TODAY’S DATE IS: 02.02.2020

Well, just have a look at the date today and there is more to come this month. There will be:

20.02.2020 and 22.02.2020. So, a lot of ‘two’s’ coming up this month.

It sort of fits in with everything. After January rushed by and are you like me, feeling that January was a trial run in 2020 and that the real year is beginning this month. I have read that others think this too. 

A duplication of the number two can be interpreted into so-called messages from the universe.  The meaning of 222 is not only a spiritual number but it is also associated to hidden love and power. If you keep seeing the number, like today, then just know that it’s a message from spirit to guide you. They are trying to tell you something important and basically you need to sit up and pay attention.

But how do you know what you should pay attention to? If it’s something in your life that concerns love then it is telling you to keep faith. Take care of your personal relationships, even if you think other things are telling you the opposite. Something in which you have invested a lot of time, energy, tears, laughter and everything else that relates to love and any relationships. This isn’t really about your partner, its more about relationships in general.

222 also represents ‘happiness’. Are you, like me, happy when you can share things with others? Humans are naturally curious too, so we like to tell everyone about the things that make us happy.

222 is about balance, encouraging you to be harmonious and peaceful in all areas. 

222 is also about synchronicity (and I think this is the important part of this blog) it gets our attention. The purpose about messages like these are … it comes from the soul, or deep within, your inner voice, your gut feeling. It teaches, guides and shows you the right path.

Funnily enough I choose a card today and its: Authenticity. That is what the energy is all about right now. No more frills and fancies and pretending to be something you are not. It is about daring to step out into the spotlight and show yourself for who you are. It is not easy, because we make ourselves very vulnerable for rejection and comments.

The session I did this morning on my Calm App, which I do at the beginning of every day. Just 10 minutes to center myself before the hectic pace of the day begins, was all about sharing our lives. And I have said many times to many people that we share far too much. Instead of enjoying a sunset for example, we are too busy taking a photo and sharing it on social media. Maybe it is time (and I think this a lot) to just enjoy the moment for ourselves. The sunset is happening all over the world and really anyone can see them most of the time. So why spoil that beautiful moment in nature sharing it with others. Why not just enjoy it yourself?

Another great example of this is when people go to concerts. They are not actually watching the concert and enjoying it because they are too busy filming it on their mobile phone. Well, I ask myself, what is the point of going? Wouldn’t you prefer to just either sit back or stand up and feel the energy, listen to the sounds and be part of the whole experience? I know I would. 

But I will not be a hypocrite and say that I don’t post on social media either, because I do, but more about telling people about new blogs (those who are not already subscribed my RSS feed) and I am consciously trying to share very little personal things. Certainly, when it comes to personal photos and by the way I am totally useless at taking a good selfie haha!

This is what February is about to my mind. Cutting back the crap, taking more time to be yourself. Of course, this concerns choices as well (and I have written on this subject too). So, ask yourself what do you prefer in life, to spend your time being a ‘poser’ or a ‘pleaser’? Constantly sharing to get likes (of for want of another word) confirmation that you are popular. Do you honestly think when you look back at the imprint you have made, that you will be pleased with what you see? Of course, some will be, but those are the people who are more concerned with being authentic and their true self, instead of acting out a role in life.

You may agree, you may not? This is just my personal opinion. 

Just take a moment and center your attention on this geometric image made by a good friend of mine Janosh. Just feel it, it takes nothing more than focusing for a few moments on the image of: AUTHENTICITY.

My advice today being a 2222 day is, slow down, take a moment for yourself. Analyze what you are actually doing in life. Where are you standing right now? Where do you want to go? Are you achieving your dreams? If not, why not? And so it goes on and on.

The most important is that you take the time to see, listen, or notice any signs being sent your way. There is a reason for this. Whether you believe it or not!

And I forgot to say, at 2.22 pm today, we will have even more two’s 

Images: Janosh Art BV (copyright) For more information go to:


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