know that a lot of things I learnt during my school years were important and other less so. A lot of knowledge is just stored in my brain and hardly ever accessed. I remember one of the things I disliked the most was Latin. To my mind at the time what was really the point of learning a ‘dead’ language. I found it incredibly boring at the time I remember, being a teenager, but my goodness years later it turned out to be the very backbone or things I accessed at a later age. Languages for example, all words originate from amongst other things, Latin. It has been so helpful in learning different languages because believe it or not, that an old ‘dead’ language forms the base for the majority of words we know today.

Accessing knowledge is fast moving. Take the Internet for example. We literally have encyclopaedias’ of information at our fingertips. Technology is moving really fast; I can see that in my own lifetime. Just stop and have a think about this. You see how fast information can be passed from one side of the globe to another. Whether we want to or not, we are all accessing information all the time. Sharing through social media. Computers and technology are improving on a daily basis.

So in this fast moving world we all live in, it is important to take a small step to the side and think about our own personal sense of knowing. This is not all about accessing and using facts from outside sources, but more about listening to what we already know within. It is not called the sixth sense without reason.

Whether you are a highly sensitive person or not and the senses are extremely highly attuned, making them almost paranormal, the sense of knowing is important to how we live our lives. Our instinct. That little voice within that is always right, however frustrating that may be at times. The feeling you have when you did not listen and you can almost hear that same voice saying ‘I told you so’.

Recently and through a lot of research in the work that I do, not only as a writer but a translator too, my whole daily word revolves around words, their meaning, and the synonyms, typing words to make either a fictional story or a more factual one like this. Sometimes things happen, like I said at the beginning of this article, when I deleted my original text by accident. But deep down inside however frustrating that was at the time, I now know it happened not only for a reason, but also probably at the end this article will be better when I have finished it. It is important to remember that when working on a project and everything goes wrong, you almost feel like giving your laptop flying lessons out of a window, but in the main and almost every time, things happen for a reason. Why? Often hard at the time for find the answer that you want to hear, but in the end it will become clear. You will know why.

Very recently a new chakra in the body has been discovered. It is called the Alta Major chakra and is located where the spine meets the neck.
This forms a link to the other senses and also forms a special shape in Sacred Geometry. The six sided star. We know now that our physical bodies are so much more and that we have more centres of energy within and on the outside. We have bodies of light (auras) that surround our body.

With a very simple technique it is possible to connect up the senses through the Alta Major. If you like creating the six pointed star within your head. Have a think about this.

The sense of knowing lies in the epiphysis or the pineal gland in the brain. By consciously making the link between the other senses that I have talked about above, the six pointed star shape is formed. This shape is also known as the Merkaba. The meaning of the word is very old. ‘Mer’ means light, ‘Ka’ means spirit and ‘Ba’ means body.
The word itself dates back to 100-1000 BC and originates from the Jewish school of mysticism.

The actual shape of the Merkaba when it starts to rotate surrounds itself with circles of light (wheels within wheels if you like) making it possible to transverse all dimensions of time and space. It is a vehicle of divine light.

The basic four shapes of Sacred Geometry also corresponds with the elements: Earth is a: hexahedron, air is an: octahedron, fire a: tetrahedron and water is: icosahedron and the fifth the: dodecahedron represents heaven or the universe.

Now it is not my intention to turn this article into a book, but I am pretty sure you are getting the ‘gist’ of how important the senses are, especially when linked to one another as described above. There is a vast amount of knowledge available on this subject of course.

But it is important to stop for one single moment and realize how important our senses are and how big the role is that they play in our lives. If you like, the connection of the senses, all six of them, creates the ability in us, within, to be vehicles of light. To be totally aware at all times. Naturally, without literally making a real effort. At the same time it all comes back and is related to ancient knowledge: Sacred Geometry. Sacred Geometry is the foundation of every single living being, every living cell in everything and created by the building blocks of Sacred Geometry.

It gives you a lot to think about doesn’t it?

