This year there were General Elections on the 15th March 2021 for a new Government in The Netherlands. This was actually the first time that I was eligible to vote having taken Dutch citizenship a while back. Now normally, one would think that the Government had been formed (a coalition) by now, but sorry no, it’s now 10th September 2021 and they are still squabbling like a bunch of very irritable children about who wants to govern with who?

What I hear you asking? The people have voted haven’t they and the Government should be formed accordingly. Yes, agree it sounds simple doesn’t it, but believe me they have not made it so far. It seems that the actual votes are really irrelevant, because before the voting has even taken place, parties are already stipulating about who they would be willing to form a Government with (or a Cabinet for that matter).

The Netherlands boasts the fact on a worldwide scale that this is a democratic country. Modern thinking and all the rest. Well, that is quite disputable I am sure you will agree when a group of adult politicians are still arguing in an infantile way. It is shameful really. The problem is that there are so many parties to choose from, some a simple one or two people parties and spin-offs from other parties too. One would seriously begin to question why these people get a salary, which is quite decent and they act so badly.

The Dutch Parliament building in The Hague

There have been several people called up and taken out of the cupboards to help form the Government (and then the Cabinet – which really means who is Minster of what and who is Secretary of State). And so far, they have all failed miserably. Scandals about leaked documents when one minster was caught on photo by the press holding confidential papers under her arm, of course any fool can zoom in to read the content and this caused the resignation of the minster concerned.

And so, it goes on and on and on. We, the public, are totally bored to death by the whole subject and you begin to ask yourself why you actually bothered in the first place to go and vote at all. Maybe that is the answer that next time around no one turns up to vote. Now that would give them all a big wake up call.

It seems to be in the times in which we live, when the aim of society is to work together in a democratic and fair way, that all the Dutch politicians, from the Prime Minster to others have completely lost the plot and it has become a game of egos and they act like naughty toddlers all throwing, at some stage, their toys out of the playpen.

We are just (almost) coming out of more than 18 months of Corona problems, lockdowns, businesses shutting down, people working from home, schools, offices, universities, theatres, cinemas and such like all closed and this has had a really disastrous effect on not only the economy in general but the livelihoods of people as well. Lack of, or no income at all for months and many have not survived this financial crisis.

It is just one blunder after another as far as the Government are concerned and basically the Dutch one has become the laughing stock of Europe.  6 whole months wasted with ego based, bad decision making.

Isn’t it time they all grew up and listened to what the people voted for? Does that sound too simple for words? I wonder.

To me it seems the only way forward and the coalition government should be formed as soon as possible in order of the votes. No more ‘namby-pamby’ about who wants to get what position and talking about things like not wanting for form the Government with this or that party. Getting on with the job they are paid to do! Seriously get on with the job, form the Government and rule the country.

It is not that difficult, is it?

THIS IS BY THE WAY: the motto of the United Kingdom of The Netherlands, and it means ‘I will maintain’. Good advice all you politicians, read it and get on with it.

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