The title of this blog sounds awfully cliché, but it is true. At this time of year each and every one of us spends time looking back on the year that has nearly passed. During the year we have all been ultra busy with our own personal lives and never ever having enough time. Ridiculous, you always have time, if you make time. But like it or not, Christmas is a time for reflection, time to think about family, loved ones and friends.

In my own personal life a lot of my friends are having problems within their families, mine included. Often I feel myself thinking; does anyone really know the reason why anymore, if people have had differences of opinion and perhaps fallen out with each other? One thing is for sure, what has happened is in the past, it has happened and there is no one on earth who can literally wind the clock back again and magic the event away. It would be nice I am sure in many circumstances to be able to do this, but to my mind, the only way is forward. Whatever has happened, in retrospect happened for a reason, even if we find it hard to know what the reason was.

Each and every one of us as a soul being, literally craved for the human experience. It was we all wanted, to have a body, to be able to think, speak, listen, look, touch, feel etc. That is why we all choose to come and be here on this planet. As soul beings we knew exactly what the word ‘love’ meant.

Over the centuries and for many reasons a lot of people have abused this planet. Let’s be honest it is not a big planet in the universe. The reason I think we all did this was because we all wanted more and more. Suddenly the feelings we all craved for were not enough. We were judged not about who we are but more about where we stand in life in general, what we possess and how much. Competition and Presentation became the new norm and also Fear and Anger have taken over not to mention jealousy, greed, hate and generally completely losing the feeling that all we need is love!

My radio is playing one song after the other with the same theme – all we need is love. Every film on the television at this time of year is sending out the same message, no matter what is actually going on in your life right now, we should all stop, remember that this time of year is all about peace and love for everyone. No more suffering, no more war, no more famine, no more thirst, no more judgement, no more fear. Just love.


So how are we going to turn the energy around? Astrologically speaking there are going to be a couple of big events in January 2018, two moons in one month. Each and every one of us is thinking about what our resolutions for the New Year might be. A period of time is coming to an end, another year will begin and wouldn’t it be lovely if we could all wipe the slate clean and begin afresh in 2018. To do this needs action, how?

My own experience is that resolutions made for the New Year literally have flown out of the window before the end of January. So how can we think about having a long lasting desire and even more making it literally happen?

The energy for next year 2018 which will be an 11-year (you simply add up the numbers) and 11 is a master number. In other words the energy is even greater. Next year is going all to be about doing things together for the greater good of us all. No more individual ego stuff, but participating in things that have a good effect on us all. Ego is over, we are all joining force now and together we create a bigger and better future. A point is coming when a turning point is going to occur in our evolution.

It is exactly six years since 2012, when absolutely everyone was talking about the end of the world, as we know it because the ancient Mayan calendar only went up to 21.12.12. There were the ‘doom sayers’ all lined up chanting ‘the end of the world is nigh’, but in actual fact, virtually nothing happened. Why? Because in general we did not make any effort.

So how do we go about making the most of this point in our evolution?

First of all the key word is LOVE. Start first of all with yourself. My question is how can you expect anyone to love you if you don’t love yourself? A lot of people feel like this, more than you can ever imagine, they find fault with literally everything, their own self-worth and esteem plunges to rock bottom and it is then impossible to radiate your true self. Remember every single thought you have, anything you say, feel or do acts like a boomerang and comes back to you. There are so many well worn sayings, like ‘you reap what you sow’ etc. so it is important to realize the energy, which moves in wave like movements, is actually going to come back to you at some stage.

First of all begin with feelings of love for yourself. Make an effort. It doesn’t matter one iota if you are thin or fat, you have wrinkles or not, your hair has gone grey, fallen out or whatever! True beauty lies within and in the way you react to others. If you start radiating feelings of love for everyone, in a sensible way, then you will soon notice that a wave of movement starts up and eventually everyone is joining in. The ‘more the merrier’ because in a large group we can have so much more effect on said wave.

Try and find a happy medium and express your feelings of love for one another. It is perfectly OK to have friendships between men and women where there is no sexual tension at all. Despite all the hype going on at this moment about #metoo. This is something completely different and I have already written about this in earlier blogs.

What do you do if you express feelings of love to someone and they respond in a way you don’t expect? Well there are several reasons for this. First of all they may not be ready to accept your love. They may not be on the same path in life that you are traveling on. Don’t immediately take this as a rejection even though it may feel so. When they perhaps write to you and say words like: ‘don’t take this personally but …’ this is a clue that they are not ready. Or, and I think this is even more to the point; they cannot deal with their own feelings, let alone yours as well.

Sometimes in life we can be so disappointed when people react in a standoffish way, and we become deflated and actually wish we had never said anything in the first place. But look at in another way, turn the energy around, what if they actually have feelings for you but just don’t know how to express it because they themselves are caught up in some kind of ‘rules and regulations’ of what is expected of them. Have a think about that and if you have encountered something similar, just remind yourself it is good to speak your truth and show your love, I did say earlier on in this blog that is why we all wanted this human experience in the first place. Don’t forget that!

So this year when you are spending a little more time than usual looking back on the year that is coming to an end, maybe it is exactly the right moment to take a step forward into a new moment. If you have fallen out with family, friends or a colleague, for whatever reason, then now is the moment to make amends. Believe me whatever has happened, you will be glad in the end. Even if you find yourself confronted by rejection. You made the effort to make amends and for the time being, that is enough. They will think about it too, for sure, and who knows maybe an opening will occur, not as quickly as you would like it too, but eventually it will.

There is enough crap happening on this planet don’t you agree. So many disagreements and terrible things, isn’t it the time to make a stand and say enough is enough: ‘I choose for a different approach!’

Saying sorry might be the hardest thing to do and I think it is, but do it, don’t put things off any longer. At least you can end the year by knowing that you personally made an effort and if they don’t respond, just know that the first step has been taken to turn the energy around. That is all that is asked of any of us.

Let’s be united this Christmas and really make an effort. All we need is love, nothing more and nothing less. Let it start with you and then see how quickly the energy starts to flow. Not only in your personal circles, but on a much larger scale as well.

This is I think, my final blog for this year. I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

A special thank you to my own personal contacts and for all of you who write really lovely comments about my words. I so appreciate that you take the time to do this, it makes it all worthwhile and when we speak from our heart to another person’s heart, then this is really talking!



Jill Kramer December 2017

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