Never in my entire life have I witnessed such a fiasco in the recent US Elections. It is a very complicated and an almost incomprehendible system. How first of all the voting takes place and secondly how the said votes are counted and what it means? Who is the winner and who is the loser? The entire world had a week of tension, people were working flat out to count the votes and news reporters and television presenters going days without sleep to finally come up with the ‘Breaking News’ who would become the 46th President of the United States of America. Before I go on, 4 and 6 is 10 which goes down to 1 and the meaning of 1 is – NEW BEGINNINGS! 

As far as Donald Trump is concerned, I personally had my own thoughts right from the word go about whether or not he would be a capable President … we all did and I think I can rightly say, he shocked the world many times with his comments and Tweets. We had never seen such an active President on Twitter before. People who stood in his way were ‘fired’ and he struggled. Even though many will say, he was the first President who did not send the country to war, he did creative a lot of divide between the people. The racism was just over the top. And in the end, he was not granted a second term of office, which basically means that ‘the people’ had lost faith in him and did not want another 4 dramatic years. American economy is better than ever for sure, but he did away with things like ‘Obama Care’ depriving all the US citizens, the right to have health care, which is a big necessity in the USA. The costs for medical care are sky high and many do not get the benefit purely because they cannot afford it. What a crazy thought is that, with the world economy that the biggest world power, has citizens who cannot afford the basic cost of care of their health. The one thing money cannot buy – good health.

But between the dark confusing days, there was suddenly a glimmer of hope. If Joe Biden will be a good President, we will have to wait and see, but my eyes are on the Vice President who is really going to bring a big sweeping change into the stuffy corridors in the White House. The speeches were uplifting and suddenly you saw a divided nation find their pride again and the desire to work together.  And that is the best thing that could happen. A bright ray of hope appeared and then it’s going to be working together instead of constantly the egoistic divide. The judgement that some races or beliefs are better than others. That is complete nonsense and we all know it. Religion has been the force behind the problems across the entire planet for centuries and isn’t it about time to move forward now?

I remember as a child the assassination of President John F Kennedy. I can recall the exact moment. It was on a Friday and I had been to ‘Brownies’ and when my father came to collect me that November evening, he told me on the way home. It did not mean much to me at the time, yes, I knew the name, but that the world would be so shocked, that did not register at all in my young mind. But I know every single person reading this blog will remember that moment too.  

We never ever were told the entire truth about the reasons why were we?

Many presidents have come and gone in the meantime, all of whom have left their mark on the history of the United States. Some have been big influencers others have been a ‘real pain in the neck’. It’s a powerful job and all you fans of ‘House of Cards’ will have seen what goes on behind the scenes. It may be fictional, but I think there was a lot of truth.

American politics is tough, you have to watch your back all the time. Everyone may seem genuine, but many are only out for their own gain.  

Let’s hope that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris bring new light into an old institution. That they will find the means and the ways to unite a very divided nation once more.

We have had all the emotions this election, despair, anger, disbelief, fake news, miscounting votes and so the sad story continued, until just a simple comparison of numbers showed that there was no doubt anymore that there was a new President.

Will we now be inundated with stories on the news of Trump filing a succession of lawsuits: to my mind he would be much more dignified and respected if he conceded his defeat gracefully. Don’t you agree?

Americans could finally rest yesterday evening, knowing that a very important thing occurred, there was Hope. Hope to do it all differently. Hope to do everything better. Hope to unite instead of divide. Hope to love one another. 

That is all that is needed. And now dear Americans, the rest is up to you: to work together now and put all differences into the past. You can do it!

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