I want to start this blog today with the final words from the book ‘Living in the Heart’ by Drunvalo Melchizedek. Because I have read the final pages or chapter this morning.
This is not a book you have to read to understand, but read to feel, that is crystal clear to me now.

‘You may say I am a dreamer, but I am not the only one,
perhaps some day you will join us, and the world will live as one’
John Lennon

I can remember this song from my youth. I was a little girl in England when the Beatles were at the height of their popularity. They had a new sound, which took the world by storm.

I actually wonder as I sit here typing, am I literally capable to saying something really meaningful about this book and its effect on me. I have been writing since I was a child, so it is not so much about knowing what I want to write, it is more about finding or feeling the words.

Even though we may be all under the impression that we live anno 2018 in a fast moving techno/scientific world, we are actually really living almost in the dark. Compared to the knowledge of the first nations’ people (or in other words our forefathers) we have not even begun to understand the meaning of creating and co-creation properly yet.

Let me try and explain.

Virtually everything we do comes from thought in the mind. Our rational thinking. We have a question and we find an answer but this comes in the form of duality that is just the way we think and have been taught to think since our childhood. For every problem we have to have a solution. In other words and I will try and keep this simple, because in fact it is complex, we think in dark and light, the two opposites. That is why often you hear the expression ‘both sides to one coin’. That is how the rational brain (mind) works and even to this day, scientists and medics do not fully comprehend how our brain works. We are in agreement however, that there are two sides to the brain and different functions in different places.

Our forefathers thought differently. From their heart. They did not have access to the vast amounts of knowledge that we think we have now. We do on the one hand, but on the other, we really have no idea. Sorry if this sounds a complete contradiction, it is, but my point is because we think from our mind, we think in a rational way, backed up by vast quantities of knowledge, whereas our forefathers followed their natural instinct and felt from the heart. They knew deep down inside what was right and acted accordingly. Whereas we try to go through enormous amounts of reasoning.

Last night, as I went to bed, I had decided earlier in the day that I was going to try the ‘Unity Breath Meditation’. I have done several types of meditation for many years and it is up to every single person how you actually do this, we all have our own methods. This is a meditation, which involves three parts. Strange (or not) that I had actually written this in my blog yesterday. It was almost as if my heart was actually working faster than my mind. It knew where the book was going.

Lying down in bed, I asked myself ‘is this going to work?’ Totally wrong mind-set because if you plant that thought before you even start, then don’t waste any more time it won’t. So I got up, walked about a bit, looked out up at the stars in the sky from my window and then had a second attempt. I had no expectation, just to go with the flow and see what happened. Within seconds, following the guidelines I made the connections first of all with Mother Earth, then Father Sky (and you need to read the book yourself to fully grasp what this is all about) and then with myself being the child and third party. You have to think about it more as a game, which is fun, than an exercise. Within seconds I felt the connection.

Then I could move on and how to make the actual connection into the sacred space within my heart. It will be totally different for each and every person who tries this themselves, it is a very personal experience, but to me it felt like coming home. As if everything I have thought for all of my lifetimes is there, all stored in one sacred personal space. And it will be different for each and every one of you, because your own sacred place stores other things than mine.

I was in such a deep meditation or dream state I fell asleep and had all sorts of dreams during the night. A lot of which were familiar and a lot of which I have forgotten. Time, space and distance play absolutely no role in this dream state.

This morning I woke up and it all felt very different. I actually find it very hard to try and explain in what way, just that it was different and then of course the question came into my mind, what if I am able to actually heal my heart myself? This is quite a prospect and would this literally be possible? Sceptics will probably stop reading right now I suspect.

However, the book has taught me that there is something you have to realize before you even attempt something as big as this and that is: you have to give attention and intention to whatever it is to what you want to heal, and then combine this into the mental, emotional and physical body (so here is the reference to 3 coming up again).

You have to understand the difference between the feeling of logic versus feeling and emotion. I want to actually quote a few lines from the book, as maybe it will make it easier to understand. This is from the final chapter ‘Creating from the Mind’

If you are praying to be healed, your attention could be fully on the disease, your intention could be that the disease is healed; your mind could know that your body is either healed or going to be healed, and your emotional body could be feeling the emotion. Say joy – just as if your body is completely healthy, but as long as the last and third part has not been engaged, nothing will happen.

What is the reason then? This is because the third and final part has not been brought into the equation. This part is the forgotten part and is the actual physical body.
This is not talking about the mental pattern or conscious searching in the physical body but it means having actual body sensations in which you feel that your physical body is responding. You cannot feel any more pain; instead you feel vitality in the area of the body you are focussing on. Health and beauty in your body, which is all to do with the words I wrote above:


Mental Body
Emotional Body
Physical Body

It is complicated, I agree, but that is the mind talking and not you feeling from your heart. This is information that we all know, but have forgotten and it is all about finding a method to awaken this once more.

I was right when I thought that I had to read this book. Not so much read it as I have said earlier but just feel it. This is absolutely the right time, no doubt to remind myself of the powers within and what I can create or co-create when the mind set (the five items listed above) is completely in balance.

The only recommendation I have for you reading this blog is, buy the book and feel it yourself. It’s the only way!

I also want to acknowledge the quotes from the book (in italics) and say that these are words from Dunvalo Melchiedek, not me.

He makes the point several times that each and everyone of us will experience this in different ways, his way and what he felt, my way and what I felt and when you read it yourself, your experiences might and probably will be totally different yet again.

To say that this book is a masterpiece is putting it mildly. Strangely it is not a book that has just been published; it was actually released in 2003.

2003 was a strange year for me; it was the year that I fell whilst out walking with my dogs at the beginning of February and broke my left leg in four places. How I did it, I never knew, but this was a moment when I was literally stopped in my tracks and I had lots of painful operations and it took many years to fully recover. Looking back this was the greatest learning period of my life, because I could literally do nothing; just moving about was incredibly painful and I actually had to learn to walk again, step by step. This was the time, when the only thing I was doing was reading, learning and working on my laptop when I could sit for long enough periods. It was a really tough time, believe me, but in the end and many years later it became crystal clear how important this period was. How absolutely totally appropriate that this book dates from the same time!

I hope you are sufficiently inspired to order it and read it, or should I say, feel it?