Merry Mistletoe (and Christmas)

I have written an earlier blog all about the hype around #metoo. First of all I want to say that those who have been involved in any form of unsolicited intimacy (sexual harassment) have my sympathy. There can never be any excuse! Ever!

But I am getting to the point that I really don’t want to hear another word about it.

What surprises me is that people want to seek publicity when I personally think that if you want to confront the person who pressured you into this, a discussion in private might be a better solution with a mediator present. Raking the dirt up time and time again does not solve the problem or issue for either party. And the press and media have a ‘hay day’ with it; especially when well-known people are part of the story.

This week, I saw an article in the national Dutch newspaper about mistletoe. Suddenly giving someone a kiss under the mistletoe can also be deemed as unsolicited intimacy or sexual harassment bordering on rape! Oh, come on… This article left me sitting there thinking, oh for goodness sake what next? It has inspired me to write something about the tradition of mistletoe around Christmas time.

Mistletoe is a plant, which is really a sort of ‘parasite’ for a tree. Mistletoe loves apple trees and is happy to live on the nutrients of said tree. Its delicate olive green leaves and white shiny berries make it look attractive and it grows in clusters usually around the top of the tree.

Maratek (Latin Name: Viscum album) is an evergreen from the Sandalwood family. It is called mistletoe, mistel or bird foam. It is a protected species would you believe it? The English name ‘mistletoe’ came from the conjunction of two Anglo Sachsen words – Mistel meaning ‘manure’ and tan meaning ‘twig’. In fact not such a romantic idea when you then combine and make the words: ‘shit on a twig’!

So where did the tradition come from that people started to hang mistletoe in places and how did the idea come about that you should kiss someone under the mistletoe.

The Christmas tradition to hang mistletoe up finds its roots, like many things, in the Church. From Celtic and Germanic times. They considered this plant to be sacred; it represented fertility and was almost seen as a form of aphrodisiac. Mistletoe played a part in the fertility rights. According to legend a person dressed in white clothing would cut a piece of mistletoe from the cluster. It was not allowed to touch the ground, and was then wrapped in white cloth. Then the Druids slaughtered an animal offer and doused the mistletoe in water, which was considered to be a protection against ills and all evil. The offer was made to the Gods of fertility, like the Norwegian Gods, Freya and Baldr. This was really the start of the tradition.

When the Christians came to Europe, they tried to ban the hanging of mistletoe in the churches, but many continue to do this right up to present day. In York Minster Church in England there used to be a special service for Mistletoe in the winter, in which criminals and such like were forgiven for their sins.

So now we know that mistletoe had quite an important role for many centuries around the Festive Season. But how did we get to the idea that people should kiss under the mistletoe. Mistletoe represents peace and love. Well that all started in Scandinavia in Druid times. When people met one another in the woods and found themselves under the mistletoe, they laid down their weapons and had a cease-fire for the entire day. That is where the tradition comes to hang a piece of mistletoe from the ceiling and kiss one another. It means that the entire day is related to goodwill, peace, love and friendship, which is perfect for the thoughts around Christmas.

Of course the kissing tradition began in England (where else?). Originally you had to pick a berry from the branch before you could kiss someone (who just happened to be standing there with you). When all the berries were gone, no more kissing took place. These days, we are not so difficult about the idea if there are berries or not. Personally I did not know this was the case. So make sure if you want to do a lot of kissing this year, pick a branch with loads of berries!!

Under the motto then, that everyone gets what he or she deserves a survey was done. Do people still kiss under the mistletoe and do they know why and how the tradition came about? I am guessing that the majority of people don’t know. The survey said the same.

Having done this research I am thinking to myself, how on earth can the newspapers write an article that an unsolicited kiss under the mistletoe surmounts to rape. What a load of nonsense.

The ancient meaning of mistletoe around Christmas time is love, peace and friendship.

Whether you hang mistletoe in your home or not, it might be interesting to give this a bit of thought and do it this year. Show your loved ones and friends that a kiss under the mistletoe is just a token of love, friendship and peace. A ‘cease fire’ from the pressures of every day life anno 2017.

I am rushing off out now to buy a branch from my local florists. Are you?