IT’S TUESDAY 22-2-22

There will be copious amounts of information today about this significant date. But significant dates have happened many times over the centuries and we call such an occurrence a ‘palindrome number’, which is a fancy word for a number sequence. I read earlier today that the last time this happened was on 11th January 2011 (1.1.11). 

I remember I was quite excited when my birthday came up on 20-08-2008 and thought this was pretty special too. Yes, for me, but maybe not for you.

However, number sequences happen all the time. Many say they are signs from angels, or other spiritual guides giving you a message, but I bet many of you reading this blog will say: I often see duplicating numbers on the clock. Someone very famous quoted that: ‘coincidences just don’t occur’. Is this right or wrong? Are they coincidences or special messages for us? 

You can look up loads of information about the meaning of repeating numbers but the thing that struck me this morning is that 2 is a number representing a pair, a couple, two things, two people and if you have a highly developed sense and by this I mean ‘the Claire’s) – Clairvoyance, Clairaudience etc., you will often take a pause to see the significance of an occurrence. Like a moment when you take another road home, for no particular reason and then hear later on the news that the road you normally take was blocked by an accident, which had occurred. Or you miss you train or your flight and suddenly find out later, it was for a good reason.

2 to me is all about the word ‘trust’ and we all need a lot of that at the moment. Trust that eventually things will all come together and we will be back to our ‘normal lives’. This then raises the question what is normal, a lot of us have forgotten that after more than two years with a worldwide pandemic going on.  

Recently I have noticed that a lot of strange things are going on. People who speak out (and this refers to my blog yesterday) are suddenly flagged by the socials – in other words – they are noted under the category as being ‘dangerous’ about what they say. I mean, this is totally ludicrous, since when did we become ‘dangerous’ for speaking our truth? I have always thought that ‘fear’ which is basically a word which represents ‘power’ is a strange thing. Powerful people take advantage of people by conjuring up ‘fear’. That is exactly what happened with this pandemic and I am not trying to be light about it all. On the contrary. But, how much of what we were told was actually true? Who knows? How good was the research on the substances used in vaccinations? Any virologist will tell you that a virus mutates, so how many boosters do you want to give a person to protect them?

One thing that made me laugh this morning on the news was that the man who spoke the most about ’fake news’ is actually going to launch a ‘Truth App’. Seriously? Believe me I will not be downloading that onto my iPhone or such like. Even though I would agree that Trump came for a reason to wake up the stuffy powers in the US Senate and then made a complete ‘balls up’ of being the President. Sorry for those who are supporters and yes, it is your right to have your own opinion, but come on … how seriously are we going to take the idea of him launching a Truth App?

I have diversified from my intention at the beginning of this blog – sorry. This was all going to be about numbers, sequences and their meanings but once I get into the flow, the words just tumble out and before I know it, a blog is written.

I think in these present times, it is very important to pay attention to little signs, sequences, and any other form of messaging that we as humans receive. I am not talking here about getting a message from your boss that the meeting will now be at 10am instead of 11am, I am talking about ‘silent’ almost inexplicable messages that we receive. A sudden gut feeling, that inner voice and those deja-vu moments. That is what the significance is, of days like today.

As I said you can read huge amounts of posts today about the meaning of this day, and tomorrow will be equally important when it comes down to receiving said signs and messages. The universe does not work with days of the week, or dates, they choose the moment to send you a message when you need it the most. When you feel hopelessly lost and unsure of which direction to take. The moments when you feel something is just not right and later get the confirmation that said feeling was exactly right. For you. Not everyone is on the same position on the path and a good thing too, otherwise it would be far too busy. It’s busy enough anyway.

A number or any number will have some sort of meaning to someone. You may often choose numbers, say in lottery tickets that have significance to you, your birthday, your wedding day, the date of birth of your children and that is perfectly fine. We don’t all have to automatically jump onto the bandwagon of thinking that a sequence of numbers is the same for everyone.

By the way the meaning of palindrome is according to the dictionary, a word, phrase, or sequence of numbers that can be read forwards as well as backwards. It gives the example of the word ‘madam’ or the phrase ‘nurses run’. Bit strange but it proves the point. And not to be confused with anagrams. Whilst researching some fact for this blog, I read that the most popular number is a 7 – no idea why?  They say it’s the luckiest number in the world. Is it? 

Examples of palindrome numbers are 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,11,22,33,44,55,66,77,88,99, 101, 111, 121 and so on.

So many and therefore this confirms my thought that it may make a great sequence today’s date, but in fact, any date or number is special. Agree?

Just take today as a day with a special significance and make it, like any other day, a special day.  And most important, just enjoy it!\

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