Have you ever asked yourself this question? I expect you have and often too, what did I come here to do? This and many other similar questions are those we ask ourselves in these fast-moving times. Sometimes when we feel we may have lost our way, or what direction to take now, then we all start to wonder.

I want to share a story with you, not written by me, but by my Godmother Vicky Wall.

The other day in a conversation with someone (and yes, Chris Hemsworth, this story is particularly for you!) the subject of soul families came up. Often you make a connection with someone and feel immediately comfortable with them, so much so that you wonder how it’s possible that you have so much in common. Have the same ideas about this and that. Often there are other quite significant similarities, like birth signs, so that is why I thought it is time to bring this story out into the open once more. It is part of a book I published several years ago: Your True Colours.

How many of you remember the famous words from Walt Disney’s Toy Story when Buzz Lightyear says: To infinite and Beyond!!!! Infinite already means, the infinite endlessness, but beyond that too? 

As humans on planet Earth, we all know that this little tiny blue dot is merely a pinprick in the vastness of the universe. We may wonder are there other galaxies, other planets, other life forms? What is the beyond? Something so vast it is almost above our human brain comprehension. But at the same time, it is very naive to literally think we are the only ones here on this planet which is merely part of the Milky Way Galaxy. Just one single galaxy in all that vastness.

What I want to share with you is Vicky’s explanation of how we incarnate on this planet. Taken from the perspective that within each and every living thing there is a soul. An inner core. The real you deep inside. You may like to think of this as your inner voice, or sixth sense. To me the soul is the divine spark of creation itself and our connection to the same oneness from where we all came in the first place.

When you are a soul being, you are also in tune with other souls. That is the way it is, we cannot prove it, and no one ever has so far, but just take it as a fact. Soul beings are very in tune with other soul beings. That is why you make lifelong friends; you may like to think that they too belong in your group. How many of you reading this have felt that? That instantaneous click when you first met. 

If you want to know how you arrived here, then please read on. This is not an easy subject and you may have to read it several times, before you fully comprehend the wonder in Vicky’s story. She was an amazing woman during her lifetime here and still is in the life form she now has. She is still able to communicate easily with me and many others. Sound a bit too far-fetched, I can only assure you it is not. She was with me from the moment of my birth and still is and I know she will be waiting for me on the exact date I have always known, when I leave this planet in the form that I am now.

Take a seat, get a cup of tea or coffee and settle down and begin to read about how you and I and everyone arrives on this planet and why:


‘The real true aura is about the size of a walnut situated two fingers wide from the navel and two fingers depth inside. This is the actual point of incarnation. The true aura is formed by the fertilization of the first cell (egg and sperm) and this is the actual moment of incarnation itself.

The fusion of egg and sperm creates an intense explosion of energy and enables the connection of the DNA lineage of both the feminine (mother) and the masculine (father), which occurs at this moment.

During past experiences in what Buddha called the ‘sea of souls’ (or the ‘Bardo’) we watched and observed this energy explosion and as soul beings were attracted to not only the colour, but also the energy and the light. This feeling actually represents our Karma.

The colour, which attracts is the Yellow Pentagram* on a pale Blue background and this paves the way of the so-called ‘Incarnation star’ (true aura).

As soul beings we agreed to take this action and made the choice for parents a long time ago.

“In the beginning there was the Word and from the Word there was Light”

In the beginning we were three in one. Consciousness actually existed from the stars – soul star, incarnation star and earthstar, all surrounded by an intense and immense field of colour.

Our consciousness saw this picture as described above*, nothing else and it represents the totality of reality in that moment of experience. What brought the desire to become a human being?

This mandala five-pointed image flashes in front of our consciousness at the actual moment of conception and attracts us. Then as we pass through the mandala into a crystalline field of light in the centre (the clear ray or the 13th ray). The colour of the soul star rotates around this star and represents the incoming consciousness and so at that exact moment we know our soul colour ray. Was it always the same colour? Yes, it was it is what we were, are and will be until we have completed the entire journey and experience on that particular ray of light.

A second colour flashes in and forms the ray of our personality. So, the centre is a brilliant bright colour (often white because white actually represents all the 12 colours of the spectrum). Beyond that is our soul colour. Then the combination of the DNA between our parents and our own personal colour form the personality ray and sits just beyond our soul colour.

