According to our weathermen and women, this week was going to be a cold wintery week. It has been in some parts of the country, snowfalls and severe night frosts. But sunshine during the day and it was so lovely after weeks of wind and rain, to see blue skies and sun again. It is almost like a tonic.

Winter even though it is in some ways a beautiful time in nature and very necessary too, but if I have to be honest, roll on Spring. There is something special about having the feeling that finally after the short days and longer nights, that Spring is finally in the air.

This week I have been out a bit more than usual. My new book is finally finished and now with someone else, for a very important edit and spelling/grammar check and because the weather was good, I have been out and about. Went off cycling forgot to take a hat and ended up with ears like beetroots. It is cold for sure; there is an easterly wind, but sun!

Today the wind has died down completely and I can only say the sun feels warm on my face as I am out and about. Just lovely, as if it is wakening up my skin after weeks of being more indoors than usual and in my case because I was writing this book, behind my laptop all day, every day. It feels incredibly good.

Earlier today I was talking to someone about ‘carpe diem’. In other words, take each day as a gift and make the very most of it. I agree and days like today certainly remind you of this.

We spend so much time normally carping on about this and that, but how often do we go into nature and literally reveal in its beauty? When was the last time you did that?
When was the last time you either cycled to work (if this is possible) or walked somewhere instead of going by car? When did you last have your lunch break say, in a park or somewhere peaceful or beautiful?

Nature just gets on with its process; it follows the natural cycles (influenced by each season) and generally takes each and every day as it comes. As an opportunity to grow.

We should do the same! Pleased to read in the newspapers this morning that the Euro parliament are making a decision today about stopping the changing of the clocks in Spring and Autumn. Hoorah, at long last. It takes me personally weeks to adjust and why should we just because someone came up with the idea. We should not interfere in natural rhythms or time.

Whatever you are doing right now, take a break, go out into the fresh air if you can. If the sun is shining, just tilt up your head and allow its rays to warm your skin.

Spring is on its way! Spring is in the air!

NOTE: This was a blog having a trial run, as I have been asked to write a weekly column of max. 500 words. Oh that is hard for me being a write to try and condense something into so many words, but having been inspired today by the beautiful weather and guess what? Exactly 500 words!!

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