June 10th, 2021 – nearly midsummer marking the half-way point through this year and maybe you, like me, are actually wondering where the year has gone so far?

Today is an astronomical wonder day, with a new moon in Gemini and a Solar Eclipse. It unfortunately can’t be seen in all parts of the world but believe me the energetic energy from it will be definitely felt everywhere. A solar eclipse is a reset for your soul and as we are all coming out of the lockdown from the past few months, this may be a very beneficial time on a worldwide scale.

In astrology the sun represents your conscious self, in other words, how you personally radiate your light into the world with your unique light too. The moon on the other hand, is your inner world and your intuitive power. 

So, when the light of the sun is eclipsed by the moon, it is almost as if you are turning out the lights for a moment. You then need to find your way in the dark and I have written many times, that even in the complete pitch blackness there is always a speck of light. Therefore, for just a moment you must make a reconnection with the parts of your soul that you may have been ignoring for a while (in the lockdown perhaps?).

Gemini (The Twins) is ruled by the planet Mercury, which is currently retrograde in its own sign. During the eclipse itself, Mercury is just 1 degree of the Sun and Moon. Interesting!

Mercury is the ruler of thoughts and all the information which comes into your conscious and unconscious mind. During this eclipse, with Mercury travelling in the center of the sun, your mind will be literally infused with new insights, new thoughts, and an upgrade of your intuition. The latter is I think quite important with the confusion which is currently underway re ‘coming out of the lockdown’ and what you may and may not do. When and how? And where?

It is quite possible today that you may see your life in a new light. A new or fresh perspective on something that may have been bothering you for some time. It also can be the end of something that you feel no longer belongs to you, almost comparable to a computer update if you like. Whatever you are experiencing right now, one thing is certain, a paradigm is waiting for you.

A whole new fresh, bright world waiting for you to experience it, if and only if you have the courage to accept change. People are saying it’s going to be spectacular. One thing is for sure the Universe itself is a marvel and you are too.

Today is all about being given a new chance. Do you accept it or not? Do you want change, if your answer is yes, today is definitely the day. Be brave and dare to declutter. A lot of us are hanging on to old fears, old ideas, old thoughts etc., which we don’t really need anymore. 

The important thing today is think for yourself and do what you want as opposed to what others think or say you have to do. You are your own boss, remember that. Today is all about you and a helping hand from the Universe. Take a chance!


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