Actual consciousness is a brilliant ray of light, which we experience at the time of conception. The RNA/DNA double helix matrix is interwoven with the light, almost comparable to a photon explosion. As the two forces come together, the spirals merge like a field of light around the cell – an infinite point of light.

Consciousness enters around that and then our personal soul colour and layer-by-layer the colours are formed. All this forms and makes our true aura. It is a memory that travels with us throughout each and every incarnation experience at a cellular level. For always.

Simultaneously and synchronously as this is happening, another two stars approach close to this light explosion. These stars feed and nurture the Incarnation Star itself. The Soul Star is just about our head, the ‘8th chakra’. This is in actual fact a chakra outside the physical body and not as we now understand as the 8th chakra in the body, which I think, is around the area, behind the heart, higher heart.

A deep magenta colour was the shadow before the light, before the beginning. Deep magenta is a void, emptiness, comparable to the infinite blackness.

Shadow is merely lack of light. The reason that the soul star is not part of the incarnation star is because at the moment of incarnation we are not a fully formed being (human). This is the reason why the Earth Star is separate from the Incarnation Star. In other words, we have already had many incarnations on other planets, other solar or star systems, all of which have a unique energy, which is part of the destiny why we come to a particular place or planet.

So, as we enter through the double helix our true colours are represented in the first cell. The release of the egg cell in the Fallopian tube of the mother has a colour, which is individual to us. As the result of the actual birth, the combination of this explosion and light consciousness our own individuality and colour is created. The first ray around that brilliant speck of light after the explosion is the Soul Colour. The soul ray of the incoming being.

The nut shaped true aura represents the energy field of the incarnation star. The centre is the actual true point of the aura itself. Within the Incarnation Star is a hologram. The centre point of the star is the largest point of potential. The hologram is inactive until the actual moment that the energy from the ‘8th chakra’ comes down through the soul star and the incarnation star is activated. Then the hologram opens to reveal a six-pointed star.

The soul star opens a particular page in the Akashic Chronicles, the page of life upon which we enter.

The information from the Soul star circulates in a downward movement to the Incarnation star. The hologram in the centre begins to grow bigger and the shape increases forming what we know to be the auric field around the physical body.

It is the actual moment of the explosion or conception that our consciousness knows who we are. The Earth star and the Soul star expand, similar to the multiplication of the cells themselves, into the human being we actually become. The Earth star is our destiny on this planet in this particular incarnation. It is pre-programmed and pre-logged. Until the moment that we become fully conscious – the pre-programming means the journey we are going to undertake on this planet, which is what we agreed to do beforehand. We know the places we would like to visit, as these were destinations logged into our Earth star pre incarnation.

Also, it’s important to consider Earth as a Being who has her own destiny too. Earth is evolving and is linked to our own evolution. Perhaps this is in fact an act of re-payment to the times we have actually evolved, many large leaps in human consciousness. Earth is also a light ‘being’ or ‘form’ with a field of energy all around her. At her centre is also a light source, an energy field that surrounds the light itself. This is often referred to as the Earth’s grid or matrix, which includes the actual building blocks or platonic solids.

The first steps in our incarnation on this Earth are to unfold and develop our destiny on this Earth. A parallel which is not only related to physical growth, but also and most important, personal consciousness work. The first step is to ground. We cannot begin to ‘take off until we land’. The whole relationship with the Earth star is fundamental to all humans on this planet irrespective of skin colour, race or creed.

Walking this planet as a living being needs honor, recognition and respect. Connecting with the Earth star is the actual first step we take to work on ourselves and fulfill the agreement we made before arrival.

It is very important to think about the actual size of this tiny planet, in relation to the vastness of space. Just comparing size wise, earth is much smaller than say for example the Jupiter moons. It is tiny. Just a speck of dust in a vast infinite void. Think about that and the fact that we have been drawn here and why.

Earth’s desire and destiny is to become a star, eventually to evolve to become a little sun. When we connect with our Earth star and fulfill the destiny we have agreed on, we can also help Earth’s evolution. The greater our connection, the easier it is to fulfill our own destiny and become grounded. We realize that we are actually in the right place at the right time and we are synchronicity. The greater the amount of healing which takes place on our timeline, in other words our past experiences, the more we are able to fulfill our destiny in relation to the planet we have chosen to come to. If all is activated and in harmony, we have something called ‘reciprocal maintenance’.

The soul star is our personal page in the Akashic Chronicles. There is a place in India people say where the Chronicles are written on the so-called Bhodi leaves, but in actual fact the chronicles are just a vast library. The soul star (from our point of view or the way we perceive it) is a star or hologram or our karmic blueprint, which contains all the information on all Beings.

Our personal page is the actual detail of all the agreements we have made with our guides, teachers, masters etc. before we arrived. We desire to fulfill the actual task on that page and have responded with ‘Yes, I will do that’ whatever the task is.

We agree to accept our responsibility of choice here on earth. We have accepted that we physically have to arrive before we can begin. So, the connection with the Earth star attunes with our Soul star and we are able to begin the work we agreed to do. We can then understand the so-called message on the page in the chronicles.

The actual process of grounding, getting the energy in our feet, into the soil itself is a process when we recognize the beauty of the earth and the quality and diversity. This is the principle of ‘as above – so below’ that energy passes in upwards and downwards movements. Equality and rhythm in movement. The more grounded we are the easier it is to pass the information in this movement and more energy can flow and filter down from the Soul star. A little to the right-hand side of the chest area is another chakra called the Anada Kanada. This is the second step in our connection to the Soul star. The colour energy begins to filter down and activates this area (or chakra), which then makes its journey further down the body. This is the higher heart chakra.

Carl Gustav Jung called this the ‘process of individualization’. A process of creation. The movement from the subconscious/unconscious towards the more conscious and the collective. This is natural process that takes place the more grounded we become. Synchronicity occurs as part of the process of individuation.

This is also called the process of moving from the personal to the transpersonal. Beginning with a strong memory of the Conception Mandala (the yellow star on the blue background), which moves towards the six-pointed star. The activation of the Soul star then opens the energy within the heart, the heart chakra and the higher heart chakra. This is a turquoise colour related issue. The new emerald colour is lime green together with a pale coral/peach pink.

The three base chakras (root, sacral and solar plexus) are all about survival issues. Dependency and co-dependency and our issues, which relate to fear and power. If you like you could imagine that earth and humanity are at the same stage of evolution, and we have the possibility to open the energy of the heart like a mirror in the grid system of the Earth. The form is an icosa-dodecahedron, which is a three dimensional platonic solid which takes on the two-dimensional form or a six-sided shape. This is a mirror image of the Earth grid system.

To summarize: We have an individual and personal destiny in relation to our planet of choice Earth. The soul or stellar destiny, which is not only related to Earth, is also connected to us as a Being. From the beginning of Time until the end of Time and who knows where that is because all are infinite and every endless.

The only way of getting to the energy through the Incarnation star is through a process of individuation. We can enter the heart and experience oneness. However, the beauty of the experience of connection the Heart to the Incarnation star will not last. It is merely a coming and going. A little ‘high’. We can almost compare this with a sexual orgasm. With each and every incarnation process we gently begin to unfold the heart, opening a window and discovering who am I, why am I here and what am I here to do and achieve. This is the connection to the force of reconciling. A third force, upwards and downwards in movement. Sexual energy is the most powerful energy in the second and sacral chakra.

Our entire destiny also relates to the conscious opening of all the facets by all beings (all life forms), which is the basis of evolution itself. When we create more balance, more oneness within the natural grid of energy, the greater the harmony and balance of the entire planet Earth.

It is an individual process when joined in force becomes greatness. Bring real change and growth. Brings energy and evolution. Gives you the answers why you are here and how big the miracles you can create are. It literally brings light back to the dark.

Relating the story to colour: I spoke of an awakening force, which helps us understand the relationship between the colours red and green (the complementary colours of one another). As the Earth star energy is awakened, so the intention follows, which turns the red energy of Earth to pink. The pink energy (love) arises and moves upwards and warms the Incarnation star. The hologram in the centre begins to expand; the pink energy flows to the heart and opens all the facets making the energy grid of us as Beings but also the mirror energy grid of Earth.’

                     Vicky Wall 20th August 1918 – 4th January 1991

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